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Volume 2 - CH 6

“Hey, look! Isn’t this just a magnificent view?”

“Yes, it may be, but why are we here?”

The priestess and I were in front of the school gate of Andersen Girls’ Academy.

It was just about time for the students to leave school, and the gate was filled with female students.

“Why? You want to get hold of the Minister of Finance’s weakness, don’t you?”

Yes. I hadn’t forgotten about that.

That would mean that this is where the Minister of Finance’s weakness lies.

“But why… never mind.”

I put my thoughts aside for the moment and sighed in admiration at the sight before me.


“I see that the schoolgirls in this country dress up as sailors.”

The girls were dressed in sailor uniforms, the costume of sailors, with short navy blue pleated skirts underneath.

“That’s right. In this country, all female students over the age of 18 are required to wear the academy’s sailor uniform.”

“What’s the reason for this?”

“It seems to mean that once a girl is over 18, she must become a crew member of the ship called the state.”

“Is that so? I didn’t think there was such a deep meaning to it.”

“Yeah. It’s totally not because that the outfit is sexy and cute… there’s no such evil and perverted political dynamic at work here.”

Wait. Doesn’t that mean this is a product of a united hidden agenda here?

“So girls under 18 can’t wear sailor uniforms?”

“Of course not. If they wear them, the police officers will come and arrest them.”

While I was having a lively discussion with the priestess about sailor uniforms, a black carriage stopped in front of the school gate. If yo u ar e abl e to r ea d this me ssa ge, yo u are rea di ng from an unau tho rized agg reg ate si te. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at s ta bbing wi th a syr inge. ho me. bl og to su ppo rt me and my t ran slat ions.

“Hey. Don’t tell me that that carriage is…?”

“Yes. It belongs to the minister.”

I see, so you want to say that the Minister of Finance’s daughter attends here and that she is the Minister’s weakness.

All right, let’s check out their faces here.

“Hey, look over there.”

The priestess pointed at a female student and said so.

“You mean that girl?”

I see, so she’s the Minister of Finance’s daughter…

“Yes, that girl, she’s… so pretty! Don’t you think so too?”

As the priestess said this, the schoolgirl walked straight past the black carriage.

“Priestess, I don’t need your thoughts on your tastes or anything else right now.”

“I see.”

“I don’t.”

Are you trolling me here, you bitch!?

“Look over there.”

The priestess once again pointed at a female student.


She was a girl with blonde hair, probably her natural color, in vertical rolls and with a calm expression that gave the impression that she was innocent.

“Yes, yes. I think she’s also pretty. Or rather, that girl is insanely cute.”

“She’s the minister’s daughter.”

“Wait, what? Ahh, fuck! I missed her! Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place!”

Before I could even remember the face, the minister’s daughter was already inside the black carriage and drove away.

“Well, you’ll have another chance tomorrow. So don’t be discouraged.”

“Chance? What chance? And for what?”

“Chance to kidnap her?”

“I don’t do crimes. I’m a merchant, not a bandit.”

“What are you going to do then?”

“Hmmm. First of all, I would like to establish a reasonable relationship with the minister’s daughter and find a way to legally set her up, but from the way it looks, it will be difficult to talk to her.”

At any rate, I have to do something to the carriage waiting at the school gate to pick her up. Th is chap ter transl at ion is mad e pos sib le by st abb ing wit h a sy rin ge tra nslat ions. Che ck on ly up -to- da te trans lat io ns on my W ord p ress s ite.

Then the Priestess put her hand on her chin as if she was thinking about something.

“Okay, I have an idea. You go back to your hotel. I’ll make a few preparations, and then I’ll head to the hotel to fetch you.”

She left after getting the name and room number of the hotel I was staying.


“You know…”


I returned to the hotel only to find that my doorknob had been twisted again, and the female warrior I was familiar with was waiting for me inside.

I sighed loudly.

“Okay, okay. You can stay here. But no more breaking doors, got it?”

“Really? Really?”

She asks with a radiant smile.


Well, not a single interesting thing will happen to me, so I’m sure she’ll go away out of boredom soon.

After about thirty minutes of us hanging out awkwardly, the priestess comes in, out of breath.

“You’re early.”

“Of course. It’s for my friend, after all.”

Perhaps this priestess doesn’t have many friends?

“Look at this.”


The priestess said so proudly as she took a sailor uniform from Andersen Girls’ Academy from her shoulder bag.

“Heh, I’m impressed that you have something like that, Miss Priestess. Are you gonna wear it to help me?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? The one who will wear it is you.”


“I don’t understand. You want me to wear it?”

I asked the priestess who was holding up the sailor’s uniform.

“I meant what I said. You want to get in touch with the minister’s daughter, don’t you? If that is the case, there is only one way to do it, and that is to wear this sailor uniform and have her treat you like a fellow student.”

I was stunned when I saw the priestess nodding as if she was boasting an excellent plan.

“This is messed up. They’re going to find out.”

“Heh. Don’t worry. You may be a perverted bastard, but you have a pretty face. I’m sure you’ll pass easily as a cute female student.”

This face, which is supposed to be the epitome of masculinity, she dares call it pretty? This woman…

“Hey, you should say something, too.”

I turned my head to the female warrior who was sitting on the bed.

“Eh? Uhmm… why don’t you try it first? I kinda want to see it too.”

I was under siege.

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