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Chapter 1584 - , Enlightenment 1 in the great battle

Chapter 1584: Chapter 1584, Enlightenment 1 in the great battle


At the instant of the collision, Qin Yu instantly felt a sharp pain in his palm, and the layers of golden light surrounding his palm continuously fell off!

His enormous body took a few steps back, creating large craters on the ground one after another!

“As expected of the strongest person in the northern lands.”Qin Yu’s expression was gloomy.

No wonder the absolute dance party lost to them. The strength of these two people had indeed far surpassed that of eternal pole!

Qin Yu’s expression became colder and colder. His body slowly returned to normal at this moment.

Qin Yu discovered that this godly king did not use any spells at all. In other words, these top-notch martial artist did not have any special or fixed spells.

Other than their trump cards, every time he attacked, he would have a myriad of changes.

This made Qin Yu feel extremely strange. Out of curiosity, Qin Yu did not ask further, “Why haven’t you used any strange spells? Could it be that you are not serious?”

The godly monarch on the other side could not help but be taken aback. Following that, he could not help but curse, “You are so nice to hear and so damn studious! Alright, then I will let you die a clear death!”

“The so-called spells are just cultivation techniques created from the comprehension of the Great Dao. They are extremely impractical. The great battle is ever-changing. How can a few sets of spells be able to deal with it?”

“A true top-notch martial artist is one who flexibly uses dao technique and spiritual power, not borrowing the so-called spells!”

At that instant, Qin Yu seemed to have comprehended something!

He even felt that he was on the verge of reaching the middle stage of the mighty figure realm!

“Alright, I’ve already answered your question. It’s time for you to die,”said the godly monarch coldly.

“Wait, I have another question!”Qin Yu suddenly shouted at the godly king.

A trace of impatience flashed across his face. He said coldly, “I’m here to kill you, not to discuss the dao with you!”

Qin Yu ignored him and continued to ask, “Then why do you have any profound spells? This seems to be contrary to your theory.”

The godly monarch’s face was dark as he slowly said, “If it’s a spell left behind by a great cultivator transcending the tribulation, do you want to learn it or not?”

Qin Yu was startled and quickly said, “I seem to have understood something.”

“In other words, the creation of spells is also the comprehension of the Great Dao. Because the comprehension of cultivators with higher cultivation levels is far above yours and mine, so the spells they create are even more powerful?”

The godly monarch said coldly, “You can understand it this way.”

Qin Yu said somewhat excitedly, “In other words, the essence of cultivation is the comprehension of the Great Dao? Walking along the Great Dao?”

The godly monarch seemed to be a little irritated by Qin Yu’s words. He looked at Qin Yu coldly and said, “Don’t think about these useless things. You are about to die. What’s the point of thinking so much?”

Qin Yu ignored him and said, “No wonder Xiao Hai never used any spells, but each palm is extremely dense. Almost no spells can compare to it...”

Speaking up to this point, Qin Yu subconsciously looked at his own fist.

“Perhaps I relied too much on the spells left behind by my father... This has indeed greatly increased my strength, but at the same time, it has limited flexibility. Over time, it has become a bad thing...”Qin Yu muttered in a low voice.

Qin Yu did not gain much insight into the spells left behind by the Guardian. This was because many of the spells were completely unsuitable. At the very least, they were unsuitable for the current Qin Yu.

What he relied on to survive were the absolute beginning Sacred Fist and the ten thousand spell breaking punch.

Although the ten thousand spell breaking punch was created by Qin Yu himself, it was in fact a modification based on the absolute beginning sacred fist. Its essence did not change much.

After the godly monarch’s reminder, Qin Yu’s brain seemed to open up in an instant. Everything became clear.

Even the golden glow on his body became increasingly hot!

“Thank you for your guidance. In order to repay you, I will leave you with a complete corpse.”Qin Yu raised his head to look at the godly monarch.

The godly monarch said coldly, “Reckless Thing.”

With that said, his body shook and instantly appeared in front of Qin Yu.

This time, Qin Yu did not panic. He abandoned his inherent thinking and spells and raised his fist to swing it!

At this moment, Qin Yu was surprised to find that the spiritual power in his body seemed to be able to be exerted to a greater extent! The power of this ordinary punch actually exceeded the ten thousand spell breaking punch!


The godly monarch, who was caught off guard, was instantly sent flying by Qin Yu’s punch!

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu was even more convinced of his own thoughts!

“The so-called spells must be based on one’s comprehension of the Great Dao. All the spells I understand might only be superficial...”Qin Yu muttered softly.

Qin Yu could not help but feel joy in his heart, but the godly monarch in the distance was extremely furious!

This was already the second time he had been sent flying by Qin Yu’s punch. To the godly monarch of the northern lands, this was undoubtedly a humiliation!

“Alright, don’t waste any more time. This is the southern prefecture after all, in case anything happens,”reminded another godly monarch.

After this reminder, the godly monarch gradually calmed down.

“Didn’t you want to know the technique? Fine, I’ll satisfy you,”said the godly monarch coldly.

He extended his palm, and a black lotus flower floated out.

This lotus flower was filled with destructive and suppressive power! The moment it floated out, the surrounding space began to distort!

Qin Yu could tell at a glance how terrifying this spell was. His hands slid, trying to comprehend the Great Dao of Heaven and earth.

A moment later, Qin Yu extended his palm, and a mark instantly shot out from his palm, heading straight for the Black Lotus!


The power contained in this mark fused with the Great Dao, and its power was boundless. It far surpassed all the spells Qin Yu had used before!

There was no other reason. It was because Qin Yu’s previous understanding of spells was too shallow, and he relied more on this unparalleled physical body!

But at this moment, he seemed to understand the true meaning of spells and the Great Dao, and the power naturally became even more terrifying!

Although that was the case, the Black Lotus was, after all, a godly monarch’s trump card spell. How could it be shattered by Qin Yu’s Mark! !

Although an extremely resplendent radiance erupted at the instant of contact, it was unable to shake the black lotus in the slightest!

Qin Yu closed his eyes slightly as golden light surged all over his body.

Half a second later, Qin Yu suddenly threw out a punch!

This punch was still a ten thousand spell breaking punch, but it was greatly different from before. Its power had a qualitative change!

Even the godly monarch not far away could not help but frown.

He could see that Qin Yu had greatly improved in a short period of time, and he could see that the power of this punch was even more terrifying!

“This child’s comprehension ability... is so terrifying.”The other godly monarch frowned.

The two of them had only exchanged a few words, but it had actually allowed Qin Yu to have such a terrifying improvement! This was simply unheard of!

Qin Yu clenched his Golden Fist and headed straight for the Black Lotus!

This was the combination of a true physical body and a spell. It could be said to be a true crushing force. Even the two godly monarchs could feel that terrifying strength!

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