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When Su Miaomiao was a cat, she had no father or mother, and was always bullied by other demons. She finally managed to transform into a human, and she was never pampered.

As a demon reincarnated into a human baby, Su Miaomiao felt the deep love of father and mother from Su Mingan and Tang Shiwei. Bathed in such unconditional care every day, Su Miaomiao actually felt that without cultivation, being only an ordinary person was also very good.

When Su Mingan went to take a bath, Tang Shiwei cleaned. When his wife went to take a bath after he was done, Su Mingan paid attention to his daughter who was obediently playing with toys while preparing breakfast.

Su Mingan’s cooking skills were superb, and even simple home-cooked dishes made by him were extraordinarily delicious.

Su Miaomiao sat in the baby dining chair and had breakfast with her parents.

Su Mingan checked the time and left first. His company was far away from the community, unlike Tang Shiwei, whose hospital was diagonally opposite the community.

Tang Shiwei read two picture book stories to her daughter. At 7:20, she pushed the baby stroller with one hand and led Su Miaomiao out of the house.

With a total of six floors of the new building, two families on each floor, the Su family lived in 301, and the Xie family lived in 302.

Tang Shiwei checked the things in the stroller again to make sure nothing was left behind, and went to ring the doorbell of 302.

“Come, come, come!” Grandma Tao opened the door, knowing that it was Tang Shiwei and her daughter, a smile had already appeared on her face.

Tang Shiwei smiled at Grandma Tao, “Thank you.”

Grandma Tao led Su Miaomiao in, and said to Tang Shiwei, “You are welcome, go to work quickly, don’t worry about your daughter.”

Tang Shiwei hummed, touched her daughter’s little face again, and went downstairs.

She was grateful to Grandma Tao and trusted her very much.

Grandma Tao’s son Xie Rong and Su Mingan were high school alumni. They used to be in the same class and the same table. A few years ago, Su Mingan came to Wenxin Community to buy a house. He happened to meet Xie Rong, and the two deliberately bought two houses on the same floor. Also, the wives of the two were pregnant almost at the same time, and they were admitted to the same hospital at the same time, waiting for delivery in the same delivery room. Xie Rong’s wife had just given birth to a son, then Tang Shiwei also gave birth to a daughter.

Xie Rong also joked that he wanted the two children to marry each other.

Due to various fates, Grandma Tao almost regarded Su Miaomiao as her own granddaughter. The Xie family had already hired a nanny to take care of their grandson Xie Jingyuan, and Grandma Tao was healthy enough to help, so she didn’t want the Su family to waste money on handing Su Miaomiao to an unreliable nanny. After they went to work, Grandma Tao enthusiastically took over the burden of taking care of Su Miaomiao during the day.

Su Miaomiao was very obedient, except for resisting taking a bath, she hardly cried or made noise at other times. Especially now that she could walk and talk, she could play by herself when given a toy, and she was becoming more proficient at eating, without spilling on her body at all. She was cleaner than some older children, taking care of her was really very simple, so Su Mingan and Tang Shiwei were letting Grandma Tao look after her.

Of course, the couple still gave Grandma Tao five hundred yuan a month, but she would not take more.

Xie Rong was capable, and Grandma Tao was not short of money, she took care of Su Miaomiao purely because she liked the child.

Grandma Tao had already figured out what to do with the money. She wanted to save all the money for Su Miaomiao’s university.

Tang Shiwei left, and Grandma Tao also brought Su Miaomiao into the Xie House.

Su Miaomiao skillfully looked for Xie Jingyuan’s figure.

That was right, Xie Jingyuan was reincarnated with her. By chance, both parents also gave them their original names.

Su Miaomiao had observed their facial features, and it seemed that they would also grow up to look like they were in their previous life.

At that time Xie Jingyuan was having breakfast, sitting on the carpet near the balcony, with a picture book in his hand.

After glancing at Su Miaomiao indifferently, Xie Jingyuan continued to read.

Grandma Tao asked Su Miaomiao to sit next to him, bent over and coaxed her, “Grandma still has something to do, Miaomiao, play with your brother first.”

Su Miaomiao nodded obediently.

When Grandma Tao and Auntie Song, the nanny, went to another room, and there was no one else in the living room, Su Miaomiao didn’t want to sit down anymore. Her small body got down, turned over, and lay on her back, holding a soft rubber ball in her hand. She squeezed the ball, and glanced at Xie Jingyuan with big eyes.

Xie Jingyuan looked at her.

Su Miaomiao looked at the cover of the picture book in his hand, and asked sincerely, “Can you, the Taoist priest, understand it?”

After reincarnation, Su Miaomiao lost her original cultivation, but she still had the sense of smell belonging to a demon. Even if she couldn’t see anything as a baby, she could still distinguish the people around by their smell. 

From the second they met in the hospital, Su Miaomiao could smell the familiar scent from Xie Jingyuan’s body. It was clear, like autumn dew condensed on the grass and trees.

When she was six or seven months old, and Grandma Tao put her and Xie Jingyuan together, Su Miaomiao always liked to crawl or roll to Xie Jingyuan’s side to test. When she couldn’t speak, she grabbed a small toy sword to imitate Xie Jingyuan’s sword skill, Xie Jingyuan didn’t respond, so she gestured at him with the toy cat again.

At first Xie Jingyuan probably didn’t want to talk to her, but after being pestered by her, he finally admitted it.

Su Miaomiao was very happy. It was always good to have an acquaintance by her side in the strange world.

After being able to speak, Su Miaomiao liked to chat with him.

She was not used to calling him brother, but in private she still liked to call him Taoist Master. Moreover, Xie Jingyuan’s expression was more like the Taoist she knew in her previous life.

Xie Jingyuan looked at the Chinese-English bilingual picture book in his hand, and nodded without looking at her.

Grandma Tao was a well-educated old lady who gave him thirty minutes of early childhood education every morning and afternoon. Xie Jingyuan had been studying for a year, and he wouldn’t show it, but he had memorized all the words and vocabulary. If he was not afraid of arousing Grandma Tao’s suspicion, he could even read some books that adults read. Of course, those books were all placed in the study room, and he only saw them when Grandma Tao carried him over, but he couldn’t reach them.

“Taoist master, you are so powerful, I just can’t understand anything,” Su Miaomiao pinched the soft ball to express her envy.

Xie Jingyuan remembered that when Grandma Tao was teaching him and Su Miaomiao at the same time, she didn’t want to learn at all, and would crawl to the side to play with toys or simply sleep after listening for a while.

Even if the world changed, one’s nature was hard to change. Su Miaomiao, as a cat, liked to sleep, but she still liked to sleep after becoming a human.

At least she was willing to listen to the scriptures carefully so she could practice then, but now…

Xie Jingyuan shook his head, a cat was a cat, he couldn’t ask too much of her.

Sure enough, when Xie Jingyuan finished flipping through that new early education book bought by Grandma Tao, and then looked at Su Miaomiao. The ball in her hand had already rolled away. The little girl closed her eyes and was about to fall into a deep sleep.

Grandma Tao and Aunt Song’s footsteps and voices came toward the living room.

Su Miaomiao’s long eyelashes trembled.

Xie Jingyuan reminded her, “We are going to the park.”

Su Miaomiao listened, yawned, stretched, and sat up.

Eating, sleeping, and going to the park to play was her life now, which was comfortable.

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