CH 4

[Welcome. Special benefits for outsiders!] 

[You can get everything you want at the point store!]   

When I entered the point store, I first saw a welcome phrase. I feel like I was getting made fun of or something, but I forced myself to ignore it and move on.   

There were many ways to build magic using point stores. However, the efficiency varied widely depending on the price, and there were many inefficient items that sometimes seemed to be fraudulent, so one should take care to investigate and use them well. 

“Um. What should I do?” I skimmed through the store and entered the basic set purchase window first.   

[You can also buy a basic set with points!] 

━━ [Basic set store] 

 Physical strength 0.1 – 100 points 

 Strength 0.1 – 100 points 

 Magic Power 0.1 – 100 points

……  Basic stat exchange with ━━ points. 

This was a method I used often before regression. And when I first used it, it was pretty efficient. Mana 1 for 1000 points. This was because it was easy to get Mana 1 in that it was not that hard to get 1000 achievement points. However, there was a fatal drawback to this method.   


[The basic set increases the price by 10 points for every 10 purchases]   

The more one were to buy it right away, the higher the purchase price of the ability value. One may think that it was only a 10 point increase, but when it built up a couple of times, it would eventually head up to a level that you can’t. In fact, the purchase price of 0.1 magic power had risen to 350 points because it was used so often in previous lives. 

“This is enough.” It was also better to use characteristics or items to acquire efficient magic power. Let’s see… Let’s search for mana-related characteristics first.  

[Use the search function] 

[Search for “magic power”] 


━━ [Characteristics] 

Gifts of gluttony (B) 

[Characteristics] Absorption (S)

[Characteristics] Black Wizard’s Dark Training (D) 

[Characteristics] Ancient Empire’s Mado Meditation (C) 

 [Item] Daehwan (B)  [Item] Necronomicon (SS) 


 [Item] Heart Ritem] Kiosa Set of Kiosa 1-2 (S) …… …… ━━

A list of unorganized searches could be seen listed. While thinking about what to check, I chose the “gift of gluttony” at the top.   

━━ [Gift of gluttony (B)] 

Classification: Description of characteristics: Gain mana by eating food.   

[Sustainability]  Converts calories to gain 0.001% of the calories consumed.   

Price: 20,000 ━━ 

“It’s okay…….” 

Quite honestly, it was expensive. And if it was 0.001% of calories, the efficiency right now was not that good. Even if one were to eat three meals of 1,000 calories per meal, that would only be 0.3 magic power. Of course, if one were to eat 3,000 calories every day, you could get at least 10 or more fixed numerical magic power for free within a year. However, in the second half of the year when growth slowed down, 10 magic power would be lacking a lot at the stage where you would need to start acquiring more like me…

Even though I couldn’t buy it because I was short of money in the first place. 

“Um…” I eventually put the item away.   It may be useful in the beginning, but it would only be good until the second half…… What else was there? 


[Searching for ‘Great Nature’] 

[This is the result of the ‘Great Nature’ search]

━━  [Characteristics] Nature’s care (A) ━━

A grade……. it was expensive even if one didn’t bother to look at it. The B-grade characteristics, the gift of gluttony, which I just saw, were at a whopping 20,000 points, so to look at an A-grade item would be far too obvious. 

“……Oh, this is too bad.” Mother Nature’s protection was one of the tower’s rewards that appeared in the middle of the novel. 

Its ability was simple. It was a characteristic of obtaining a larger amount of mana by absorbing additional mana of nature during mana training. At first glance, it may seem normal, but the true power of this trait was separate.

It was a special skill that was often lifted when characteristic proficiency increased. I might not be able to buy it anyway, but I pressed it carefully because I thought it would be a shame.   

━━ [Care of Mother Nature (A)] 


Characteristics: Absorbs mana of nature.   

[Sustainability effect]

 Gain additional mana when you study or bless nature. You can earn an additional 150% depending on your environment. 

 Mother Nature’s rest mana recovery speed increases by 50%.   

[Effect of use] 

??? *It’s locked. If the proficiency rating increases, it will be lifted.   

Price: 50,000 ━━ 

“50,000 points…….” The price difference between the B-grade characteristics and the A-grade characteristics was 2.5 times. The points I had right now were 6700. Almost 8 times the points I have. It was far from enough. 

“Oh, what do you do with 6,700 points?” I leaped down on the bed. I was full of motivation, but I felt frustrated because things didn’t seem to work out as well as I thought. 

“……Am I being greedy?” I thought so. Today was only the first day of my return. There were many scenarios left, and there was a lot of time. I didn’t even have 6,700 points in my previous life as I did now. This was such a full pig. Yes, if one were to look carefully, there may soon be a low-grade useful characteristic. I got up again and checked the store. 

“…Wait.” A wonderful way came to my mind. Why did I forget that?

There was a way to earn more than 20,000 points at a time. I used the search function right away, and I put it in the search box that I thought of. 

“Right to terminate a contract” 

[This is the result of the search for “Right to terminate a contract” ━━  [Special] Manager’s right to terminate a contract (??) ━ 

“Here it is.” 

[Manager’s right to terminate a contract (???)]

Classification: Special (one-time consumable item) Exchanges one characteristic for a point. 

(Limitation to purchase: 5 times) 

Price: 6,000 ━━━━

As expected! 

The manager’s right to terminate the contract was a characteristic that could change one characteristic back into a point. And I had one useless trait that I grew up to grade A after 7 years. If you were to exchange it for points, you could probably earn 20,000 points. If that happened, the range of characteristic purchases would be considered even wider. I bought it without much concern.  

[I bought the manager’s right to terminate the contract(??)] 

[Choose the characteristics you want to exchange for points] 

The characteristics I was going to exchange for points were cooking masters. A cooking master was a trait that I fell into a novel and bought for the first time. At first, it was an F-grade characteristic with 1,000 points, but it was a very proud characteristic that grew to A-grade because it was a growth type.   

[Do you want to change your cooking master (A) to a point?] 

I stopped. When I tried to change it, I felt something complex blooming inside me. 

“……Oh, I’m hesitant.” 

It was not at all a big help in life, but it was a characteristic that I still got attached to. And because of this characteristic, my quality of life had improved for seven years. I felt sorry for the trait to get rid of it now.   

[If you change your cooking master (A) to a point, you will get 30,000 points] 

“What? 30,000?” 

When I saw it, I pressed “Accept.” 

30,000 points was too much to keep the seven-year relationship.  

[Exchange the master of cooking (A) for 30,000 points]

[He gets 30,000 points] 

“Wow, this is not rice cake.”

I had just gotten 30,000 points in an instant. This further broadened the choice of characteristics.   


[Sales of well-grown characteristics] 

[Gets 10,000 points as a reward] 

[Calculates the growth stage of the attribute] 

[You sold the characteristics of a high level] 

[Earns an additional 10,000 points] 

“Huh? Huh?” 

I had achieved an achievement when it came to obtaining 30,000 points and gained an additional 20,000 points. 

“Awesome. Awesome.” I had gotten 50,000 points in an instant.

I repeatedly shouted “Daebak” and checked the search box again. If I now had 50,000 points, then this was the only characteristic I would purchase.   

━━ There’s no reason not to buy it. I chose to buy it without hesitation.   

[I bought Mother Nature’s Protection (A)]  


This laid the foundation for building magic. In the short term, it will be less efficient than purchasing capabilities with points, but in the long run, it can be much more efficient and increase magic power at a lower price. What was a little disappointing was that it was considered quite difficult to obtain noticeable changes immediately because it was a growth-type characteristic. However, it didn’t really matter much. What was clear was that now I could start at a better starting point than my previous life.  

* * * 

Next Saturday. I headed to the Mana Training Center early in the morning. It was Saturday morning, but the training ground was crowded with many students. 

This would probably continue every day for the first week of school. This was because everyone was ahead of themselves that it was their first start, the same way that people gathered at the gym on New Year’s Day. I opened the door and entered the Mana Training Center. 

Perhaps because there were so many people, I could see some familiar faces. On the right side, Yoo A-ra with her sweaty hair tied back was taking a rest. On the other side, Choi Seo-yoon, dressed up, sat alone with a fat expression. 

Yoo A-ra was a hard worker, so I knew what she was doing here……. but what was wrong with Choi Seo-yoon? 


I could tell at first glance. She had tried to seduce Lee Seo-joon, but it didn’t go well. Come to think of it, the day after the entrance ceremony, there was such an episode. Choi Seo-yoon, who desperately tried to seduce him, and Lee Seo-joon, who acted like a cute junior. I laughed because I could imagine what was going on in his head. 

He looked pitiful sitting like that, but Choi Seo-yoon quite frankly didn’t know how to give up. She probably won’t give up on Lee Seo-joon that easily. 

“That’s not important.” After all, I came here for my seniority.

There was no time to relax and appreciate. I headed to the Manna seniority room in the corner of the training ground.   

* * * 

– Beep beep!   

[The door opened] 

When I handed out the smart student notebook, the door of the Mana Research and Extension Room opened with the mechanical sound, revealing a small space of about three pyeong. Inside, there was an artificial grass and tree-like natural environment. 

Mana had the characteristic of being denser in the natural environment. This environment was also created to increase the efficiency of seniority. As I walked inside, I felt a dense mana. I sat comfortably on the floor for my seniority. I exhaled and felt the mana of the atmosphere. At the same time, there was a white energy around me.   

[The blessings of Mother Nature will be activated] 

When I concentrated my mind, the mana of nature permeated my heart. Was it because of the characteristics?

It felt quite different from my experience so far. 


Mana’s struggle in the heart that began at the same time. Mana was not naturally attracted to a good body, so as I expected, Mana tried to get out of my body. I forced myself to hold onto it using mana control. 

Now was the most important thing. I needed to make sure I caught Mana here and made him completely mine. The result of mana’s experience depended on it. After struggling with Mana for about 30 minutes, a message came to my mind.   

[The magic power went up by 0.01] 

[With Mother Nature’s blessing effect, you gain 0.015 more magic power] 

[God’s blessing level goes up by 4%]   


It was successful. The figure of 0.01 wasn’t very satisfactory, but the combined horsepower of 0.015 gained additionally through characteristics was quite a good result. 

“All right.” I settled back comfortably. I couldn’t be satisfied with this much. Shall we continue?

* * *   

……How long has it been? I opened my eyes after a long experience of Mana.

[“The first step of the wizard” accomplished the achievement.] 

[You earn 1,000 points as a reward.] 

“Oh.” This was an achievement I had also achieved before the regression. Again, as I expected, the previous achievement could still be achieved again now. 

‘How much magic power would have increased?’ 

━━ [Skill] 

Physical strength: 42 

Strength: 34 

Mana: 21.2 

Speed: 30 

Quickness: 32 

Handcraft: 28 ━━ 

“You’ve increased 0.2.”

I had been doing meditation for about 4 hours. Even if the magic power increase of 0.2 may seem low, it was a pretty good result for time. This was because, if you were to make such growth every day with simple calculations, you could obtain more than 70 magic power within a year. Of course, it was impossible to obtain more than 70 magic power within a year because the more accumulated it was, the slower the growth rate were to become. Perhaps the higher the growth of magic power, the less magic power you could get. 


I got up from my seat and stretched. My whole body had now begun to ache from sitting all day without a break. I had been concentrating, so I was mentally tired. In the first place, the amount of magic power that could be obtained by mana or seniority for a day was quite limited, so it was meaningless to force it more here. 

Then, shall we go back to the dorm?

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