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Chapter 392 - 392 Su Qian’s Love?

392 Su Qian’s Love?

Liu Wen took a deep breath and looked at Su Qian as he persuaded him, “Alright! Stop reading those things written by marketing accounts! You’re already an old man in the entertainment industry. Is this matter worth being so angry about? Everyone will forget in a few days and no one will say anything!”

After saying that, Liu Wen scolded these inhumane marketing accounts in his mind. They caught Su Qian every day when they had nothing to do. They either spread rumors about him like this or like that. Anyway, they didn’t say anything good!

What was even worse today was that they actually extended their claws towards his sister. Some entertainment reporters must have seen Su Qing bid farewell to Su Qian at the airport yesterday.

They took a few intimate photos of Su Qian and Su Qing. After adding fuel to the fire and writing a few manuscripts, they directly posted them online to attract people’s attention.


Su Qian had always been much more exposed than other male celebrities in the same line as him. Usually, his fans weren’t the only ones paying attention to him. In fact, many people were staring at him.

Liu Wen wasn’t sure if someone else was behind this!

Because if it was just a rumor that Su Qian and Su Qing were a couple, this matter was actually very easy to refute. Su Qian’s fans all knew that Su Qing was their Brother Qian’s sister, so in Liu Wen’s opinion, this matter didn’t have much impact.

Of course, Liu Wen had also read a few articles written by marketing accounts. Not only was it nonsense, but not a single word in the entire article was acceptable. No wonder Su Qian was so angry right now!

Su Qian threw away his phone, closed his eyes, and quietly took a few deep breaths. Half a minute later, he still couldn’t help but gently push away the makeup artist’s hand and said to Liu Wen angrily, “Damn, are those people brainless? Qingqing is my sister. Are they really declaring war on me by writing this?”

When Liu Wen saw what Su Qian said, he thought to himself, It’s over, it’s over! He was really serious about it! He even swore! He was really angry!

“Any normal person with a bit of brain and judgment would know something like this. No one would believe it! I don’t understand why they did this. Is it just to earn a bit of traffic? Is it necessary?”

The more Su Qian thought about it, the angrier he became. The words in those articles kept appearing in his mind; they were intentionally misleading readers. Some retards even believed them and scolded Qingqing in the comments!

Everything else was fine, but this was what Su Qian couldn’t tolerate the most! These people were really like fools and mad dogs, biting people whenever they caught them.

Liu Wen looked at the furious Superstar Su and raised his hand to signal the makeup artist to leave first. He got up and stood over. He raised his hand and patted Su Qian’s shoulder, saying, “Alright, alright, don’t be angry! I’ll get someone to remove those insulting things in a while! Calm down and have a good sleep when you get back. I’ll deal with these things, alright?”

Su Qian had no intention of blaming Liu Wen, because he also knew that this was a common problem in the entertainment industry. No matter what, it couldn’t really be cleaned up completely. Those gossip accounts or marketing accounts that spread rumors and slandered the private lives of celebrities were all doing this for a living!

Su Qian only felt a bit tired. Did their circle have to be so messy?

Why did he have to spend money to remove those things that dirty people’s eyes when he and his sister were framed? They were the real victims!

Su Qian, who was still very frustrated, nodded slightly after hearing what Liu Wen said, but he slowly had an idea that he thought was not bad.

In fact, he had already announced to everyone who paid attention to him in the outside world that he couldn’t hurt his family. This was his bottom line!

But now, it seemed that someone was still provoking him. Su Qian couldn’t be blamed for going crazy and biting people!

At 5 p.m. sharp in Country Z, the matter of Su Qian’s live broadcast directly topped the trending list of entertainment!

In the two days that Huo Feng was in America, he almost got sick from boredom. When he was guarding the corridor of the ward, he held his phone and started working with nothing to do. When he saw the message sent to him by the phone software, Huo Feng was a bit stunned!

“Why are you pushing Fifth Young Master Su’s livestream for me? I’m not a fan!” Huo Feng complained, but his finger couldn’t help clicking on it.

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