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Chapter 1935 - 1935 The Holiest Magical Artifact of Dao

1935 The Holiest Magical Artifact of Dao

The old man was stunned. It was as though he couldn’t believe what Qin Yu said.

“Are you crazy? You could actually say such unrealistic things!” the old man said angrily.

“I’m a law-abiding person,” Qin Yu said with a smile. “I only want money. As long as you give me the money, I promise I won’t kill you.”

“You’re courting death!” The old man was furious. He bent his finger and the space around Qin Yu began to collapse as though it would crush him to death!

However, such a small trick could not hurt Qin Yu at all.

Qin Yu’s body emitted the Golden Light, and his tremendously hard body immediately stopped the space from collapsing!

The old man tried to control the space with all his might, but he could not bend his finger anymore!

“Is this all you have? Old fellow, you’ve miscalculated!” Qin Yu said coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Golden Light on Qin Yu’s body burst out and instantly shattered the space!

As for the old man, he was backfired by this force. His body retreated a few steps, and his fingers were in pain from the shock!

“You have some ability.” The old man furrowed his brows slightly. Obviously, he didn’t expect a mere Early-stage Reversion Void cultivator to have such terrifying power!

“There’s something strange about this kid. I’m afraid he has an extraordinary background. He might be from a great aristocratic family.” Someone by the side reminded the old man.

The old man snorted coldly and said, “If he is from an aristocratic family, he wouldn’t be selling the heavenly holy stones! Moreover, under such circumstances, we can’t keep him alive. Let’s attack together and kill him!”


A dozen people behind the old man walked over in unison.

Their bodies exuded a tremendously terrifying aura, and powerful pressure crushed toward Qin Yu!

However, Qin Yu did not have the slightest fear. Clenching the Golden Fist, he stepped forward and raised his hand to unleash the Ten Thousand Spell Breaking Punch!

Qin Yu’s current strength was incredibly terrifying. Even though he was only at the Early-stage of the Reversion Void, he had many methods that allowed his punch to split heaven and earth apart!

The old man snorted coldly. He formed a seal with his hands and instantly condensed a golden gate in front of him, trying to block this punch.


At the moment of contact, a deafening sound rang out! The old man was forced back a few steps, and the golden gate in his hand shattered!

Seeing this, the crowd did not dare to hesitate any longer. They immediately attacked together to suppress Qin Yu!

Although these people were not strong in strength, they were definitely not to be underestimated. Even Qin Yu did not dare to neglect the slightest.

He raised his hands, and two golden internal qi surged like two golden dragons. They whistled and arrived in an instant!


For a moment, the entire mountain trembled as countless beams of light shot into the sky, constantly reflecting each other.

Qin Yu didn’t give them the slightest chance to catch their breath. The internal qi in his body burst out to the extreme, and his feet stepped on the line word formula. In an instant, he came to a person!

“What?” The cultivator was stunned. His expression changed, and he turned around to run!

Unfortunately, with Qin Yu’s unparalleled speed, he had no chance to escape.

The huge golden hand was like a cattail-leaf fan, ruthlessly pressing down!


A crisp sound was heard as Qin Yu smashed his head!

“D*mn it!”

Seeing what happened, everyone’s expression changed drastically!

This little cultivator at the Early-stage of Reversion Void in front of them was probably not as simple as he looked!

Qin Yu didn’t waste time. His golden figure shuttled back and forth among the crowd. Wherever he passed, he left a golden trace in the void.

His iron fists were even more destructive. All the magical artifacts were smashed into pieces! In a while, all of them fell to the ground!

The old man’s expression was extremely unsightly. He hurriedly took out his magical artifact!

It was a horsetail whisk. As it swayed in his hand, it emitted extremely terrifying light.

“Who are you?” The old man said in shock.

“The person who will kill you,” Qin Yu sneered and said, squinting his eyes.

At this moment, the old man had intended to retreat. He said coldly, “You’ve killed so many of our people. Why must you be so ruthless? I was rude just now. I won’t hold it against you for the people you’ve killed. Let’s continue our deal. How about it?”

“A f*cking deal! I’ve given you a chance just now. What’s the point of talking such nonsense to me now?” Qin Yu shouted!

He stepped forward, and a golden light instantly swept out in all directions with his feet as the center!

Wherever it passed, it immediately caused injuries. The old man was also forced to retreat a few steps!

“Kid, don’t go too far! Do you really want to offend our Good Deed Sect? Even the nine great aristocratic families won’t dare to provoke us. You’d better think it over!” the old man roared.

Qin Yu sneered and said, “Using the name of a great cause as a shield. With your strength, you dare to speak such arrogant words! Today, all of you are going to die!”

The old man gritted his teeth. He grabbed the horsetail whisk and shouted coldly, “Don’t think I’m afraid of you. In that case, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

After saying that, the old man shook his palm, and the horsetail whisk instantly turned into thousands of threads, spreading toward Qin Yu like a spider web!

Qin Yu was not afraid at all. He turned his palm into a blade, and a golden light glided up and slashed at the horsetail whisk!

However, this horsetail whisk was extremely strange. The moment he touched it, it became tremendously soft, and he could not cut it off the slightest!

In the next second, the horsetail whisk became so dense that it completely tied up Qin Yu’s arms!

Qin Yu frowned slightly. Before he could react, the horsetail whisk had already wrapped around Qin Yu’s body!

“Kid, go to hell!” the old man shouted. His palm continued to shake, and the horsetail whisk also began to tighten non-stop!


Qin Yu’s body trembled violently, attempting to shatter the horsetail whisk. Unfortunately, the more strength he exerted, the tighter the horsetail whisk bound him!

“It’s no use. It is the holiest magical artifact of dao. You can’t deal with it!” The old man sneered.

The horsetail whisk tightened its grip. Although Qin Yu’s body was indestructible, he could not bear it anymore!

Qin Yu was shocked. He tried to activate the cosmic form, but what surprised him was this technique that worked all the time had failed this time!

Under the binding of the horsetail whisk, he could not even use the cosmic form!

“What a terrifying magical artifact!” Qin Yu was shocked instantly!

This was the first time the cosmic form had failed! It seemed that the old man wasn’t lying. This horsetail whisk was probably really Daoist!

“Now you know how powerful I am. Good Deed Sect is not something you can trifle with!” the old man shouted.

The horsetail whisk was still tightening. In a short while, Qin Yu’s body was covered in blood, and his bones were making cracking sounds!

At this moment, Qin Yu felt like being wrapped by a giant python and was about to be completely crushed. He could not stop the whisk from tightening even with all his might!


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