Chapter 336: 336 Finale

Chapter 336 336 Finale

Also drove back by himself. Over the years, Sang Dazhuang earned a lot of money. The first thing he did was to build the road from the imperial capital to the Gubai brigade.

The spacious and flat asphalt road leads to the end, which not only shortens the distance, but also avoids bumps.

It is not only convenient for transportation, but also convenient for going home.

They always regard the Cooper Brigade as the root of Lao Sang's family, and want to keep it forever.

Sangda Zhuang Automobile Factory's family series cars are spacious, comfortable and convenient.

The same ten-seater car, drove three, and went home in a mighty way.

After walking home for less than two days, I saw a familiar yet unfamiliar village.

The entire Yunguan County, under the leadership of Sang Dazhuang, the living standard and production level have improved by leaps and bounds. It is no longer a poor and backward mountain village.

In addition to building roads and bridges, Sang Dazhuang also donated money to invest in the construction of schools, hospitals and shelters.

Adopt those orphans who are widowed and elderly, orphans who have no parents and no one to adopt, and abandoned disabled children.

Still building factories here, developing industry and agriculture, and leading the folks to make a fortune.

Now Yunguan County has become a well-known and wealthy county, and it is expected to be upgraded to a city.

The Cooper Brigade has become a wealthy village, far surpassing the development and prosperity of a town.

Single is the team leader Li Wangmin's family, Ma Taohong who followed Yuzhigan, Deng Mazi who ran business under Sang Dazhuang, and Li Jianshe and Niu's family who followed at the beginning, and they are all about to become millionaires.

Grandma Zhou is a lonely old lady who cooks and manages the sanitation of the cafeteria. Now she has become a million-dollar household.

The relatives who came out of nowhere, the old lady was very annoying.

Later, those who were recruited into Sang Dazhuang's subordinates one after another, as long as they were not malicious, stealing, **** and playing tricks, all made money and developed very well.

Not to mention Sang Dazhuang's right-hand man Li Gan Shouhou Zhao Qiang, who has long been looked up to by everyone.

So the Coopers Brigade is famous far and wide.

The Sang family has become a well-known wealthy family.

Those who once looked down on Lao Sang's family, belittled Lao Sang's family, and planned to mix with Sang Dazhuang behind their backs would not end well, all shut up now.

The people who were waiting to see the Sang family's jokes and discredit Yuzhi also hid one after another.

The Sang family is really different.

It is precisely because most of the young people have been recruited by Sang Dazhuang, and now that the household production contract policy has been implemented, there are not many people farming.

Every family is quite worried. They are reluctant to part with the land they live on, but they can't grow it.

Yuzhi came back to claim the land, which was naturally welcomed by everyone.

Not only is the land not deserted, but you can still sit at home and collect money, how can you be unhappy.

They were happy, and the planting of elm branches went very smoothly.

The woodland elm branches in the back mountain did not want to be damaged, so a circle of thorns was planted around the mountain to surround it.

Fruit trees are planted on the outskirts and slopes of mountains, and food and vegetables are grown on flat areas.

In the place near the river, rice is grown and fish is grown.

Each piece of land is planned and arranged by professionals.

Except for fruit trees, it took an extra year to see the benefits, and other planted crops created new income that year.

With the blessing of special chemical fertilizers, it not only tastes good, but also has higher nutritional value.

Yuzhi will soon be able to realize the wish of benefiting all mankind with bracelets.

Get married and start a business.

The establishment has been completed, Mr. Sang and the others who are bored have their eyes on single dogs, and are going to help them start a family.

Bao Can, Li Gan, Shouhou, Zhao Qiang, bear the brunt, enjoy the love of the old men in catching up.

Thank you to all the little friends who have been walking together all the way, never leaving, looking forward to our next meeting, okay...

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