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Chapter 449 [Bonus ] Moonlight Slash, A Weaker Version

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The entire village turned upside down in seconds. Everyone was doing their daily chores, with nothing out of the ordinary happening in the village.

It was the same busy day they always had, with people hunting, fishing, taking care of the farm and animals. Some handled smithing weapons, others to tailor clothes, and a few had to remain in the village's walls, looking out for any threat that may come their way.

Kennedy was a hunter, and that is how he saw the group of goblins coming their way. He was looking for a deer for his family to have something to eat, and that is when he saw the goblins marching toward them.

He was quick to return to the village, warning everyone! But out of everyone who lived there, Victor was the strongest, and he had to be the one helping them defend the village against the goblins.

"Come with me! You and Emily," Kennedy said.

"We will get our weapons, and we are going. Just wait for us in front of the main gate!" Victor said.

Kennedy nodded, and he noticed Arthur, who was sitting, eating as if nothing was happening. There was not a single sign of worry on his face, which made him wonder.

"Is he crazy, or wants to die early?"

Arthur, though, could not care less about an army of goblins. He saw those things as inferior beings.

"Victor, can you deal with those goblins?" Arthur asked after Kennedy had left.

"Honestly, I don't know. Each goblin is akin to a sixth circle mage, but their leader is a tenth circle, just like me. Depending on their number, it will be a hard fight for us," Victor said, looking down, as if he was ashamed of being too weak.

What would a legendary being like Arthur think about him? A human that could not protect its own village against goblins.

"I don't plan on helping directly, only if things get complicated, like villagers with a chance of getting hurt. But I will give you something," Arthur said.

He had his magical pouch, which had many items that he gathered through his journey. A few of those items could be used by someone like Victor, who was not that powerful.

"What should I give him?"

Arthur browsed through his items. "what is your principal weapon?" he asked Victor.

"I usually use a bow or a dagger."

"Right, that dagger!"

There was a dagger which Arthur had used to break the barrier back when he was trapped on that island, which turned out to be Turquoise's back.

It was made of excellent materials, almost unbreakable.

"I have an idea, but I don't think I should do it with such good people," Arthur thought.

"Take this dagger, but return to me after the fight. It is sharp, almost indestructible, and you will feel its secret power," Arthur said.

The dagger still had some of his moon essence on it, turning it into something like an enchanted item. Victor did not have the knowledge to use the moon essence properly, but a fraction of it was more than enough to deal with a group of goblins.

"Alright. Thank you for this. Will you watch the fight?" Victor asked as he grabbed the dagger, looking at its shiny blade.

"Yes. I will wait for you by the gate."

In a moment, Arthur was standing in front of Victor and Emily, but in the other, he vanished, appearing in the watchtower near the village's gate.


Victor blinked a few times, yet Arthur was nowhere to be seen.

"That was cool!"


Kennedy ran as fast as he could after he left Victor's house, straight toward the main gate.

The wooden watch tower near the gate was the place he often went, as he also did some work as a guard in his free time.

When he got there, gasping for air, he saw someone. It was the same youth that was inside Victor's house.

"How? How are you here?"

Arthur was sitting on the wooden chair the guards often used, looking in the direction where the goblin army was coming.

He could see it from kilometers. Their numbers were around 200 hundred, which was way more than the number of warriors the village had.

"Oh, it is you. Thank you for warning us about the goblin attack," Arthur said as he turned around to face the man.

"Who exactly are you?" Kennedy asked.

"Would you believe me if I told you I am a god?"


"Right. Maybe your lack of faith is the reason you are so weak," Arthur said, returning his gaze to the goblin army.

Kennedy was enraged. No one in the village could make fun of him, so when Arthur was looking the other way, he grabbed his sword and slashed it down on Arthur, right in the head!

He was confident that even a rank one mage would get hurt by such a surprise attack, especially if the mage did not have enough time to cast a barrier, yet the moment the sword touched Arthur's head, nothing happened!

It was like Arthur's body was a solid rock.

"Do you think a mage like you can hurt someone like me? Funny."

Kennedy tried to attack once again, thinking that it must be some sort of spell that blocked his first sword attack.

But this time, Arthur moved his hand, grabbing the sword. He looked at him with his deep eyes and said, "I will not break your weapon because you will need it for the fight, but try this again, and you will be dead."

Then he let go of the sword. Kennedy was shaking with fear.

"Who exactly is this friend of Victor? Could he be a god?"

Doubts appeared inside his mind, and he was glad that Arthur did nothing serious to him, only seeing his surprise attack as jokes.

The two of them remained there, in silence, until Victor, Emily, and some other villagers that could fight appeared.

They made a battle formation in the front gate, with some being up at the village walls to shoot their arrows. Some were in the front with their shields up high.

Arthur remained there, watching everything from the side.

After twenty minutes, the first goblin entered their sight.

"Everyone, prepare for battle!" Victor yelled, trying to raise the morality of the others.

But when they saw the number of goblins, not a single one of them believed they had any chance.

Victor was not stupid. He could tell they were scared, and he knew he had to be the one doing something.

"I will feel its power, that is what Arthur said," Victor thought.

He grasped the dagger and felt the power within. It was not like anything he had ever felt.

"Let's see how this works!"

Something was telling him to perform a horizontal slash. Victor could not explain, but it was as if the dagger was talking to him!

Victor entered a fighting stance and slashed the dagger! When he did that, a horizontal silver slash came out of the dagger, moving toward the goblin army rapidly!

That was the Moonlight Slash, and it killed half of the goblins, slicing them into pieces, creating a bloody scene of goblins parts, organs, and blood, a lot of blood!

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