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Volume 1 - CH 8

“Understood. Here.”

When the female warrior mumbled, I began spreading her legs.

It was easy this time since I had already magically relaxed them.

“Wait a minute, are you sure it would fit? Oh God, can they open that wide?”

“Of course. That is what the purpose they’re intended for. If they don’t fit it properly, it will hurt you like hell, you know?”

Still, even if it fits properly, she’s still going to be in a lot of hurt.

After all, she’s a virgin.

But I have a secret technique.

I can’t make it completely painless, but I can make it a lot less painful.

So, I closed my eyes and tried to unify my mind.

Then, my cock shrank slightly.

What came next was I placed my medium-sized cock at the entrance of the female warrior, leaving the core with just the right hardness to penetrate.


Although only a few know of this shocking fact, yes. You can indeed insert your penis inside a woman even if it’s not in its maximum hardness – or in a so-called half-standing state.

Of course, not everyone can do this half-standing state. That’s why it’s a secret technique.

Not that I’m willing to teach it to others anyway.

“I’m gonna put it in now.”

I said this and slowly, really slowly, I put my half-standing cock into the female warrior’s pussy.

I was so slow that it took about five minutes until it was buried to the base.

It was hard, but I had to take it slow to control it properly because all would be ruined if my cock got hard too soon.

“My virginity… and here I was planning to give it to the hero….”

Stop, don’t say such exciting things.

It will get bigger. 

Soon, I managed.

“Does it hurt?”

“I‘m not sure… probably… yes, it still hurts.”

I see. So this is the extent of her limit.

After finding this out, I did not move for a while.

Instead, I tweaked her clitoris which has ripened below.

To which the female warrior started moaning.

“Hyaaa♡ mmm… ahhnn♡♡”

She also started moving her hips, rubbing my cock and her pussy against each other to induce more pleasure. If y ou ar e a ble t o re ad th is mess ag e, yo u ar e rea di ng fr om an unau thori zed agg reg ate sit e. Re ad at m y Word Pres s at s tabb ing wi th a s yrin ge. home . bl og to su ppor t me and my tr ansl ati ons.

(It looks like the pain from her deflowering and the pleasure in her clitoris are getting mixed up.)

This means that she’s gradually getting used to the sensation of my cock.

In that case, she’s now ready for the next step.

I finally released the bonds of control over my hardness and made it bigger inside the female warrior.

“Oooh. I can feel it getting bigger and bigger.”

My cock, which is now completely inside the female warrior, started throbbing as it increased its size.

Deciding that I shouldn’t move it for a while yet, I put my hands on both of the erect nipples instead.

Running my fingers up and down fast at the protrusion, the female warrior’s breasts jiggled every time, and whenever it happened, she would also arch her body in a way that made her big tits stick out.

And whenever the female warrior felt pleasure, her warm vagina would squeeze my cock.


“Nnn… ahhh… w-what is it?”

“With this, you’re no longer a virgin. Congratulations.”

“Ahh, no, it can’t be….”


I said something sarcastic to tease her, to which the female warrior’s eyes widened as if she had come to her senses.

But before she could say anything, I shifted my right hand, which had been cupping her left nipple earlier, on her clitoris, and she began making sexy noises again.

Now then. It’s time for the real deal.

I started moving back and forth very slowly.

Squish, squish, squish…♡.


Or rather, what the hell is this… this alone is so good I almost feel like it’s melting my cock!

Perhaps it already melted along the way?

For a moment, I even felt such an illusion.


This isn’t good.

It’s piercing straight into my brain that I’m going to come at this rate.

I can’t let that happen.

I hardened myself and held back again, but I was no longer confident that I’ll be able to do it like the last time.

That’s when it happened.

“Hey, you!”

The Priestess, who had been gazing at our connection up close, spoke. She was looking with her cold eyes on us again before I knew it. This cha pter tr ans lation is made p oss ible by sta bbi ng wi th a sy rin ge tr anslati on s. Ch eck on ly up-to-da te tra ns lati ons on my W ord pres s si te .

“Don’t give up so easily. If you give up, that’s the end. You must persevere until the very end!”

“Miss Priestess….”

She’s right. I can’t give up here.

I haven’t had a chance to taste all of this thick female warrior yet.


I got myself fired up and, somehow, succeeded in containing the wave that surged up from the depths of my cock.

Having crossed the first mountain, I was able to relax a little.

I used that chance to gradually increase the intensity of my hip movements.

At first, the female warrior seemed to prefer being poked in the clitoris, but eventually, she was able to learn the joys of being rammed inside.

Now, she’s getting more pleased by it.

After about 30 minutes, by the time I put my hips in top gear, her body was on fire, and our junction was making loud squelching sounds.

“Kyaaa! Ahh♡ ahhn♡ Kyaan! hyauu! Kuhuuu♡♡”

The female warrior continued to cry out without any further restraint.

It was no different from an animal’s cry.

After a while, the female warrior suddenly stretched from head to toe and clamped her vagina convulsively.

“Nnn! …aah☆…!!”

At first glance, she seemed to be in agony, but I didn’t care.

“Hiii♡ S-stop! Something, something is wrong♡ ohoo… houuu! Iiiihhh☆☆”

Saying that, the female warrior curved her back and convulsed again.

Apparently, she is the type whose body goes into a continuous spasm.

After that, I performed the positions that are common in sex with her.

Among them is the cowgirl position.


The cowgirl position, in particular, is nothing short of spectacular, with her wonderful tits bobbing up and down.

By the time I finally decided to wrap things up by penetrating her from behind, the sun was already setting.

I ordered her to place her hands on the ginkgo Biloba tree.

The female warrior’s fleshy buttocks stuck out toward me, and her silvery skin became tinged with the vermilion of the setting sun.

“To make me pose in such an appearance… kuh, this is so shameful….”

If you can say such a line, it’s even more so.

It was even more painful to do it from behind, with my cock hitting the girl’s tailbone, but I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the way I observed the line from her buttocks to her spine.

Is this what they call a man’s romance?

I had been shaking my hips for almost an hour and was now feeling extremely tired.

But I still gave it all for one last spurt.

“Kuh. I’m about to come.”

When I said that, the female warrior turned her head to look at me in horror.

“Hii… y-you’re going to cum… inside? Wait! Please!!”

The female warrior went wild, screaming, but her resistance was too weak.

Was it because of my relaxation magic, or was she just too aroused?

Anyway, since she was not resisting much, I held her shoulders down.

“Here. It. comes♪”

“I said waaiit!!”

My cock, surging with rage, released its seed vigorously into the female warrior.

Splurt♡ Splurt♡ Splurt♡

All the hot fluids that were pumped out were fully received in her vagina.

The cock throbbed about 20 times, and each time it did, it expelled a large amount of seed.

I tried my best to ensure I poured it to the last drop into the female warrior.

And the female warrior’s womb caught it all diligently.

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