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Chapter 1905 - 1905 The Few Treasures in the Sanctum

1905 The Few Treasures in the Sanctum

In Qin Yu’s opinion, his advantage was nothing more than the toughness of his chaotic body.

However, what he said sounded rather strange to Saintess Gu.

She sized up Qin Yu and chided him, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Qin Yu didn’t get how she felt. He looked down at his body and said, “Other than this body, I don’t seem to have anything else that I can help you with.”

Saintess Gu looked even more strange. She took a deep breath and said, “Didn’t you claim to be the Master of Path of Heaven? I’m afraid I’ll need your help in the future.”

Qin Yu was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized.

So this was what Saint Gu was planning.

“Saintess Gu, I really want to help you. Unfortunately, I’m not a Master of Path of Heaven. It was the man with the mustache who told me all that,” Qin Yu lied.

Saintess Gu squinted her eyes and said, “Really?”

Qin Yu opened his mouth, not knowing how to explain.

However, Qin Yu was indeed not the Master of Path of Heaven. If she were to enter a terrifying sanctum or Big Graves in the future, he was afraid he would not be of much help.

Seeing Qin Yu not saying anything, Saintess Gu chuckled and said, “If Mr. Qin is not willing to help, just take it as I didn’t say anything.”

“Of course not,” Qin Yu quickly waved his hand and said. “Saintess Gu, I can only say if I can be of any help in the future, definitely I won’t reject.”

“What you’ve said is good enough,” Saintess Gu said with a smile.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but be stunned and speechless.

With Saintess Gu’s ability, she could easily find any Master of Path of Heaven. Why did she come to him?

But no matter what, he had to enter the Yan family first.

After that, she waved her palm and poured a cup of tea for Qin Yu.

The following day, Saintess Gu left the Cold Moon Palace to look for a technique for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu, who had nothing to do, took out the treasures he had brought from the sanctum.

They were a bottle of deadly immortal water, three pieces of dried-up holy meat, and some scattered weapon materials.

The weapon materials were quite extraordinary with traces of Holy Power. They were probably the remains of the shattered Saint Weapons.

“If I have enough materials, I can probably make a complete Saint Weapon,” Qin Yu thought to himself.

Of course, the materials Qin Yu had were far from enough.

“Probably someone has been to this sanctum,” Qin Yu thought to himself.

It must have been a great battle. Otherwise, how could the Saint Weapon be shattered?

Qin Yu picked up the deadly immortal water and the dried holy meat.

It was no exaggeration to say that the deadly immortal water was the top-notch material for refining elixir.

Of course, the deadly immortal water was of no use to Qin Yu at this point. He would only use it for the herbs needed after he entered the True Saint cultivation.

As for the three pieces of dried-up holy meat, he could try to devour them.

Although the three pieces of Saint meat had long turned into dried meat, it was still the meat of the True Saint. The effect was still unimaginable.

Qin Yu picked up a piece of holy meat and put it in his mouth, trying to chew it.

Unfortunately, the hardness of the holy meat was beyond imagination. He could not tear it apart even if Qin Yu had ground his teeth.

“It seems like I can only try to swallow it,” Qin Yu thought to himself.

He straightaway swallowed all three pieces of holy meat and let them slowly refine in his body.

In the following few days, Saint Gu didn’t come back. Qin Yu utilized the time to cultivate slowly.

The Cold Moon Palace’s internal qi was extraordinary. It was a mysterious internal qi that was different from spiritual energy. Sitting here, it was as if he was merged into one with the palace. His body could move all the internal qi freely and it helped tremendously in the advancement of the cultivation realm.

Qin Yu opened his eyes. He looked at the Osmanthus tree in the Cold Moon Palace and said in a low voice, “Probably it has something to do with that mysterious Osmanthus tree.”

He closed his eyes again, trying to sense something from the palace.

Three days later, Saintess Gu returned to the Cold Moon Palace. Qin Yu stood up in a hurry to welcome her.

“Saintess Gu.” Qin Yu bowed slightly as a greeting.

Saintess Gu waved her long sleeves highly. Two beams of light fell into Qin Yu’s hands.

When the light dissipated, two cultivation techniques were in Qin Yu’s hands.

The cultivation technique was flickering with a golden light, indicating that it was not ordinary.

Qin Yu took over the cultivation techniques, cupped his hands, and said, “Thank you very much, Saintess Gu.”

“Don’t forget what you promised me,” Saintess Gu said with a smile.

Qin Yu was silent for a moment, then smiled and said, ” Saintess Gu, I’m really not a Master of Path of Heaven, but I indeed can help you. In Holy Region, I know of many undiscovered Mystic Realms. If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll definitely go with you.”

Saintess Gu didn’t say anything. She fixed her soul-stirring eyes on Qin Yu as if she wanted to see through him.

It made Qin Yu a little nervous. If Saintess Gu got to the bottom of it, probably there would be trouble.

Fortunately, Sainess Gu didn’t ask anything in the end. She just smiled and said, “Alright. I will have to trouble Mr. Qin then.”

Qin Yu seemed to have recalled something at this point. He gently opened his palm, and a ball of purple spiritual fire was jumping in it.

“If Saintess Gu needs to refine the elixir, I might be able to help,” Qin Yu said with a smile.


A trace of astonishment flashed across the Saintess Gu’s beautiful eyes. She looked at Qin Yu in surprise and said, “You’re an alchemist?”

Qin Yu put away the spiritual fire in his palm and said with a smile, “I guess so.”

Saintess Gu looked at Qin Yu and became even more curious. However, she didn’t ask anything and just chuckled and said, “Alright.”

Subsequently, Qin Yu began to study these two techniques. He tried to cover up his body’s internal qi, suppress his cultivation realm, and even change his look.

Qin Yu did not leave the room for nine days.

On this day, early in the morning, Qin Yu’s face made a crisp sound like beans popping continuously.

The pain came from his cheek. Qin Yu knew that it was because her facial bones were reconstructing to change his look.

He hurried to the mirror and saw his face constantly changing.

The outcome seemed to be random. As Qin Yu couldn’t interfere with it through his divine sense, it was up to heaven’s will to see what would happen to his look in the end.

A few minutes later, a brand new face appeared in front of Qin Yu.

Looking at the face, Qin Yu was speechless for a moment, and his heart was full of mixed feelings.


This face was just too d*mned ugly! It was simply deformed. Anyone who saw it would vomit!

“My handsome face…” Qin Yu was heartbroken, beating his chest and stamping her feet!

This technique could only be used once a month. Even if Qin Yu was not satisfied with it, he could only wear this ugly face.

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