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Phil raised his head, and his eyes fell on the dusty wall of the dungeon: “I lost this time, so you can kill if you want.” The skills are inferior to others, and there is nothing to tangle with.

Before, he was always entangled in all kinds of things and was afraid of failure. Now that he really failed in a mess, he looked away instead. He was just a victim of the struggle for the throne. He was not the first, and he will not be the last.

He thought about it, but part of the rest of the Jackson family began to howl like ghosts and wolves, without any trace of their reserved and noble past.

The guards in the dungeon were all outside, and there was no one inside. Yelder leaned half of his body on Su Yi with peace of mind. The atmosphere between the two was intimate and ambiguous. Looking at such a scene, Phil’s pupils suddenly jumped. Shrinking, in disbelief: “You…”

Yelder: “What’s wrong?”

“That’s why.” The man laughed miserably, “What kind of good master who loves his apprentices, the Pope who is so beautiful? It’s all fake, you guys… Aren’t you afraid that your reputation will be ruined if someone finds out?”

Yelder said lightly, “If the worst is the case, I won’t be Pope, so what’s there to be afraid of?”

If you stay in one position for too long, you’ll get tired of it.

Even if Su Yi didn’t show up, in another one or two hundred years, he would probably run away and disappear.

Phil turned his eyes away from Yelder, and turned to Su Yi: “What about you? Don’t you care?”

“It has nothing to do with you.” The woman’s expression was as cold and heartless as ever, and Phil looked at her. His heart hurts.

In the end, he slowly closed his eyes, waiting for death to come.

Some things, once lost, can never be found again.

Wearing the Pope’s robe, Yelder led Su Yi out of the dungeon. The guarding knights standing outside the door saw His Majesty, who had not seen him for a long time, kneel down and salute in fear. Yelder pointed to the dungeon with a sleepy expression, and said lightly, “It’s all settled.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Yelder originally meant to take the Jackson family outside for a tour, and die tragically on the execution ground under the witness of everyone. If this is the case, the morale of the army on Prince Angus’ side may be more or less scattered up.

After Su Yi knew it, she held his hand and shook her head slowly.

Winner and loser.

Although Phil has many shortcomings, he is a loyal minister. Whether it is to Prince Angus or the family, he has never betrayed it.

Su Yi thinks he is not a good person.

But at the last moment, let him go decently.

The once powerful Jackson family disappeared in the Holy Palace so silently, and the remaining offshoots were defeated. They withdrew from the big stage of the imperial capital and went to remote towns to seek survival.

When the first dead leaves fell, the weather turned cold…

The noble girls changed their brisk court skirts and put on warm cloaks. King Lasilis could no longer appear in front of people, he was left with only one breath, hanging his life with various expensive medicines. The actions of Catherine and Angus became more and more obvious.

A big battle is about to break out.

Empire October 26, 389.

Prince Angus controlled the palace guards and led 3000 soldiers in an attempt to force the Palace. The clever Princess Catherine saw through the plot, outflanked the plot, killed the traitor Angus on the spot, and won the victory.

All the nobles on Angus’ side were taken into custody.

Catherine successfully ascended the throne and opened a new era.

On that day, each other’s blood stained the palace red, and the clear spring water turned a dazzling red.

After ascending to the throne, there were still many things that Catherine needed to deal with. It was already a month later when Su Yi saw her again. Come and go in a hurry, look nervous.

“Ruyi Calder, I have met Your Majesty.”

“Get up.”

Catherine’s voice was less feminine and more icy and powerful. The beautiful dress was replaced with a noble imperial robe, the hair was pulled up high, and the bright red lips were the same color as blood, which was shocking.

The smile on the corners of Su’s lips grew bigger and bigger: “It seems that Her Majesty is very happy.”

“I have never forgotten the hatred four years ago, and now that the hatred has been avenged, it can be regarded as the fulfillment of a wish.” Catherine pulled out a stiff smile, “Lingnuo Pulis, I will send her to your mansion later.”

Su Yi waved her hand: “No, I will go and have a look later, and I will kill it.” 

“Come on.”

How to make your opponent never pass you.

Very simple.

Just kill her, that’s all.

“Don’t you want to torture it yourself?”

“It’s not necessary, it’s just… an ant.” Su Yi covered half of her cheek with a fan, her blue eyes looked clear and bright, like a little girl who doesn’t know much about the world, no one would think of such a person who can end the lives of others so easily.

Having decided Lingnuo’s fate, Su Yi looked around and said, “The missing mice are all solved?”

“Yes.” Catherine propped her chin with one hand, “Listen to you, and hire a professional mouse catcher.”

Angus and his troops are the rats, and the army Catherine has previously bred on the Donners’ estates are the Rat catchers. Now that the victory has arrived, although Catherine is ruling in place of King Lasilis, anyone with a discerning eye knows that King Lasilis will die soon.

The empire will be Catherine’s.

In the dungeon, Su Yi saw Lingnuo, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time. She was still wearing a magician’s white robe, and she was covered with dirt everywhere by the dirty dungeon. Her golden hair stuck to her face, and her green eyes were dim.

Seeing Su Yi, she turned her head: “Are you here to see my joke?”


“It’s really not ladylike.” She sneered, leaning half of her body on the cold dungeon, her lips were pale, ” I lost to you, I am convinced, anyway, a long time ago, when I was in school, I couldn’t compare to you.”

Perhaps because of the different worldviews, Lingnuo is completely different from the heroines Su Yi has seen before.

She’s calm, rational, trade-offs, maybe a bit grumpy, but nothing serious.

It’s a pity that from the very beginning, the two of them were on opposite sides.

“Do you hate me?”

After an unknown amount of time, the woman’s voice seemed to come from far away, shallow, as if it would disappear in the next second: “Because I stole your fiancé? It’s wrong, it’s just an ordinary family marriage, I may like him a little bit, but this liking is nothing compared to the family.”

“No! I don’t hate you.”

Su Yi shook her head.

Lingnuo was stunned: “That’s it.”

“Forget it, it’s over, and it’s meaningless to insist on an answer now.” She brushed her hair carelessly, showing several teeth in a smile, without the restraint before. Due to the noble appearance of the aristocrat, she was just a little more bold, “I’m probably going to die soon.”


“You are too honest.” She squinted at Su Yi, “Is it this time? Shouldn’t you say something decent?”

“It’s not necessary.”

“That’s right, anyway, I’m going to die.” Lingnuo nodded, “If it’s possible, I really want to meet you for the first time at a banquet, drinking fine wine, chatting about the latest trends and gossip, what a pity.”

Su Yi shaking her head: “Even so, we will only be enemies.”

“Okay, okay.”

Perhaps she was about to die, but Lingnuo completely let herself go. She talked about the embarrassing things when they were young.

Su Yi listened quietly, and at the end, she finally asked the first question: “Do you have any last wishes?”

“Last wishes?” She was startled, hesitated for a while, and then slowly said: “Then tell me, Phil, is he still alive?”

“Dead.” Su Yi shook her head.

“That’s it!”

Her current situation looks very pitiful, but Su Yi will not be fooled. In the last life, the hero and heroine won, so they lived happily, but the original owner lost her life in the battle.

They have won in this life, and what greets the hero and heroine is death.

Very fair.

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