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Cold droplets of rainwater kept flowing through the holes of the cave, hitting his broken body in the process. It was a pity that he no longer had the strength to move. Otherwise, he will move himself to a dry place. But he was not expecting that much though. It’s been hours since his body was knocked down from the cliff, and he knew that he was nearing his end.

It was already a kind of luck for him to see such a cave when he can’t hold on anymore. Although this so-called cave was actually just a slightly recessed wall of soil.

Yu Xiao was lying motionlessly on the ground, with mud all over his face and hair. His originally clean clothes became worn out. Crimson blood could be seen flowing from his broken nails, staining his hands in the process.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at his hands that were carefully taken care of just for the purpose of playing piano. He couldn’t help but let out a mocking smile: This hand of his is what that person liked the most. He usually takes care of these hands, even to the extent of disregarding himself. Who would have thought that this time it would look like this.

Thinking of this, Yu Xiao couldn’t stop the intense hatred in his heart. Why did he treat him like this when he always says that he loves him? It turned out that loving him was just a way to fool him to take away all his money and property, and also to kill him?

Really, he didn’t expect that he, Yu Xiao, would end up to what he is now. If he had known beforehand that this would happen to him, he should have listened to Fan Lie’s advice and stayed away from that cheating bastard at the very start.

Yang Jian was his boyfriend. In a society that still couldn’t accept the concept of two men being together, their relationship from when they started dating until they became married was kept a secret. The two of them experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout their secret relationship.

Moreso, because Yang Jian’s parents were old-fashioned teachers who couldn’t accept the thought of the two being together.

When their relationship was exposed, it was Yang Jian who asked Mother Yang to ease her attitude on the grounds that he would sever their mother and son relationship if she wouldn’t agree. Unfortunately for Yu Xiao, what he did only made him be hated by Mother Yang and Father Yang.

No matter how Yu Xiao tried hard to please her, it was all useless. Out of helplessness, and also to not make things difficult for his lover, he gradually stopped visiting Yang Jian’s parents.

However, his actions made Yang Jian’s parents mistakenly think that he was giving up. So they called Yang Jian every three days and asked him to go on blind dates with different women. Anyway, those women came from good families and their characters were also gentle and attentive.

Although Yang Jian repeatedly refused, he still went on blind dates several times. Despite having the reasons and excuses for going out to attend blind dates, as his lover for many years, Yu Xiao was very familiar with him. He knew that some things were happening, it’s just he didn’t bring it up.

Additionally, he believed in Yang Jian. If there is no trust between them, then their relationship wouldn’t last long.

In this way, five years of their noisy life had passed. Yang Jian’s parents finally gave up introducing some women to their son, and they no longer opposed their relationship as much as before. At the very least, after five years, Father Yang just ignored Yu Xiao while Mother Yang no longer rejected Yu Xiao’s fawning behavior.

Everything was developing in a good direction, and the two of them finally decided to go through the marriage formalities secretly. After all, both of them held onto their love that lasted for six years.

It was a pity that, just yesterday, their relationship came to an end.

He, Yu Xiao, ‘voluntarily’ agreed to divorce on the day of their wedding anniversary. Furthermore, he also ‘voluntarily’ gave all his money and properties under his name to Yang Jian. In the end, he died ‘accidentally’.

Good! Good! It’s really good! Who would have thought that he, Yu Xiao, was such a Holy Mother until his deathbed.

When he thought of the time when he came back anxiously just to give Yan Jiang a big surprise, and also not to miss their wedding anniversary, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

Much to his surprise at that time, when he opened the door, he saw messy clothes scattered on the ground and heard strange sounds coming from the bathroom.

Yu Xiao’s eyes widened in shock, and the luggage in his hand fell on the ground without him taking a notice.

He forced himself to walk calmly to the bathroom not far away from him. The closer he got to the bathroom, the more the sound of the water splashing with passionate moans sounded clearly in his ears.

He was very familiar with those two voices. One was his lover whom he had been deeply in love with for seven years, and the other was his cousin, Yu Jia.

He laughed mockingly to himself: That Yu Jia who had been following him and calling him cousin. That Yu Jia who has always been supportive of his relationship with Yan Jian. Finally, that Yu Jia who has always been wishing him and Yang Jian happiness all the time.

He supported him financially and took care of him as his cousin all this time, and this is what he exchanged for that? Then Yu Xiao really couldn’t accept this repayment!

With a bang sound, Yu Xiao kicked open the wooden door of the bathroom harshly. He saw that the two people inside were stiff frozen by the sudden loud noise. They became even more panicked when the fog dissipated, revealing Yu Xiao.

A trace of ridicule flashed across Yu Xiao’s face. It seems that considering the adeptness of these two people, the number of times they did this adulterous act was not small!

“Xiao, you, you’re back?” Yang Jian saw his lover standing at the door of the bathroom with a dark face. His face quickly became flustered.

“C-Cousin?” Yu Jia’s face turned pale in an instant and his body contracted subconsciously.

This action made Yang Jian feel like crying out in pleasure. But it was not without any reason. His thing is still staying inside Yu Jia’s body. In the first place, that thing is already tight but adding to that shrinking action, the pleasure becomes even more indescribable and vivid. He was in ecstasy.

Of course, for Yang Jian, he would rather be in ecstasy with only two of them and not like the situation right now. The pleasure also made him react, and he quickly pulled out his thing.

The sound of “puchi” made the three people in the room change their faces instantly. Yu Xiao didn’t want to see such a dirty picture again, and turned his body with the intention of leaving.

“Xiao, Xiao, listen to my explanation!” As soon as Yang Jian saw that Yu Xiao turned around to leave, he instinctively moved his feet to follow him. But he was stopped before he could take a single step.

“Yu Jia, what are you doing?” Yang Jian had an impatient expression on his face, “I need to hurry out and explain clearly to Xiao.”

“Then you can’t go out like this, you’d better put on some clothes.” Yu Jia’s eyes darkened. Unwillingness flashed inside him before he pointed to the bathrobe not far away from him.

When Yang Jian heard this, he hurriedly picked up the bath towel beside him and wiped his body indiscriminately. After that, he put on the bathrobe and directly walked out without even minding that he wasn’t wearing any slippers.

After Yang Jian’s figure disappeared at the bathroom door, Yu Jia finally raised his head. Resentment and unwillingness could be seen on his face. He kept shouting in his heart: Why! Why did you come back! I hate you! I hate you!

But in the next second, he quickly controlled his emotions. He patted his cheek, and his originally twisted appearance was changed into a pitiful expression. He began to carefully wipe himself clean with the towel that Yang Jian had just used. Then he put on the bathrobe that obviously belonged to Yu Xiao and walked out of the bathroom with a timid look.

“Xiao, Xiao, really, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have betrayed you, you can scold and beat me!” Yang Jian knelt beside Yu Xiao with a face full of remorse.

From time to time, Yang Jian would reach out his hand to beg him, but without any exception, he was slapped away mercilessly.

Looking at the man he loved so much bending his knees in front of another man, the unwillingness and resentment in his heart became even more extreme.

Why is it like this! Why!

“You two, how long has this been going on?” Yu Xiao asked them with a calm voice that even he himself found unbelievable.

“Xiao, we… this is the first time! Really, this is the first time. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.” Yang Jian turned his head and pointed at Yu Jia, and said loudly. While doing so, he shot a pleading look at Yu Jia.

A stabbing pain can be felt in Yu Jia’s heart at this moment. He moved his eyes away and lowered his head. He replied meekly, “Cousin, this is really the first time. Please, please forgive Brother Yang. This time, it was all my fault. I, I am not good, I’m sorry!”

“Xiao, you heard it. This is really the first time that we have done this. You should believe me, I won’t do it again. Please, please forgive me.”

“C-Cousin, please forgive Brother Yang! All of this is my fault, please!” Yu Jia stumbled a few steps and fell on his knees beside Yang Jian. He kept apologizing and begging for forgiveness.

Looking at the two kneeling figures who kept apologizing in front of him, Yu Xiao can’t stop himself from feeling annoyed: It was obvious that the two of them betrayed him, so how could it be that it became his fault?

“Alright, that’s it. I’m going to leave now.” Yu Xiao impatiently interrupted their cries and walked to the direction of the door.


When he saw him leaving, Yang Jian immediately reached out his hand to grab his right hand, “Don’t leave, I was wrong! Please forgive me, please don’t go!”

“That’s enough!” He walked quickly to the door, picked up the luggage that he unknowingly dropped on the ground when he first came, then turned around and said to Yang Jian. “I’m leaving, don’t follow me! Do you hear me?”

“But, Xiao, I…”

“Shut up! Don’t bother me!” Yu Xiao couldn’t stop the bubbling emotion in his heart and shouted loudly at Yang Jian. He slammed the door open and left directly.

“Brother Yang, cousin, he…” Yu Jia watched the turn of events happily and couldn’t help but secretly heave a sigh of relief when Yu Xiao left.

“You shut up!” Yang Jian turned around angrily and cursed at him, “You bitch, if it wasn’t for you, Xiao wouldn’t have left me. Everything is all your fault! Get out! Get out of here!”

“Brother Yang, I…” Yu Jia still wanted to say something, but was harshly pulled out and pushed down by Yang Jian outside the door. The door slammed heavily in front of his face.

Yu Jia sat on the cold floor tiles without moving. The expression on his face was distorted, and the hatred and unwillingness in his heart reached an unprecedented height. A clear killing intent emerged in his eyes : You asked all for this!

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