CH 7

Qiao Lili was embarrassed to see Grandma Tao.

People in the 90s were not as conservative as before, but pregnancy out of wedlock was not something to be proud of.

Xie Rong was acting normal in front of his own mother, but she had thin skin.

At a loss, Qiao Lili silently looked at the two children.

A handsome two-year-old boy and a beautiful two-year-old girl were sitting together eating strawberries, quiet and well-behaved, neither crying nor fussing.

They were really like twins.

Qiao Lili looked at her abdomen, it would be great if her twins would be as cute as Xie Jingyuan and Su Miaomiao.

Xie Rong noticed that she seemed to like the two children very much, and coaxed Su Miaomiao with a smile, “Miaomiao, this is Aunt Qiao.”

Su Miaomiao ate the last bite of strawberry and obediently called out.

Xie Rong glanced at his own son who was only two years old but had a cold expression. He didn’t force him, lest the son refused to speak and he would lose face.

Qiao Lili thought that Xie Jingyuan must not like her, stepmother was almost equivalent to a derogatory term, even children understood it.

In that way, she couldn’t let go even more.

Grandma Tao did her best to treat the guest, and didn’t care about the rest. The daughter-in-law would not live with her in the future, so why should she waste her time trying to get acquainted?

After lunch, Xie Rong and Qiao Lili left hand in hand, leaving several large packages of presents, some to honor the elders, and some to the children.

Grandma Tao sent the couple out the door, and when the door closed, her smile immediately faded.

She loved her grandson, but she didn’t like her son, and it was even more difficult to have a good impression of her daughter-in-law.

Turning her gaze, seeing Su Miaomiao yawn, Grandma Tao smiled sincerely again, “Miaomiao, you’re sleepy, let’s go, I’ll put you to sleep.”

Xie Rong would never come back, so the big bed in the master bedroom became Su Miaomiao and Xie Jingyuan’s nap bed.

Grandma Tao carried Su Miaomiao to wash her hands and mouth, and then put the child on the big bed.

Many children needed adults to put them to sleep, Su Miaomiao didn’t need it, she could fall asleep just once she touched the bed, she could sleep anywhere; on the carpet, sofa or car seat.

There was a small pillow next to Su Miaomiao, Xie Jingyuan crawled over it by himself, and lay down with his back to her.

Grandma Tao sat by the bed, looked at him lovingly and pitifully, and asked softly, “Does Jing Yuan like Aunt Qiao?”

Xie Jingyuan looked at her and said, “I like grandma.”

To him, Qiao Lili was just an irrelevant person, including Xie Rong, who had nothing to do with him.

With just those three words, Grandma Tao almost cried.

“Go to sleep, Miaomiao is asleep,” Grandma Tao gently patted her grandson’s little shoulder.

Xie Jingyuan closed his eyes.

Grandma Tao sat by the bed for more than ten minutes, making sure that her grandson fell asleep. She stuffed two pillows under the sheets on three sides of the bed to prevent the children from turning over and falling to the ground, and then walked out lightly.

Not long after, Grandma Tao and Aunt Song were talking in the living room, discussing Xie Rong and Qiao Lili’s marriage.

The voices were very low, and some words couldn’t be heard clearly.

Xie Jingyuan didn’t bother to hear.

The curtains were drawn, and there was only a glimmer of light below.

In his previous life, he also had a similar weak relationship.

His biological mother died young, and his father remarried. He lived with his grandmother in his hometown in the countryside. After his grandmother died of illness, at the age of ten, he entered Qingxu.

His father had never looked for him, and he had already made a break with worldly affairs, and was devoted to Taoism, to slay demons.

When one walked the road they had walked a long time ago, everything they would see and encounter was just a passing cloud.

He only wished Grandma Tao a long and healthy life.

Xie Jingyuan finally fell asleep.

Limited by the child’s body, he slept for three hours, and woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Xie Jingyuan sat up and looked to the side, Su Miaomiao was still sleeping soundly, her arms were raised above her head, her legs were spread apart, the quilt had already been kicked away.

The city was located in the north, so it was still a bit cold at that time.

Xie Jingyuan covered her with the quilt, climbed out of bed, and went to the bathroom of the master bedroom by himself.

Grandma Tao was watching TV in the living room, and when she heard the sound of the toilet flushing, she immediately pressed the remote control.

Xie Jingyuan stepped on the small stool to wash his hands, opened the door, and saw Grandma Tao standing at the door.

“My Jing Yuan is so smart. You can go to the bathroom by yourself at such a young age,” Grandma Tao looked proud, and she believed more that her grandson was a child prodigy with an extraordinary IQ, and he was not autistic.

Xie Jingyuan drooped his eyelashes, quietly like a little mute.

Grandma Tao looked at the bed, saw that Su Miaomiao was twisting, as she was about to wake up, so she called Aunt Song to come and take care of her.

Different from Xie Jingyuan’s self-reliance, Su Miaomiao had been spoiled by Su Mingan and his wife; she would never waste her energy if others would do it for her.

Aunt Song smiled and helped Su Miaomiao wash her face and comb her hair.

She had to take care of the two children, but in fact Xie Jingyuan had long been independent and only needed her to do his laundry. If the work was too easy, Auntie Song would feel guilty about getting her salary, but she felt at ease as she had to take care of Su Miaomiao as well.

Su Miaomiao had thick and soft hair. Aunt Song tied her hair into two small buns and put on a pink butterfly hairpin, which made her look beautiful.

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