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Chapter 4524

Chen Yang felt as if he had entered a strange passage... To be precise, he sensed a strange passage. Because the divine power of time exists in every place. Time is a thing that proves the existence of things. Where there is something, there is time!

Chen Yang relied on time, and relied on time to decay the magic pill to perceive the time oven!

At this time, the light oven is a very wonderful and weird thing.

Even if the saint came, it would be difficult to understand the time oven clearly.

But Chen Yang is different. Chen Yang has come into contact with the Supreme Time of the Temple of Time, and traveled through time. So his understanding of time is beyond that of a saint.

Coupled with large computational genetics, it is also possible to draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

The superimposition of various reasons gave Chen Yang a deeper understanding of the time oven!

"Good guy, this Wandering Cloud is really not simple. To actually rely on the star core of the time star and his own attributes to create such a thing is equivalent to stealing the time in the time ocean. The time oven is a branch of the time ocean , but it does not provide time for the time ocean, but steals the time power of the time ocean. The time oven exists in the time star, and Lang Xingyun can mobilize the time oven to form a time channel no matter where he is. That is Said, even if he is tens of thousands of light years away, he can return to the time star in an instant. Once he enters the oven of time, the Daoist Hongmeng will come, and he does not know how long it will take to break through the time. time."

"Of course, it won't be so easy for him to mobilize the time channel of the time oven from too far away! I'm afraid he will have to pay a certain price!"

"At this time, the time oven has not been truly condensed successfully. Once it is successfully condensed, it will be made into a miniature furnace, which can exist in Lang Xingyun's body at that time. At that time, his time channel can appear anytime and anywhere , then this guy can remain invincible!"

"This time oven will take thousands of years to condense... That is to say, when I fought with Daoist Hongmeng, his oven had not been successfully cultivated. After all, so what if the condensing is successful? After the collapse of the universe , The time ocean will collapse. His time oven is useless now! After all, the wave travel cloud is not a big threat to the entire universe!"

"However, Lang Xingyun is not a big threat to the entire universe, but it is a great threat to Lao Tzu now! If the time oven is not resolved, no matter how much preparation I make, I will not be able to kill Lang Xing Yun! So, is it certain? Want to kill Lang Xingyun? Of course! Since you have provoked this powerful enemy, if you don’t solve it, there will be endless troubles. Not to mention that people from the Holy Music Star and Flame Star may be implicated, and Lang Xingyun will not let it go in the future Lao Tzu!"

Chen Yang's desire to kill Lang Xingyun became more and more intense!

But how to kill is a big problem!

After that, Chen Yang communicated with Feng Taxue.

He uses the seal to communicate quietly.

"Miss Feng..." Chen Yang called out first.

Feng Taxue in Yinshensi was slightly startled, and quickly responded with the idea of ​​the imprint: "What?"

Chen Yang said, "I found something."

Feng Taxue said: "What?"

Chen Yang said: "Lang Xingyun has a time oven in Time Star, and that time oven..." Then he explained the principle of the time oven.

"So you mean...if you don't get rid of the Time Oven, it's impossible to kill Lang Xingyun?" Feng Taxue was horrified.

Chen Yang said: "Not bad!"

Feng Taxue said: "Then what should we do now?"

Chen Yang said: "Now is the opportunity, he went to chase my soul. I took the opportunity to return to the time star to solve the time oven. Of course, I will not do it blindly. In addition, I am worried that my strength is not enough. Because there must be other masters in the Temple of Time. So I need assistance..."

Feng Taxue said: "Grand Elder Fanxiu and Shenglong Dharma King are absolutely loyal to me. The friendship between us is a life-and-death cooperation. You can ask them for help!"

Chen Yang said: "How can I make them believe my words?"

Feng Taxue said: "You... just say that the universe is reversed, the world collapses, the belief remains the same, and the friendship remains the same!"

Chen Yang said: "Are you sure it will work?"

Feng Taxue said: "It will definitely work!"

Chen Yang said: "That's good!"

Feng Taxue said again: "It's just that you are under Lang Xingyun's nose right now, how are you going to get out quietly? This is a big problem!"

Chen Yang said: "I will think of a way."

Feng Taxue said: "Also, after your real body is revealed, will you be found by Lang Xingyun?"

Chen Yang said: "No, the breath in Lang Xingyun's hand is all the wormhole soul."

Feng Taxue said: "That's good!"

Chen Yang said, "You have to stay here."

Feng Taxue said: "Of course!"

Chen Yang said: "Don't worry, when I find the time oven, I can find a way to save you!"

Feng Taxue said: "I'm not worried about myself, but I'm worried about you and the people of the Flame Temple. I hope you can guarantee their safety!"

Chen Yang said: "I will do my best!"

After discussing with Feng Taxue, Chen Yang did not communicate with Xingxuan, Bellale, and Ala Tian.

His thoughts were naturally known to the Great Destiny Primordial Spirit.

The next step is to find a way to let the real body escape without anyone noticing...

After Chen Yang thought for a while, he began to think about it.

He first built a teleportation array, and then asked Feng Taxue to chat with Lang Xingyun, preferably a fierce quarrel.

At the same time, Chen Yang has found the Time Thunder Pool of Time God Shuttle. In the Time Thunder Pool, the dislocation between time and thunder force will generate huge energy.

There is so much energy that sometimes it needs to be exhausted as exhaust. I just need to decompose the teleportation array first and throw it into the vent hole of the Lightning Pool of Time.

Of course, this has certain dangers.

Because Lang Xingyun is too sensitive, it won't be a big deal if he finds out.

So at this time, the role of wind and snow is crucial.

After Chen Yang and Feng Taxue finished discussing, Feng Taxue immediately acted according to plan.

Chen Yang quickly built a teleportation formation.

Feng Taxue took the initiative to look for Lang Xingyun, and Lang Xingyun seemed very surprised by Feng Taxue's initiative.

He sealed the central control room to prevent outsiders from prying, and then asked Feng Taxue coldly what the so-called matter was.

Chen Yang is very clear about Feng Taxue's situation, even Lang Xingyun's enchantment can't stop Chen Yang's imprint on Feng Taxue's brain.

At the same time, Chen Yang was already standing in front of Guang Lei Chi and waiting.

In the central control room, Feng Taxue asked Lang Xingyun if he knew what Lang Tianque did back then.

Lang Xingyun said coldly: "So what if you know, so what if you don't know?"

Feng Taxue said: "So you know?"

Lang Xingyun said: "Are you here to talk nonsense with me?"

Feng Taxue said: "There is cause and effect in the world, and Lang Tianque's death is a karmic retribution! Don't think that because you are so powerful, you can not care about anything. Perhaps in the dark, everything has already been determined! "

Lang Xingyun sneered.

Feng Taxue said: "Why, you think it's impossible?"

Lang Xingyun said: "You don't know me well, maybe there are people in the world who are better than me. But there is no one in the world who can kill me!"

Feng Taxue said: "Didn't Lang Tianque also die?"

A trace of grief flashed in Lang Xingyun's eyes, and he said: "It's a pity that he died. However, there is a world of difference between him and me!"

Feng Taxue said: "You are too conceited!"

Lang Xingyun said: "This is not conceit, this is the truth!"

Feng Taxue said: "Why didn't you kill me?"

"You want to die?" Lang Xingyun was a little surprised.

Feng Taxue said: "I want to know, what are you thinking? In this world, if there is one man I can look up to, it is only you!"

Lang Xingyun's body shook slightly.

It was at this moment that Chen Yang sent the teleportation array into the vent...

With a bang, the teleportation array left the Time Shuttle smoothly.

Outside the Time God Shuttle, the teleportation array was originally an empty energy, but at this time it was automatically assembled according to the framework set by Chen Yang.

After a while, the teleportation array was assembled.

In the blink of an eye, Time Shuttle was already hundreds of thousands of miles away.

Chen Yang didn't dare to stay too far away from the teleportation array, because the energy of this teleportation array was too weak!

In the body of the Great Destiny Primordial Spirit, the teleportation array was formed again. Chen Yang took Lan Ziyi and Meng Qingchen directly through the portal...

In the next second, Chen Yang's body was far away from the time shuttle, and appeared in the void universe.

As for the various situations of Feng Taxue and the Great Destiny Primordial Spirit, Chen Yang can still control them from afar.

The Great Destiny Primordial Spirit helped Chen Yang grasp the situation of the wind and snow, and Chen Yang and the Great Destiny Primordial Spirit were always closely connected.

Besides, the conversation between Lang Xingyun and Feng Taxue was still going on. At this time, Feng Taxue also knew that Chen Yang had left safely.

Lang Xingyun's thoughts quickly calmed down, and he said lightly: "I am not interested in the affairs of men and women. If a true master of Taoism cannot get rid of this primitive desire, he will not be able to achieve the Dao after all. My brother can't , Xing Tianhuang is even more impossible, and you can't either!"

A trace of sadness flashed in Feng Taxue's eyes!

Lang Xingyun said: "Didn't you just ask why I didn't kill you?"

Feng Taxue said: "Not bad!"

Lang Xingyun sneered and said: "When you killed my brother, you already had the intention to die. If I kill you now, your wish will not be fulfilled. I will let you live, live forever, and live in pain forever ! Rewarding you to Xuntianhuang is just the beginning, in the future, you will have more men!"

"You..." Feng Taxue couldn't help but shudder when he heard the words, and said to himself: "I have entered the endless hell. Without Chen Yang's help, how miserable would I be in the future?"
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