CH 72.2

Zhang Fangyuan put the oranges in his pocket, feeling angry in his heart. He didn't care what others said about him, but he couldn't bear what others said about Xu He.

He made a scary face and went home. When he got home, he found that Xu He was not in the house, but the yard was very lively, full of the sounds of chickens and ducks.

Xiaohei looked at the strange poultry popping up in the yard, his two hooves snapped, he raised his neck and neighed, but the sound was not loud, as if he was deliberately teasing these strangers, the chickens and ducks ran away while clucking and quacking wildly in fright.

Zhang Fangyuan's complexion improved, he put the oranges on the table in the room, then he came out and cursed: "Just make a fuss there, scare the chickens and ducks away, don't yell at me when you get beaten up later."

Xiaohei snorted twice, and under Zhang Fangyuan's stare, he went back to his stable in the backyard.

Not long after, Xu He came back with two big baskets in his hand. Zhang Fangyuan went to take the baskets and found they were quite heavy, he was about to lift them up, but Xu He hurriedly grabbed his hand: "Be careful, they are all chicken and duck eggs, don’t break them."

Hearing this, Zhang Fangyuan lifted the cloth covering the basket, and there were indeed eggs neatly placed inside, a basket of big duck eggs and a basket of small chicken eggs.

"Why do you buy so many eggs, dozens of them.

If you leave them for a long time and you don't have time to eat them, they will be bad "

Xu He said: "I bought some old chickens and ducks, some of them were sold to the tea shed and from the neighboring village, I brought them back. I went to see the newly hatched chicks at the fourth uncle's house, and I thought that since I’m raising baby at home, I might as well find something to do."

"Then you bought dozens of hatchable eggs and prepared to raise chickens and ducks?"

Xu He nodded: "Yes, chickens grow slowly, so I bought less chicken eggs for this reason, and more duck eggs. The ducks will grow up in two months and can be slaughtered. It's good to sell them in the tea shed or to eat at home. The female ducks can still lay egg if they are kept longer. With so many eggs, you can make some preserved eggs and salted duck eggs at that time."

Zhang Fangyuan sighed helplessly: "You really have no time to spare, and you are not honest at home. You always want to find a job to do."

Although Zhang Fangyuan didn't agree with Xu He's hard work, he still put the baskets of eggs on the ground lightly and carefully when he saw that someone was happy.     

Xu He calculated: "I thought about it carefully, although the child is said to be born in the spring of next year, after that, the child still needs to be watched over and taken care of everyday. when the child can run and dance at the age of three, we can let go the child a little bit. For such a long time, it’s just right to take care of the child and have something to do at the same time."

"Isn't it good to live in ease and comfort?"

Zhang Fangyuan peeled the small oranges he picked just now and put them in Xu He's hands.     

Xu He took the oranges and patted Zhang Fangyuan's empty palm with a smile: "How old am I? What kind of blessings do I enjoy?"

"If I don't find something to do, is it possible that I can only listen to the gossip and complaint from the villagers everyday, I will be really pissed off at that time."

"Come on, you are now a businessman, and you still come to beat people every now and then. They say what they like, but I don't take it to heart, just do my own business."

Zhang Fangyuan took a deep breath: "All right, then I'll clean the rest for you. Today, I'll go to fourth uncle’s place to pick up some straw and come back to make a few more duck nests, so that the eggs can be hatched."

Xu He wanted to say that he didn’t worked hard and stayed at home all day, and he could do it slowly, so Zhang Fangyuan didn't need to work after he came back from the city, but when he saw that he was very energetic, he swallowed the words back, and turned to: "I will do the light work, you can use the hammer and nails to make the chicken and duck shed bigger."

"Okay, according to your arrangement." Zhang Fangyuan went to take out his tools, he carried the wood to the backyard to knock and beat, the two of them worked together while talking about the shop business in the city.

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