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Chapter 394 - 394 'Qingqing’s Husband”

394 “Qingqing’s Husband”

Huo Feng looked at Su Qing and replied with a smile, “It’s just some rumors about you and Fifth Young Master Su. It’s quite distasteful. I think it’s better not to read them, so you won’t have to worry!”

Huo Feng said as he glanced at his young master from the corner of his eye calmly. He still had this bit of awareness. If Young Madam really saw those disgusting things, she would probably be unhappy.

Su Qing was silent for a while when she heard that. She compromised and said, “Alright, so be it.” Anyway, she could figure out all the ins and outs by watching her fifth brother scold those people directly.

In the live broadcast, Su Qian seemed to be a bit thirsty from scolding people. After pouring himself a glass of water, he looked at the ID number on the top of the live broadcast room that was sending him gifts crazily. He pursed his lips and persuaded, “This friend’s ID is ‘I’m Qingqing’s husband’. Don’t send me so many gifts! I mainly want to scold those idiots today. You’re disrupting my rhythm a bit like this, understand?”


Su Qing was speechless and amused as she watched Mr. Huo tease her fifth brother. She reached out and punched him, then said helplessly, “Do you know how much of the tips in the live-stream will be taken away by the platform? If you have this money, you can give it to me directly!”

Huo Qi reached out and pinched Su Qing’s wrist. After rubbing her palm with a smile, he said with a smile, “Everything I have is yours. Do you still care about this bit of money? I saw that Su Qian was quite tired scolding people for you, so I wanted to buy water for him to moisten his throat!”

Su Qing looked at the annoying Huo Qi and pulled her hand out speechlessly. She continued to look at Su Qian on the screen and stopped talking to the glib-tongued Mr. Huo.

Huo Qi looked at his baby’s helpless face and smiled proudly instead of feeling ashamed. “Alright, alright, I understand. I’ll give everything I just made to Su Qian, okay? Don’t be angry. Look, your Fifth Brother’s fans are quite happy!”

Su Qing glanced at Huo Qi indifferently and didn’t say anything.

Looking at the confused look on Huo Qi’s ID, Su Qian frowned slightly. Even though he knew that his fans liked Qingqing a lot and always called her sister, it was really rare to see such an ID!

Su Qian looked at the other online names listed below this ID, such as “Brother Qian’s Universe Super Fan”, “Brother Qian’s Wife Is Here”, and “The Nth Day I Want to Be Brother Qian’s Sister”, but they really didn’t directly call themselves Qingqing’s husband!

“Do you really want to be Qingqing’s husband? Then what am I to you?” Su Qian couldn’t understand and asked directly.

As soon as he said this, the fans in the bullet comment area laughed crazily. Everyone teased him one after another.

“We miss you, Brother Qian! Sister Qingqing is so beautiful. Who wouldn’t like her? But please take another look at me! Ahhh!”

“Previous poster, stop dreaming. A beauty like Qingqing is destined to belong to all of us! We’re all Qingqing’s fans!”

“What? Of course it’s my brother, Fifth Brother!”

Su Qian directly ignored the funny comments of these fans and looked at the ID suspiciously. A very strange thought slowly came to his mind. In the next second, this ID had sent tens of thousands of yuan into the live-stream again. Including the ones previously, he had already sent a hundred thousand yuan!

“Oh my god! ‘Qingqing’s husband’ is so rich! Brother Qian has only been live-streaming for half an hour and he’s already received gifts worth almost 100,000 yuan, right? He’s so rich!”

“Qingqing’s husband is so generous! Where’s the boss? He’s so generous. Is the company still short of people?”

“So, Qingqing’s husband, is he really Qingqing’s husband? As far as I know, our Sister Qingqing really has a fiancé! Could it really be that person? Then, it’s not strange for me to send so many gifts!”

“The sisters in front look like they’re from B City! Are they so well-informed?”

Looking at the comments and comments of his fans, Su Qian became even more certain of his thoughts. He looked at the live-stream full of gifts and special effects and didn’t know if he should laugh or be angry!

Seeing this group of naughty and lawless fans calling him “Qingqing’s Husband”, Su Qian’s heart seemed to be stuffed with gunpowder!

He also knew that everyone was just thinking it was fun and shouting this ID, but Su Qian, who had already guessed who the person behind this ID was, was really very unhappy!

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