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Chapter 1088 - 1088 Great Satisfaction, Michael's Tragic End

1088 Great Satisfaction, Michael’s Tragic End

She finally told him the truth about why she had done that.

She did not tell anyone. After all, how could a commoner like her worry about the country and the people? She was afraid that no one would believe her and that everyone would think that she was crazy.

She looked at Michael. “You’ve let me and all the people of Harken down. I don’t know if your father’s parenting taught you to use the most despicable means to obtain a bright future, or if he too hoped that you could serve the country. I don’t know if you regret your life because of this, but I hope that if there’s a next life — if such a thing exists — and you can contribute to the country, please don’t fail to live up to the destiny you are given.”

Michael’s face was red, and his suppressed emotions were on the verge of exploding. As his hands were handcuffed, and he was trying his best to control himself, his exposed skin turned red.

Monica saw it, but she did not pity him at all.

After all, it was all Michael’s fault.

If there was a next life, she hoped that he could start over.

With that, she stood up and left.

She had no feelings for Michael, and they were just acquaintances. She had given him what he deserved for doing all the cruel things he did to her, and they did not owe each other anything anymore. However, since she had set aside all her hatred for him, and they both had no more malicious intentions toward each other, she thought she would see him one last time.

However, that was all. She could not do anything else for him, not even a little bit.

The moment she left, Michael suddenly lost control. He pounded on the table in front of him and even kicked over the tables and chairs violently.

The prison guard immediately stepped forward to restrain him and shackle him to the ground. However, Michael fought back with all his might and did not stop.

Michael’s ferocious appearance was the scariest that Monica had ever seen.

She watched as the prison guards took out electric batons and hit Michael’s body with a high-voltage electric shock.

Michael looked like he was in great pain, but he still wanted to resist.

Perhaps he was still struggling for his life.

Monica watched as Michael’s struggle became weaker and weaker until he finally fell to the ground, motionless.

Monica thought that was the bitter ending for Michael, one that he did not want but still got in the end.

The moment she left, she heard someone behind her say in a deep voice, “I’m sorry.”

It was a deep voice that could only be squeezed out with all of one’s strength.

Monica’s eyes reddened. However, she did not turn around.

She did not know how much emotion was contained in Michael’s apology.

A smile appeared on her face, and a tear fell from her eye. She thought that she would smile to forget her grudge against Michael. However, she did not show Michael her smile.

When she walked out of the prison, the sun was shining brightly outside.

Unfortunately, Michael would never be able to see it again. After tomorrow, he would not even be able to see the world.

Monica walked toward her car and was ready to leave.

“Monica!” A heart-wrenching scream suddenly sounded in the parking lot of the prison.

Monica watched as Reese rushed toward her like a mad woman and raised her hand to slap Monica’s face.

Monica reacted quickly by grabbing Reese’s arm in place. She even used all her strength to push Reese to the ground.

The second after Reese was thrown hard to the ground, she got up madly and attacked Monica.

She kept saying, “You b*tch, you killed my son. For that, I’ll beat you to death!”

Monica gritted her teeth and got into a tussle with Reese.

She could let go of her hatred for Michael, but for Reese… She had no reason to forgive her!

Reese went crazy, but Monica was just as crazy. The two of them clawed at each other like they were mad.

However, Reese was over 50 years old, so it was impossible for her to defeat Monica, who was only 25 years old.

Monica pressed Reese down fiercely before grabbing the latter’s hair and pushing her face onto the rough ground.

Reese’s continuous resistance only left deep bloodstains on her face.

“Monica, let me go. Let me go, you b*tch. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you for my son!” Reese screamed until her voice cracked.

“You and your family must be part of the reason why Michael is like this! Reese, you should reflect on yourself. It was your parenting that to Michael’s extreme behavior. It’s not my fault that he received the justice he deserved!” Monica enunciated each word clearly to Reese.

“Shut up, shut up! If it weren’t because of you and the fact that Michael liked you, how could you have schemed against him? My son is so outstanding. How could a stupid woman like you– Ah!” Reese shrieked.

It was because, at that moment, Monica grabbed her hair and slammed her face against the floor.

Reese was in so much pain that tears streamed down her face. She was filled with so much hatred and pain that she really wanted to kill Monica.

“I suddenly feel sad for Michael. After all, even at the moment of his death, the woman who forced him onto the path of no return is still looking for other reasons to shirk her responsibility. She still doesn’t know what she has done wrong!” Monica gritted her teeth.

“Monica!” Reese screamed.

“Michael will be executed tomorrow. After today, you will never see your so-called outstanding son again.” Monica suddenly let go of Reese. “I send you my condolences!”

“No… No, no, Michael can’t die. My son can’t die. He’s my only son. Everyone is envious of my outstanding son. He can’t die…” Reese kept muttering as if she had gone mad.

Even if Monica had let her go and left her side, she did not seem to react to it. It was as if she was still immersed in her own fantasy and was unwilling to snap out of it.

Monica sat in her car, stepped on the accelerator, and slammed it all the way down.

Reese should also suffer the consequences that she deserved!

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