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Chapter 451 Wives Awake

What did Arthur need for his dream of becoming a Dragon God? Worshippers!

That was the key, making it possible for him to reach greater heights than normal mages.

But he couldn't just go to anyone and say, 'hey, worship me.' It would be stupid, and people would see him as crazy.

Now, after he got the power of the Blood Monarch, there was a way to overcome that, which wasn't hard.

The heart of all living beings wants something, and if Arthur can give it to them — of course, not everything, as he's not overpowered — that would make them worship him without problems!

"Marylin," Arthur said, shifting his gaze from the boy to her eyes, "it is a powerful poison…."

Marylin's breathing pattern was irregular, and she said, "can you heal him?"

The thing she wanted to know was not what kind of poison it was, how her boy got it, or anything of the like. Marylin wanted to know if Arthur could heal her boy, as that was all it mattered to her.

"Yes, I can, but are you willing to do anything for your boy?" Arthur asked her.

She quickly responded, "of course, I am willing to do anything!"

That was the phrase Arthur needed to hear. So he moved his hand forward for her to shake it. She did not quite understand but did it nonetheless.

Her soul was already in Arthur's possession when she did it. "If it was old me, I would feel bad for doing this, but now? Screw this shit."

Some say power changes people, and Arthur believed it was not quite the case with him anymore.

"Truth is, I am getting farther and farther from being a human…."

Arthur went close to the bed; all he had to do was touch the boy, and the poison dissipated!

The everlasting fever vanished, and although the boy was still asleep, he was not as pale as before.

"Done, he is healed."

Marylin knelt and said, "thank you, thank you. You are the savior of my boy, and I will be eternally grateful to you!"

He tapped her shoulder for her to get up, saying, "you don't need to do this."

Arthur left her room afterward, the first person on that planet who sold their soul to him.

Would it mean they would go to something like the underworld after they died? Probably not, but it meant they had to obey Arthur until their deaths, and considering most living beings lived many years, some even thousands, it was a sort of punishment.

But none of them thought about it. They wanted the thing deep in their hearts and would sell their souls if necessary.

"Now, after I get everyone in this village to sell their souls to me, I will make them practice the Dragon Meditation Technique!"

That was his plan. They would have no choice but to practice the technique, and no one would regret it either! Arthur was sure it would be way better than the other techniques they had there, and while they got more powerful, he would, too, gain free attributes from each person that practiced the technique!

"This place is way quieter now."

Everyone in the village was going to bed. Arthur returned to Victor's house, and when he got there, to his surprise, his wives had to wake up!

"Jane! Wisa!‌ Sybille!" Arthur said, moving toward them for a hug.


They were still somewhat nauseous and did not know exactly where they were.

"What happened? Are we on the biggest planet in this universe?" Jane asked.

"No. We had a crash, and we are currently on a weaker planet far from the one we wanted to go to. I'm glad you are okay!"

Arthur kissed his wives, who were slowly getting back to reality, with Arthur filling them with all the news.

They all slept together in the same bed that night, and when morning came, they would move out of the village.


"You want to live in the nearby woods? Why?" Victor asked.

"They are awake now, and many people living here will not be ideal. I don't want to make your life harder. But don't worry, my cabin will be nearby, and we will continue with Tracy's training."

Arthur would not return to his word and would help Tracy go to her magic school.

"I will have everyone here worshiping me by that time, and her school is in the biggest city around here, meaning it has a lot of candidates to sell their souls!"

Victor nodded, "Alright, you convinced me. Do you want any help building the cabin?"

It was nice of him to ask, but Arthur could control most elements, so moving his hand and creating a house was not a problem for him.

"No need. I will go find a place now," Arthur said.

"See you later!" Victor said.

Tracy was already awake early in the morning, so she saw Arthur leaving and heard the entire conversation, so she was not worried about him leaving them.

"See you later, uncle Arthur!" Tracy said, waving her little hand.

It was cute, and Arthur liked her, so he waved back, leaving the village afterward.

While walking through the woods with his wives by his side, Arthur thought about his plan and wanted to change some things.

"I don't mind sharing the Dragon Meditation Technique with those who proved worthy, but I can't give it to everyone. Is there a way for me to get power from those who sold their souls to me?"

He browsed through the memories he got from the Blood Monarch, filtering all the things that did not fit his criteria.

Many things were inside his mind, so it took him a few minutes, but he finally found something! Two incredible techniques, to be precise.

One ritual was passing a message to anyone that sold their soul, no matter the distance! The other one was a ritual he could pass on to his followers.

"A ritual for them to do for me? Sacrificing things with mana, and some of that mana will come to me?"

The idea was slowly turning into him creating a secret cult or something like that. It was kind of evil, and the Dragon God turned into something like Demon God.

"Not that I dislike being labeled as a Demon God, that makes my enemies fear me more."

He wanted to become the Dragon God, but there was no denial; the techniques from the Blood Monarch were more powerful — it made sense, as he went to the other universe where all the most potent beings were, and the dragons did not achieve that level of power.

The Blood Monarch was superior, and Arthur was starting to use his techniques more, but still not dismissing his dragon techniques entirely.

"If I grow stronger, all my techniques will get more powerful, be it normal spells, dragon spells, or the demonic spells from the Blood Monarch. But, in the end, all that matters is power."

While he was lost in his thoughts, Wisa, Jane, and Sybille found the perfect place for them to build their cabin: the top of a mountain.

"This place is gorgeous!‌ Look at the view we have from here. We can see the entire village!"

It was one of the few mountains near the village, and when Arthur was up there, he could see everything, especially with the help of his Forbidden Eyes.

He could even see Tracy through her house window, eating her breakfast. And Marylin finally left her house with a boy walking beside her, catching the attention of everyone in the village.

There was a muddy path from the mountain base up to the top, and Arthur loved the area — although it would be a temporary home for them.

With a wave of his hands, a wooden cabin appeared out of nowhere! That was the power of his magic of the wooden element.

"Creating houses is so easy with this."

Not only the house, but Arthur created the base of all the furniture, with the only exception being the bed itself — he could not sleep on a freaking wood — but Arthur had these things inside his magical pouch, so it all went well.

It was not the comfiest of places, but better than living in a house with others. Why? Now that his wives are back, Arthur wanted some time in private, and so did they because the moment they were alone inside the house, Jane, Wisa, and Sybille had dirty things in mind.

"It has been quite the time since our last fuck, husband. I hope you are still as good as you were," Wisa said.

Arthur looked toward his wives, who took out their clothes, showcasing their gorgeous bodies before his eyes.

The bouncing boobs and the sight of their wet pussies made Arthur's manhood as hard as a rock.

It was finally time for him to have sex again with his gorgeous wives, all at the same time!

"I will enjoy myself tonight!" Damian thought.

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