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Chapter 955 Yin And Yang Heaven Splitting Axe

The two forces entered his body and were about to explode on the spot.

However, after entering, a powerful devouring force emerged from the Yin and Yang talent without warning and swallowed the two forces without hesitation.

"It's indeed Yin-Yang Power! Unfortunately, these are just tonics to my innate Yin and Yang talent."

The power of Yin and Yang contained in the battleaxe only launched a single attack. After realizing that Li Xiang was not afraid at all, they immediately quieted down. That was the test of the axe. Those who could hold it and not let go were qualified to become its master and save it from fighting.

"They yearned for battle, blood and slaughter."

Li Xiang felt a strange will in the battleaxe.

The battleaxe was born for battle.

It longed to be held in the hands of a powerful master.

"What a great battleaxe, born from the Yin and Yang. I'm a dual cultivator, so I don't lack magic treasures. I only lack a heavy weapon suitable for my body refining process. This battleaxe is more than enough in terms of both weight and power. If I could learn a top-notch axe battle skill and hold the battleaxe, my physical combat strength would be more than doubled."

Li Xiang was secretly delighted.

He grabbed the battleaxe and lifted it. With his terrifying strength, he did not feel any pressure from the weight of the battle axe. Instead, he thought that it was easy to use.

This battleaxe could perfectly unleash the strength of one's body.

"Very good. I'll refine it into a natal treasure, a sky-opening divine weapon. After upgrading it to a divine-grade treasure, its power will be stronger."

With a thought, the battleaxe appeared in his body and entered his sea of divinity. It collided with the Tower of Stars and naturally fused into the tower. The tower had reached twelve levels and had a world with primal chaos. Each of the twelve small worlds within the tower had a shocking area of over 9,000 kilometres, and they were already approaching the size of 10,000 kilometres.

The power he had devoured was enormous and astonishing.

In an instant, the foundations of the Tower of Stars had significantly increased.

The battleaxe entered the tower and immediately appeared in the primal chaos within the tower base.


The battleaxe seemed to be grabbed by an invisible giant hand and slashed down at the primal chaos with all its might.

The black-and-white Yin and Yang axe light split the chaos like a waterfall. It was as fast as a stream of light. Wherever the axe light went, Yin-Yang Power crushed everything in the surroundings like a millstone. In the blink of an eye, the world was separated. The clear air rose, and the turbid air sank. One was the sky, and the other was the earth. Moreover, the battleaxe was unsatisfied with just opening up a small space.

The tower base of the Tower of Stars was connected to the real world, with primal chaos spawned by the tower's spiritual pearl at the top. Its mysterious power could allow treasures to enter the primal chaos world and open a space. Then, it could directly move into the tower and become a part of it. This ability could be said to be heaven-defying.

The rare treasures of heaven and earth could take away as much space as they could open up in the primal chaos.

Therefore, the treasures fused into the tower had previously opened up different space sizes. However, the difference was not significant. Some were suitable for opening up space, while others were not. However, as long as a space could be opened up, it would be a success. The strengthening and transformation of the space could continue to advance in the future. However, opening up enough room at the beginning could save many resources.

It would have to consume many resources to improve later. Naturally, the bigger the opening, the better.

With a thought, the battleaxe slashed out again toward the edge of the primal chaos. Under the axe light, the space suddenly expanded, and Primal Chaos Air collapsed under the Yin and Yang axe light, turning into a power that nourished the Heaven and Earth Origin.

The rapidly expanding world quickly changed. The incredible power of Yin and Yang even stabilized it. The axe light was too sharp, and a large area of chaos was split apart.

One kilometre!

Three kilometres!

Ten kilometres!


The battleaxe seemed to know no fatigue as it continued to slash. In the blink of an eye, it had opened up a vast space of hundreds of miles. It only stopped when it was about to break through the radius of a thousand miles. The battleaxe naturally merged with the world, connecting with the Heaven and Earth Origin.


The Tower of Stars shook, and the entire tower rose by a section. It suddenly transformed from a twelve-story tower to a thirteen-story one.

At the same time, waves of Origin Energy naturally fused into the tower's new space, causing the tower's room to increase. In the blink of an eye, it broke through the restrictions of the grotto-heaven space and advanced to a small world. The area in the other towers was shrinking, but the frequency of shrinking was not very high. Using twelve towers, or even a primal chaos world, to nurture a developing world was too easy.

When the expansion stopped, the tower reached a similar size.

It did not fall below the 9,000-mile radius but was maintained at the 9,000-mile radius.

At the same time, the battleaxe transformed into a divine-grade treasure. The aura it emitted was even more terrifying and powerful.

"The world within the thirteen towers. It only gets trickier."

Li Xiang looked at the tower in his body and smiled bitterly.

Although he had already begun to control the number of natural treasures he had absorbed consciously, the amount was still increasing without him noticing.

"I wonder what this is?"

A black bead appeared in Li Xiang's hand. He fiddled with it secretly, but he was puzzled.

This black pearl was none other than the one he had obtained when he had shattered the Dark Star. This black pearl was hidden within the Dark Star, and it is evident that it was not an everyday item. However, even his probing skill could not detect its use. He only knew that this was a strange object. This was the only information provided by the probing skill.

However, the problem was that he did not know what this strange object was. Moreover, he did not know its use or what it could do. This rendered him clueless about what to do.

This could not be refined or fused into the Tower of Stars to become a sky-opening divine weapon.

"Hey, can you let me look at the black pearl in your hand?"

At this moment, Arcus shifted his gaze from the Star Coins to Li Xiang's hand. When he saw the black pearl, his eyes lit up, and he asked excitedly.

Li Xiang asked, "Do you know what this is?"

At the same time, he handed the black pearl to Arcus. He did not care if Arcus would take the black pearl. He did not think that anyone could take his things away from him. If he went crazy, he would blow up the entire Dark Spirit Town.

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