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Chapter 112: Don’t want to be popular on the one hundred and twelfth day (the finale (end of text)...)

Tang Yunling thought that she was the same as Shi Zhi, now with the same hardware facilities. She would also like Shi Zhi to speak uprightly based on the work, although Shi Zhi is now one step ahead of her and after taking a look, she can catch up.

But he didn't expect Shi Zhi to tell her.

Sorry, we are different.

The next few words kept circulating in Tang Yunling's mind.

Tang Yunling: Fuck, forget the woman in front of you, TM is still the richest man!

The previous difference became a little trivial with money. Tang Yunling looked at Shi Zhi with a solemn and serious expression.

The Shizhi team’s drivers are ready for protection.

Sister Shi told the truth, but she might owe a lot of punches. He should be wary of Tang Yunling's incompetent rage and start the runaway mode.

Don't hurt Dad (Sister Shi).

Shi Zhi, a person who hurt her feet by pulling her feet in the eyes of outsiders, was very calm, and she was still watching Tang Yunling with a smile.

Tang Yunling opened his mouth, but the unexpected two words "Dad?"

His face changed in an instant, and his solemnity all turned to please.

Brother Quan:? ? ?

Tang Yunling's agent:? ? ?

In Tang Yunling's view, the person who knows the current affairs is Junjie. She has clearly realized the gap with Shizhi. Why should she compete with Shizhi?

Hold your thigh, isn't it fragrant?

Tang Yunling can't wait to go back and strangle himself, who was fighting with Shi Zhi at the time.

And her former gold master is a fart in front of Shi Zhi, and Xiao still misses outdated father? Toad wants to eat!

Tang Yunling's agent looked at Shizhi's flattering artist with shocked eyes, as if she had never known Tang Yunling, why is she so skilled...

In addition, he also wanted to call Shi Zhi's father, and was preempted by Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling's agent: Damn it!

Since Shi Zhi’s identity as the richest man was exposed, many people have called her Shi’s father, and Shi Zhi’s uncle, Princess Shizhi (Queen), Zai Zai, and mother-in-law have once again received new titles.

Faced with Tang Yunling, who was eager to recognize his "dad," Shi Zhi resolutely refused, "I don't have a daughter like you."

Cheng Yu probably didn't want to have such a daughter.

Tang Yunling was rejected by Shi Zhi and did not retreat. She became more frustrated and courageous. She asked Shi Zhi diligently, "Do you lack pets in your house?"

"The kind of single dog that can eat very much."

Can be considered to be able to bend and stretch.

Shi Zhi was very optimistic about Tang Yunling's quality, but he still declined her, there is no shortage.


When Tang Yunling talked with Shi Zhi, there were no special people around him, but in fact, it was the people on both sides of the team and the crew and the crew did not get close.

I can only see two people talking very happily (?).

In fact, it is a unilateral crush and thigh hug.

Tang Yunling was a little frustrated because he couldn't hold his thigh, but this was normal. Tang Yunling still had other announcements to run. Now that the reconciliation was reached, Tang Yunling breathed a sigh of relief, which can be regarded as a solution to a worry.

"Go..." She packed her things and wanted to say goodbye to Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi's voice rang lightly, with a little smile.

"Your Wang Erya acted very well."

Tang Yunling looked at Shi Zhi abruptly, who was lowering his head and taking pomegranates to his mouth.

Shi Zhi has recently become obsessed with eating pomegranates. The pomegranates are delicious, but it is a little troublesome to eat. Cheng Yu gave Shizhi all the pomegranates and put them in a box.

Tang Yunling stared at the top of Shi Zhi's head, his tone hesitant, "...You...Have you seen my Wang Erya?"

Tang Yunling wanted to break through herself, and decided to take the path of an actor steadily. She took a period drama, in which the scenes were not very big, and the clothes were not liked by young people, neither beautiful nor immortal. At that time, she wanted to take over the drama. At that time, the agent advised her many times, but Tang Yunling hesitated and accepted it.

Of course, after the broadcast, Tang Yunling lost a group of face fans, and many people accused her of having changed and that her image was imperfect.

If Tang Yunling had been uncomfortable before, but after experiencing the Leek Box incident, Tang Yunling would have let her go.

She felt that she acted very well.

Now Zhizhi praised her.

Shi Zhi stopped eating the pomegranate. She said, "I didn't look specifically at it, I just saw it."

"See you at the next awards ceremony."

Shi Zhi was still wearing a costume, dressed as an ancient general, with his hair **** high, like a handsome young man with a fresh clothes and angry horse. The sun fell on her, looking dazzling and warm.

Tang Yunling's nose is a bit sore.

Shi Zhi responded to what she said before that she wanted to catch up with Shi Zhi and play fair with her.

Tang Yunling nodded, solemnly, "See you at the awards ceremony, I will hold the work." Chin raised.

Shi Zhi perfunctorily encouraged, "Come on, come on."

After Tang Yunling left, Shi Zhi's team members were also a little sighed. After all, they were also well-known opponents in the circle before, but they did not expect to magically achieve this mode now.

The assistant murmured, "She feels really going to change."

"It feels like she didn't follow Shi Sister specially, dressing up toward Shi Sister, it seems that she has a lot of recognition..."

Tang Yunling used to pay a lot of attention to Shi Zhi's like-minded leader through Xiao Zhi, and even moved closer to Shi Zhi in his dress, but he could only become a low-profile version of Shi Zhi.

Now she is walking in her own style, a high-end version of Tang Yunling.

Shi Zhi squinted his eyes to see Tang Yunling leaving behind, and said lightly, "Very good."

She forgot what the development of Tang Yunling was in this cool article in the entertainment circle. As a typical vicious female partner, generally speaking, she did not end well.

From Shi Zhi's point of view, is it unhappy that the heroine, the female partner, concentrates on one third of one acre of land?

Everyone is the protagonist of their own lives.

Shi Zhi finished today’s filming and just finished eating Cheng Yupe’s love pomegranate. Cheng Yu stayed in her nanny car and waited for her. Shi Zhi knocked on the car window. Cheng Yu rolled down the car window and opened it. At the door, Shi Zhi said to the man who was in the office, "Today is the end of saving the world."

Cheng Yu also followed Shi Zhi with great play.

"Princess Shi Zhi has worked hard, welcome home." Handed Shi Zhi a thermos.

This time it was not scented tea, but freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.


Outside, he was too curious about the true identity of Shi Zhi's boyfriend, but it was accidentally exposed.

After the filming was over, Shi Zhi went to the mall with Cheng Yu. Shi Zhi bought Cheng Yu a lot of clothes, which were photographed and sold to Gossip Magazine.

The person who broke the news was excited throughout.

"Shi Zhi's boyfriend is really handsome. He has a good temperament. He is so handsome. My mom, is it from the entertainment industry? I want to fan him!"

"Moreover, the relationship between the two people looks very good, and Shi Zhi swiped the card all the time."

Shi Zhi's goal of choosing a spouse is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is necessary to look good, so after Shi Zhi took the initiative to admit that he was in love, all netizens were curious about how handsome he was.

It has now been verified.

It's really handsome.

The photos are not very high-definition, and the shooting angles are relatively strange, but from these not-so-superior hardware conditions, it can still be seen that Cheng Yu, who is dressed in casual clothes, is very good in appearance and temperament. It can be placed in the crowd. Was noticed at first glance.

Most people wear good match, blessings, this kind of appearance is just right in time.

A small part of the people noticed that Shizhi swiped his card, "They are all famous brands. I admire it. I don't want Shizhi's boyfriend. I want Shizhi. Shizhi's father will see if I am okay!"

Of course, there are very few who are furious about incompetence.

"Little white face, Poon Fu, really embarrassing us men!"

He was quickly exposed to his true thoughts, "Actually, you also think that Shi Zhi will look down on you for eight hundred lifetimes."

"No, wait, I have to come out and say something, that seems to be my boss."

Cheng Yu's employees never thought that eating melon would one day be eaten by their boss.

Isn't the man holding hands with Shi Zhi their President Cheng?

Mr. Cheng=Little white face? What a joke.

People who eat melons: raise their ears.


Cheng Yu's employees have already come out to speak in a trumpet, and Cheng Yu's identity will definitely be picked out as long as the appearance is clearly visible.

It’s just that everyone didn’t expect him not only to look good, but also to have such a high achievement.

The ability to earn money is directly proportional to the appearance.

The boss of a listed company has been published in a financial magazine. He has a high degree of education and a clever mind. He is completely high-end talent. The family background is not as good as the richest man, but he is definitely not bad.

One comment was highly praised, "Princesses and princes are in love, what are you opposed to with a muddled idea."

Is the objection valid, invalid.

There are also some microscope girls who have made new discoveries--

"My hands are trembling, do you remember that Shi Zhi participated in an agent variety show?"

Of course I remember this.

Shi Zhi set up his own business and launched the popular six debut stars through a talent show. After that, he was invited to an agent variety show. Other agents were bragging about how much he had paid for the artist. Shi Zhi insisted. Shengsheng used that show as a platform for free publicity of artists.

At that time, it really allowed the audience to discover treasures.

The development behind Dong De is very good.

So, what does this variety show have to do with Shi Zhi's boyfriend? Shi Zhi's boyfriend is known to be not an insider.

The microscope girl said her discovery, "Do you still remember that a handsome guy was in the mirror at that time."

I got into the mirror in a hurry, and even the face was not complete. I still got popular comments and was rated as the most handsome half-faced by netizens, and the back was deleted.

That's Shi Zhi boyfriend!

Netizens suddenly realized.

"So at that time, did Shi Zhi already have contact with her boyfriend?"

"Knocked me to death, knocked me to death!"

"I secretly saved the photos. Does the half-faced handsome guy look at Shizhi's direction?"

It really is.

Standing together with handsome men and beautiful women is a natural idol drama, and these two conditions are evenly matched. Even if Cheng Yu and Shi Zhi are in the same frame, they are enough to produce a batch of CP fans.

The main reason is that this pair of cp is officially certified.

A small number of Gardenias did not dare to speak. Uncle Shi's boyfriend looked a little familiar, like the medical miracle that Zhizhi jumped up when he saw it.


Shi Zhi naturally saw that she was photographed shopping with Cheng Yu, she told Cheng Yu.

"If they know that if you send me a villa, I will buy you clothes, they won't call me a trench."

On the trench, it is still Cheng Yuhao.

During the live broadcast, Shi Zhi struggled with netizens. Someone urged the richest man to draw a lottery. Shi Zhi called to draw someone to give her the villa. The assistant behind did give out the lottery.

The lottery is purely playful. Of course, you won’t really draw netizens to give Shizhi the villa. Shizhi and the team intends to get a gift from them. It’s not a villa, but it’s not bad.

However, netizens were still cautious and did not dare to participate.

Shi Zhi was scared of routines.

The person involved is Cheng Yu.

He gave Shi Zhi a villa, and Shi Zhi took Cheng Yu to buy and buy, and he was photographed later.

Cheng Yu could perceive that Shi Zhi was a little bit frustrated. He pulled Shi Zhi's hand and said mildly, "It's okay, I don't care about this."

Shi Zhi wanted to protect him and try not to let him show up in front of the public, for fear of affecting his normal life, but with Shi Zhi, he made these preparations. Shi Zhi has a lot of traffic and will eventually be exposed one day.

Cheng Yu didn't care.

When Shi Zhi knew that Cheng Yu had not lied, she was relieved when she was sure that Cheng Yu didn't care.

"It should be possible to get a lot of money when the two of us are standing together?" She started a new

Cheng Yu thought for a moment and nodded. It should be possible to sell for a good price.

When I heard Shi Zhi sighed, "I knew this a long time ago, so I might as well sell the news myself."

You can also half-point with Cheng Yu.


When Shi Zhi’s mysterious boyfriend was exposed, Ning Jiachi had the biggest reaction.

Ning Jiachi:? ? ?

Shi's boyfriend, is his cousin? !

At that time, sister, was his cousin?

Ning Jiachi sent a message specifically to Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi knew that he was in this city and called Ning Jiachi to come to her place for dinner.

Ning Jiachi came with the tableware. He hasn't eaten Shi Ji’s meal for a while. Although he has seen pictures of his cousin with Shi Zhi on the news, when the two of them are really standing side by side. In front of him, Ning Jiachi was still in a trance.

Ning Jiachi sat at the dining table and couldn't help but said, "Sister Shi, you and my cousin, are you really together?"

"Isn't cousin your fan?"

Ning Jiachi knows this best. After his cousin woke up, he became a loyal fan of Shi's sister.

What Shi Zhi said before Cheng Yu spoke, "I took the initiative."

She wants grass powder.

Ning Jiachi patted the table, plucking up courage, "That's my cousin too!"

Shi Zhi:? ? ?

Ning Jiachi said to this cousin who he has always awed, "Fans should stay away from the idol life and closer to the work. Even if the sister takes the initiative, you should not agree with the cousin. Decisive refusal is a good fan."

In Ning Jiachi's opinion, his cousin did not do the right thing. When he became a fan, he became a fan. How come he is still together?

Shi Zhi: ...she felt that Ning Jiachi came here to make trouble.

She smiled at Ning Jiachi, "Is it full, send you back."

Cheng Yu was too lazy to explain to his cousin that he had already taken off fans. When Shi Zhi's voice fell, he knew what Shi Zhi meant. He picked up the mobile phone at the table and said, "I'll call Xiao Liu."

Xiao Liu was his driver and took Ning Jiachi home.

Ning Jiachi's face was dazed, "...but I haven't eaten yet."

There is not a single dish, so what do you have to eat?

Haven't eaten yet.

The two people at the scene didn't care whether he ate or not, they just wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

A cousin without vision will not be welcomed.


While love blossomed, Shi Zhi's career did not stop. The studio was running well. Shi Zhi was shortlisted for Best Actress in the Film Festival with "The Weeds of the Far Mountain".

Shizhi had already got the movie queen before, and if he got the movie queen again, it would become the existence that won the most prizes for Xiaohua of the same age. The female generals TV series has also entered the final stage, and it has not been aired and has been rated as the most popular audience of the year. Looking forward to TV series top1.

Before entering the venue, Shi Zhi was besieged by many reporters.

The reporter asked Shi Zhi, "Shi Zhi, you are now in the popular stage. Have you ever thought about what you will do if you don't become popular?"

Shi Zhi took the microphone, "I never thought about anything red or red... If Gardenia doesn't want to see me, or if I want to rest for a while, I will probably go home to take care of the family property."

Popular stars say that they have never thought about red or red. This answer can be called Versailles, but the key depends on who is answering.

The richest man said that she didn't want to be popular, so there was no problem, and her wealth was really huge.

"There is another problem. Everyone wants to know which unit allocates the target."

Shi Zhi frowned, "The boss pays you to hire you to let you go to work. The boss doesn't let you make money, and asks you to find someone and fall in love?"

She thinks everyone thinks pretty beautifully.

"Who said the unit allocates objects."

Shi Zhi completely forgot, but the reporters will remind her.

"...You." Didn't Shi Zhi say it himself.

As soon as Cheng Yu came out later, everyone once again focused on the units assigned to them.

Please, which immortal unit, assign a Shizhi (Cheng Yu)!

Shi Zhi finally remembered, "Oh."

She commented, "Zhi was really lucky at that time."

The reporters were caught off guard by a mouthful of dog food.

Cheng Yu doesn't mind the exposure, and even looks forward to the exposure. After the exposure, he can stand with Shi Zhi in a fair manner. Shi Zhi won the Best Actress Award of the Film Festival. The award was handed out to Shi Zhi by Cheng Yu.

Shi Zhi was wearing a formal dress and Cheng Yu was wearing a suit. Standing together, they were extremely right. Some celebrities questioned.

"Am I at Shi Zhi's wedding?"

Shi Zhi left the trophy and his boyfriend on the right. After stepping down, he saw Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling greeted Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi stopped and teased, "Tang Yunling, didn't you bring your work here today?"

The two agreed to meet at the awards ceremony, and Tang Yunling even made a gesture of competing with Shi Zhi.

However, she still didn't take the work this time and came to rub the red carpet.

Tang Yunling: ... She really hates Shi Zhi the most!

Who would have thought that Shi Zhi won the prize so quickly.


After Shi Zhi teased Tang Yunling, he left the cat in the studio and disappeared quietly.

The people on the team noticed in time, "Where is Sister Shi?"

Brother Quan, "Drink yours. Didn't you see Mr. Cheng is also here?"

Shi Zhiguai left with Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu took Shi Zhi's hand, and the two of them walked together on the side of the street with few people, holding hands swaying.

Like a pair of students on an outing.

Shi Zhi thought of what the reporter said, and tilted his head to look at the man next to him, "If I really don't become popular and I don't have any money, what should I do?"

If the hypothesis is not true, Cheng Yu still followed Shi Zhi's words, "Then there is me..." With him, she can be raised.

Shi Zhi had already picked up the conversation. She patted Cheng Yu on the shoulder, "Even if I'm not popular anymore and I don't have any money, it doesn't matter. I'm fishing to support you."

Shi Zhi said to raise him.

Cheng Yu grasped Shi Zhi's hand tighter, and turned his face to the side. After thinking, he told Shi Zhi, "I have a good pancake and fruit stand, and I can also sell pancake fruit to raise you." It is an experience gained through practice.

Shi Zhi said, "That's right. Let's raise each other. I will raise you by fishing, and you will raise me by selling pancakes and fruits."

An agreement was reached smoothly.

It sounds pretty good.

Cheng Yukui smiled, "I can still make you a fishing rod." As long as Shi Zhi is willing, he can make a fishing rod for a lifetime.

Shi Zhi sent Cheng Yu a team invitation, eager to try, "Then let's go fishing and be proficient in advance."

You you you, do you want to fish?

After the film was taken, when the media were anxiously looking for her, the richest man took her listed boss boyfriend and two people nestled in a quiet private fish pond to fish. They went bankrupt after not being popular. This will never appear. Prepare for the event.

Preparation is fake, and falling in love under the banner is real.

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