CH 8

Of course that wasn’t the case. 

Hara was well aware that she was saying something embarrassing. A carnivorous rabbit kept bashing the rocks in order to finish them. 

In such a situation, what’s so important about names?

Of course it’s really important.

[New quest: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step]


Hara looked at the handsome man before her that had a stunned expression and the quest window that was attached to his head alternately. She couldn’t turn her head, so only her eyeballs moved. 

As such, Hara, who suddenly mentioned her name in such a situation, had her own reasons.

The quest window flickered messily.

[You’ve met an attractive man. Oh my goodness! The number one journalist that everyone in Korea wants to marry the most is right in front of you.]

That flicker seemed to be teasing Hara.

[But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A relationship begins with a mutual introduction! Why don’t you exchange names with your partner?]


Hara wanted to die.

* * *

Time goes back to half an hour ago. So Kang Hara woke up first and pestered the constellation, and now she’s an S-class?! Just as she became excited over such fantasies. 

[Quest for a constellation contract] 

The constellation ‘??’ offers a constellation contract with you.

Conditions: ??? (To be disclosed after a contract has been established)

[Will you accept the contract? Y/Y]

The moment she accepted the contract, her vision went blank. The light was so bright that Hara couldn’t help but close her eyes inadvertently. And the moment she opened her eyes, Hara was flustered by the message that appeared.

[Congratulations. You’ve signed a contract with your constellation ‘Cupid’]


Hara closed her mouth at that familiar yet astonishing name. She seemed to understand why it acted like someone crazy about matchmaking couples.

In other words, the god of love……. Was that right?

[Ever since ancient times, Cupid has been a god that symbolises love…]

An anecdote about Cupid was written on the system window like he was boasting about himself. Meanwhile, the constellation’s message also flickered in view.

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ asks you’re dissatisfied with something]

No, she wasn’t complaining…

“What’s wrong with you, Sir…?”

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ grumbles that that’s the reason humans can’t believe it.]

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ is in disbelief at the questions when and why, and belittles you, saying that your memory is inferior to that of a carp]

“When did I….”

Hara, who was about to ask when she had called it, shut her mouth. She did call for something. In the studio.

She suddenly recalled crying out for help from God, Buddha, Allah, the Greek and Roman gods, anyone. 

But that’s considered calling for it?  

All she had to do was call for it haphazardly?

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ is disappointed]

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ asks if it’s really alright for her to call for them so randomly]

“No, of course not…… That’s… Of course…”

She couldn’t hide her bewildered feelings. In such a situation, this thought crossed Hara’s mind belatedly, “So it wasn’t wrong to say that constellations were close to being a godly existence.” 

Although a substantial amount of information was obtained from the hunters that met the constellations and went through their second awakening, their constellations were veiled in mystery.

The reason for that was rather simple.

Overseas, hunters battled amongst themselves over various benefits, and as such, they would be at a disadvantage in fights when their information was revealed to the other party. 

It wasn’t all that different in Korea, where all hunters are civil servants. For example, Kwon Wook had only roughly revealed the name of the constellation. The constellation of the former idol, Kwon Wook, was known as ‘Twinkling Fairy’.

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ yawns, saying that it’s just an alias]

It’s an alias…


Hara, who was about to fall into contemplation, was startled. It’s because the man lying next to her tossed and turned. It seemed like he was about to wake up.

And Hara realised that this wasn’t the time to be leisurely thinking about Kwon Wook’s constellation. Wasn’t she currently in a dungeon?

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ urges you, saying that he doesn’t want to see you die as soon as they’ve signed a contract]

“That’s right. First off, I have to escape……”

Hara muttered and quickly scanned through the system window. Unlike the status window that displayed her insignificance, there were around seven windows floating in her view. Despite the chaotic situation, Hara quickly scanned through the status windows.

[User: Kang Hara (Characteristic: Mang-dol fan)]

[Status: In the midst of the 2nd Awakening Quest…]

Great, Hara pumped her fists unknowingly. But groaned at the next moment.

“What’s this?”

[Grade: E (S)]

“What does this mean?”

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ advises annoyedly for you to think carefully, wondering whether you were actually the top student]

“That happened 10 years ago! Is my grade E or S?”

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ yawns]

Was this the rumoured failure to Awaken for the second time? How could it be… Hara’s eyes, which were scanning the status window with red eyes, stopped at a certain spot.

[Quest for a constellation contract is in progress]

When she looked at the quest window, she spotted the letters ‘currently in progress’ that were so small that she had to scrutinise at close quarters. 

“Currently in progress?”

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ giggles]

She could tell that something was very wrong. Hara scrolled downwards hurriedly.

[Ever since ancient times, Cupid has been a god that symbolises love. However, he’s the only son of Aphrodite, and he’s also a rather mischievous god. As Hermes’ close kin that defends lies, love would always be accompanied with jokes and lies.]

“Don’t tell me.”

[A love that comes true at once doesn’t exist. But what else can you do? Once Cupid has taken a fancy to you, you’d be unable to get rid of him. Love doesn’t exist until it has been put through Cupid’s trial! In other words, you must complete Cupid’s trial to become an S-class!]

“Are you crazy?”

[Love can drive people crazy]

“Hey, are you kidding me?”

The system window once again printed out a message like it was mocking her.

[He’s the only son of Aphrodite, and he’s also a rather mischievous god……]

‘Get lost, that’s enough.’ Hara scrolled downwards with her hand again.

“So what is it that I have to do!”

[The user that has agreed to the contract, ‘Kang Hara’, must undertake the quest together with a designated user]

[The quest cannot be completed with a person other than the specified user. The quest cannot be performed alone, and the completion period is a lifetime.]

A lifetime? 

Hara frowned. A quest that can only be completed with a designated person. The period is for life.

“You aren’t asking me to get married, are you?”

The system window closed for a moment and fell silent. Remaining silent was practically a confirmation… Who was it that said that… Fortunately, a message was printed in the system window again.

[If the quest is completed with the designated user, the user ‘Kang Hara’ will automatically awaken as S-class]

“Wasn’t I supposed to become an S-class immediately after signing the contract?!” 

[No, it isn’t]

Hara doubted her own eyes and tucked her chin inwards. The system seemed to be speaking informally?

[In consideration for the user’s convenience, descriptions of available skills will be displayed instead. In consideration for the user’s nationality, skill names are displayed alphabetically]

[Skills are assigned while taking the user’s characteristic into consideration]

[As a special compensation for the contract, the user’s existing skills will be upgraded to S-class]

[User: Kang Hara (Characteristic: Mang-dol fan)]

[Status: In the midst of the 2nd Awakening Quest…]

[Grade: E (S)]

[Skill list]

– Multiplication (Locked)

Unlock condition: ???

– Just the thought of you makes me strong S (Unlocked)

Usage condition: Physical contact with the designated user ‘Yoon Seheon’

– Flight (Locked)

Unlock condition: ???

– Please move on (Locked)

Unlock condition: ???

– It may be the level of candlelight, but it’s capable! S


Usage condition: Recognition of the target’s birthday

– Other available skills: To be updated subsequently.

As though it wouldn’t give her a chance to say anything, it displayed really quickly. 

Hara’s original skill, ‘It may be the level of candlelight, but it’s capable!’ was upgraded to S-class as a special reward. Without time to rejoice about that, she scanned at the five additional skills mentioned in the message. 

Multiplication, Just the thought of you makes me strong, Flight, Please move on, #HAPPYYOURDAY…?

“What is this…”

At least two of them seemed to be movement-related skills.

“No wait, I have two movement-related skills?”

Although she was E-class, Hara has been a hunter for a long time and frequently watches Hunter X-tube, so she had a rough understanding. When a Hunter awakens, situations where similar-type skills overlapping would often occur.  

Even if combat-type and defence-type skills overlapped, most of them could create a synergistic effect, but movement-type skills are slightly different.

“Is it trashy……?”

The system window flashed warningly.

[Your constellation is the capricious sort. Please be careful]

Hara closed her mouth and read the atmosphere.

“No, not the skill, but me. Me, yes, it’s about me.”

The system window flashed again.

[Hurry and complete the quest, and you’ll be able to feel the thrill of being an S-class hunter. If you’re fortunate, you can turn into a ranker from trash, right?]

Hara was so amazed by those words, and sighed, “Hah…” while taking off her glasses and rubbing her face up and down. 

“So what exactly is this companion quest……The designated user seems to be Yoon Seheon…”

As she said that, Hara quivered. It’s because she had an ominous hunch. Could it be… 

[The constellation, ‘Cupid’ asks you what kind of god do you think he is]

A new quest window suddenly opened like it was teasing Hara. 

[Constellation contract quest: Love and war]

[Goal: Date the designated user, ‘Yoon Seheon’]



“You must be crazy!”

The system window flashed again.

[Love can drive people crazy]

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