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~: Grateful to have you...

Title: Reborn Prince Edward

Author: Cheng Chen-chen

Once, she was a modern and fascinating demon head, Miss Dean, and the seemingly infinite appearance was hidden by the hard heart.

Today, she is a prince who is weak and sick and has no heart. It seems that under the surface of the power is difficult to walk.

When the weak, unintentional death ushered in is a brand-new soul, unintentional, unintentional and ruthless, cruel as a demon. When she becomes her, when weakness becomes cruel, when ignorance becomes wisdom, when goodness becomes killing, who is the eyes of her who is lost? Whose heart was stolen? When she stood above the peak, who else would hold her hand to cover her life's loneliness and desolateness?

Magic Moche, the first son of the capital, the son of the son, the civil and military, is the dream of all women, but the prince is at first sight, loved all his life.

Leng Yufeng, the famous general of the war gods in the country, killing the fruit, martial arts, and fighting the battlefield to make the enemy stunned, but willing to follow the prince without regrets.

Han Xuanhao, the secret first killer, the appearance of the city, the character is very different, but would rather wear women's clothes just to stay with the cold Prince.

Night Yizhe, everyone respects the unpredictable medical doctor, evil spirits black, rich in the world, encountering the Prince is unexpected but it has become a poison that he can not stop.

Nan Gongqian, Nangongguo cold-blooded ruthless prince, like a demon like a demon, strong domineering, for the prince of the country is willing to overturn the Jiangshan only for a return.

Situation 1: Nangong Qian thinks about the "men" in my heart: I don't care about the throne, I don't care about the world, but I want my heart to be with me. The king only wants to protect his heart and worry-free. If anyone is sad, this king will make the sad person unable to survive without a door.

Situation 2: Night Yizhe looks at the painful "man": the sad child, the dead; the heart-breaking person, the dead without a place of burial! Even if the wealth is scattered, even if the bones are like mountains, the **** doctors only want to work side by side, look at the heart and smile!

Situation 3: Han Xuanhao touches the "man" of the silk that is more beautiful than the woman: the deity does not care about the common ethics, is not afraid of gossip, and is not afraid of the world's eyes, only wishing to be on the side of the heart, not to mention the heart and laugh. safely.

Situation 4: Leng Yufeng stands side by side with the "men" around him: Hell Heaven, Knife Mountain Fire, the generals are willing to wander with the heart, this Jiangshan he is willing to fight for the heart, this mountain river he is willing to guard for the heart!

Scenario 5: Magic Moche always looks away from the "men" who hate himself: if the heart wants to disturb the world, the son is willing to live and die, if the heart thinks about the world, Angong, this son is willing to enter the temple. The world!


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