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< Episode 3> My old enemy, Beautiful Isabella, who took everything from me

Cesare snorted.

"Isabella from the beginning, she was a suitor for me. For the strongest males, the most beautiful woman. Do you know how resentful I felt when your father pushed you in place of your sister?”

Ariadne stared blankly at Cesare with her mouth open.

"Your sister was the most beautiful young woman in San Carlo. I put the proposal letter in, and I fucking put it out on your behalf! How chagrined I was! Because I'm not enough!”

With Ariadne in front of him, Cesare was sharing his feelings of sadness at his rejection. Ariadne was a " good woman." She had repeatedly accepted this nonsense of her man. That was the only way she learned and loved. She could not compete with her sister, who was so pretty in appearance. She loved to study, but her nervous stepmother could not learn much, letting Hansako suffer from her writing, under the excuse that study was not a virtue for a girl. Ariadne had to be " nice." She was not by nature meek or gentle. But she made her place in the world where she did not give her side by laying her own things, making concessions, being prone, being sorry, and being humiliated. I thought I did. Until today.

“I was a replacement?”

A smile was engraved on Cesare's face, which was handsome like a statue carved in marble. It was a laugh close to mania.

"A replacement?”

He reached up, reached out, and smote the tip of Ariadne's chin. He threw a word, a word, as if he were uttering it.

“It should not be a replacement. You can't even replace it.”

Ariadne shivered and looked at Cesare's face one by one. The upper lip that lifts the fangs when angry, the high sassy and handsome maroon eyebrows that follow from there, the high forehead bone and the movement of the forehead muscles that poodle in anger above it. And fresh blue eyes. Those eyes blue with incomprehensible anger. She knew Cesare so well. He was an incomprehensible man in his head, but he was sifting through patterns in his mind. Perhaps today would be the last day she saw Cesare. That feeling came. He roughly sprawled his right hand, which held her chin. Ariadne, unable to win the power of the man's arm, collapsed on the floor of the bedroom.

"Get out off my eyes. Don't show up again.”

She had many hints. It was she who sat, stupidly, like a cow, pressing back hope. I thought it would be like this. * * * Cardinal de MARAIS held the priesthood, but, like many other priests of that era, had several children. His mistress, Lucrezia, was of noble descent, had three children with the Cardinal, and acted like a mistress. The three of them were raised like the scion of the Great aristocracy. Isabella, the second and oldest daughter of them, was still seventeen years old, but her beauty made her a socialite and was the treasure of Lucrezia and the pride of Cardinal de Marais.

"Dad. I don't want to get married to that man.”

With peach-like skin and flaxen hair, she was cute to Cardinal de Marais. Two eyes, resembling amethyst, sparkled pathetically.

“He's as cruel as a beast. And there are rumors that it's a stand-out.”

Cardinal de Marais stroked the hair of his angelic beautiful daughter.

"Yeah, yeah, I don't know this Abby. It's announced that he's the prince's cousin, but he's actually the king's bastard. I don't intend to send my daughter to a bastard.”

It was as if the cardinal's child was a crony. Isabella laughed. When the clean beauty's face smiled,she looked like a cute fairy.

"Dad always told me to take the name of the de Marais family. I will be the most beautiful and noble woman in the country. You can't end up as a countess.”

Cardinal de Marais looked up.

"Let's say our Isabella has been suffering for a while. You can't force a sick child to marry.”

"But you can't ignore Count de Como's proposal, can you?”

A cool voice interjected from behind. De Marais was Cardinal's mistress, Lucrezia.

“You can't let it stand to say it's going to be a change back soon.”

Changbaek was the defender of the kingdom's borders. Military power is given, but you must leave the capital. For Count de Como, it was a move whether it was a permanent or a left-handed move. One thing was certain: Count Chezare de Como, the Changeback, was not the only person who wanted to send his daughter. I could not send my daughter to a country corner, to a man who did not know when she would die in a national war. However, if Chang-baek did not give his daughter to Chang-baek with the military, and Chang-baek marched to the capital with a heartache, it would be a big deal. Even if you couldn't give your most precious child, you had to keep the string. Because it is a plaque that you do not know when to break, the more precious the string, the better.

"The output is the same as the output. Send Ariadne, Cardinal Yeha.”

"Ariadnera....... That's a name I've heard in a long time.”

Cardinal de Marais smiled white. * * * ARIADNE's mother was the maid of mistress Lucrezia. On a rainy day, Cardinal de Marais, who was drunk, took the maid instead of Lucrezia, and Lucrezia, who learned of it, was surprised. But the maid already had the Cardinal's seed in her stomach. The child born was not a son, but a daughter who did not resemble a cardinal at all. The maid was locked in a room above the tower shortly after giving birth and died without living a few years. Ariadne has been raised in the lodgings of the users since she fell from her mother's arms. Ariadne, who had no education, did not know how to write, how to draw, or how to handle instruments. But suddenly, in the spring of the year when he was fifteen, Cardinal de Marais's butler, Niccolo, notified Ariadne ‘Lady’to pack up and move her abode to Intemperance. At that time, I thought that my father finally remembered himself. Now that I had a family, I thought that the noble family beyond the castle had finally forgiven my mother's poor identity and accepted me as a family. What is family. If you're a family, Cardinal de Marais's three children and Ariadne were a tremendous family. * * * "Accept your request. The daughter of the Demare family is engaged to Count de Como."Cesare de Como was glad to jump when he received this reply. Isabella, the only daughter of Cardinal de Marais to the socialite, was the lover and final goal of all men's hearts. Getting her was like a certification that she had become the best man in the capital. Isabella, with her porcelain-white skin, peach-red, flaxen hair, was like an angel in a torch. The enemy, who would smile in his amethyst eyes, was as mischievous as the fairy of ancient mythology. However, when her appearance was very good, Isabella was in a quiet mood. When I was young with grief for my noble, clean, statuesque beauty, I didn't know what to do with it because I wanted to release it. And now it was Isabella in front of Cesare de Como.

"Miss Isabella, why are you looking so deep.”


“Don't you like me? Although he has a noble title instead of the right to the throne, he is still the king's cousin and Count de Como. My estate, which I will soon receive, is rich and beautiful. There is no more confusion among the nobles in the province now. I do everything I can to make the spirit happy.....!”

Isabella broke off Cesare's words.

“It's not me.”


“It wasn't me who got engaged to Cesare Bag.”

Cesare was embarrassed.

"But the proposal clearly has a positive reply....”

Isabella raised her eyes, resembling amethyst, and stared at him sadly.

"The daughter of de Marais in that proposal is my sister Ariadne. He's a poor little brother who is not well known to socialites.”

Her slender voice was like a celestial tone to Cesare's ears.

“My brother slammed my father for asking him if he had anything in his life, and asking him to let me go to the best man in this Etruscan kingdom, even if he was married. No one could dry it because it was stubborn.”

Isabella sighed, lowering her golden eyelashes.

“I have lived with more than my brother...... This time, my father told me that I had to make concessions to my brother....”

Appealing tears rose in her violet-colored eyes. She bowed her head as if she did not want to see tears.

“I can't resist my father. Cesare bag.”

I can't wait to see if I'm going to be the only one who's going to be able to do that.

“I have always adored the Cesare bag in the great worship service from a distance. But we're a family now, aren't we? It is not allowed to be a loving heart among the family. Ask these feelings deep in your heart, and remember me only with love and favor.”

This is ridiculous. Cesare, listening with soul, finally opened his mouth.



Isabella raised her finger and blocked Cesare's lips. Isabella's white, transparent fingers pressed Cesare's lips slightly and touched the mucous membrane of his lips. Cesare inhaled and breathed in the body temperature that was defenseless.

"Ariadne is a good child. Please treat it well. I just wanted to say this.”

With those words, Isabella de Mare returned to her family seat in the church's great Chapel. Cesare looked at Isabella's back in a daze, and found Isabella's gauze lace handkerchief on the floor. He picked it up and placed it in his arms. I wanted to take on the scent, but even he felt irreverent. I felt a faint warmth from the handkerchief on my chest. He placed his right hand over the heart, which contained a handkerchief. - Palpitations, palpitations. My heart beat. He could not determine whether it was a heart beating in the excitement of seeing Isabella, or a heart ringing in the anger of being taken away from her in front of her nose. As he looked up, Cardinal Marais and a black-haired girl standing with her head bowed beside him, chatting with the surrounding people from a distance, came straight into view. The girl was futile and tall, her bent back seemed to be down to do the odd job, not the forbidden leaves of a senior nobleman, and her sun-tanned skin was skittish. He looked at the white-clad cardinal and the dark-haired girl standing beside him. It was just before the golden trophy was in my hand. They ruined my life. * * *


"Yes, Sir Regent!”

“Bring Lady Ariadne to the top of the West Tower. The mania has come and you can't perform the queen's work. It's ugly to look at, so deal with it secretly so that others don't see it.”

"Yes, Your majesty!”

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