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Chapter 393 - 393 Scolding On Livestream

393 Scolding On Livestream

After seeing that the headlines were all about Su Qian and Su Qing, Huo Feng stood up straight. He scrolled through the page on his phone and saw the words and comments on the screen. He had a bad feeling in his mind. After thinking for a while, he still knocked on the door of the ward behind him!

After hearing Huo Feng’s report, Huo Qi frowned. He turned on Su Qian’s livestream with his computer and let Su Qing poke her head over curiously.

The two people staring at the computer screen were instantly reflected in Su Qian’s big face on the screen. Huo Qi smiled helplessly and complained, “Darling, is your fifth brother really a big star? Why is the live broadcast always so bad? Is there a reason for the setup of the big star’s camera?”

Su Qing glanced at her fifth brother on the screen and pursed her lips as she echoed Huo Qi, “His livestreaming skills are at most at the level of primary school students. I don’t know why his camera sense is so bad. He was clearly quite good when filming advertisements and movies!”

Huo Feng glanced at the screen and saw Su Qian’s rough way of adjusting the camera. He nodded silently, feeling that his young master and young madam’s summary was very on point.

Perhaps sensing his sister’s complaints, Su Qian, who was doing a live broadcast, moved his chair silently backwards.

He reached out to hold his phone and replied calmly, “Alright, alright, I understand. I’ll just step back a bit! I just want you to take a closer look at my handsome face. Are you still unwilling?”

Su Qing and Huo Qi, who were watching the live broadcast: “…”

The other fans in Su Qian’s live-stream: “…”

“Has he always been so vain?” Huo Qi asked.

Su Qing nodded and said calmly in her mind, “Yes, always.”

Su Qian didn’t know that the super VIP account hanging at the top of the live-stream was the man he “hated” the most.

Su Qian looked at the rapidly scrolling comments in the bullet screen and narrowed his eyes as he said, “Can you stop spamming? I’m not here to bicker with you today. I have something serious to say!”

When his fans and friends, who knew Brother Qian very well, heard this, they immediately felt that something was wrong. The last time Su Qian said this on the livestream, it was to protect Sister Qingqing in front of his fans! Could it be for his sister today?

Of course, Su Qian told them the purpose of this live broadcast directly. He glanced at the bullet screen that was flashing quickly and found that he still couldn’t see clearly, so he simply ignored what these fans posted. Anyway, it shouldn’t be anything good.

“I believe everyone has already seen today’s entertainment headlines, right? I…” Su Qian said as if he was trying very hard to resist the urge to scold someone. “I really can’t understand. Are these gossip news and marketing accounts that posted the news of me dating my sister crazy? What are you thinking? Will you fall in love with your family and be lovers?”

“Are you crazy about traffic? My own sister sent me to the airport. What’s wrong with that? Why can’t I hug my own sister? The entire world knows that Su Qing is my sister. Are you the only ones like fools who can’t afford the internet fees? I can’t be bothered to talk about what you said. It makes my head hurt!”

Su Qian was speechless and frustrated, as if he wanted to directly affect everyone through the screen.

Huo Qi turned to look at Su Qing, raised his eyebrows, and said, “Has Su Qian always been so reckless as a celebrity? He scolds people on the livestream? Doesn’t his manager care about him?”

Mr. Huo didn’t think that these articles from the gossip news and marketing accounts could hurt his darling. This matter wasn’t so influential yet, but he was a bit curious about Su Qian after this!

Su Qing looked at Fifth Brother, who was still chattering in the live broadcast, and shook her head gently. “No, Fifth Brother has always been very smart and tactful. Unless they really touched his bottom line, he wouldn’t be so angry, let alone scold those people directly on the live broadcast.”

As Su Qing spoke, she looked up at Huo Feng and said, “Show me the news. I want to see why Fifth Brother is so angry.”

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