CH 9

The night before her birthday, Grandma Tao cooked two small bowls of longevity noodles for Su Miaomiao and Xie Jingyuan.

The noodles Grandma Tao made were smooth and fragrant. She added poached egg, two fish balls, and of course green vegetables on top.

Su Miaomiao almost ate up the whole bowl, leaving only the vegetables.

“Miaomiao, you can’t be picky,” Grandma Tao kindly encouraged her.

Su Miaomiao looked at Xie Jingyuan. He ate slowly, so there was still some left, but the green vegetables were already eaten.

She really wanted to give him her green vegetables, but unfortunately Grandma Tao kept watching. She had no chance and could only eat them obediently.

The next morning, Su Miaomiao received a birthday present from her parents.

What Su Mingan gave was a gold bar, and what Tang Shiwei gave was a set of beautiful new clothes.

The couple prepared gifts separately, and wanted to compare whose gift would be more pleasing to the daughter.

With two gifts in front of her, Su Miaomiao’s eyes were directly attracted by the gold bar.

“What a little money fan!” Tang Shiwei was willing to admit defeat and kissed her daughter.

Su Mingan: “It’s good to be a money fan. When she grows up, she will only focus on making money, so she wouldn’t have to worry about being scammed.”

The couple helped their daughter put on new clothes, sent her to the Xie House, and went to work.

Grandma Tao and Aunt Song were still busy, so Su Miaomiao sat alone on the carpet with Xie Jingyuan.

The child’s eyes were still developing, and he couldn’t just keep reading for a long time. Xie Jingyuan sat facing the window, as if attracted by the scene on the road outside.

Su Miaomiao was lying beside him, but felt that he seemed to be meditating. It was just that he didn’t assume a serious meditation posture.

“Taoist master, are we good friends now?” Su Miaomiao asked in a low voice.

Xie Jingyuan lowered his eyes, meeting her black eyes.

Her eyes, very similar to the cat’s eyes in her previous life, seemed innocent and concealed a hint of seductiveness.

“What do you want to say?” He asked lightly.

Su Miaomiao narrowed her eyes slightly with a smile, “Mom and dad gave me birthday gifts this morning, and they also said that when I go to school and make good friends, my good friends will also give me birthday gifts on my birthday.”

Xie Jingyuan: “Do you want me to give you a gift?”

Su Miaomiao looked forward, but said, “If you treat me as a good friend.”

Xie Jingyuan didn’t make any friends, not before practicing, but after practicing, he had only fellow disciples.

It was the first time for a cat demon to be a decent human being, so a little bit of greed wouldn’t hurt.

“What do you want?” Xie Jingyuan asked. His current property mainly included various picture books and toys. Originally, the two of them read and played together. It was estimated that she was not interested in it.

Su Miaomiao’s eyes flickered, and she hinted very clearly, “I like things that are shiny and sparkly.”

Xie Jingyuan immediately thought of the gold bracelets that Xie Rong gave them during the Chinese New Year, both he and Su Miaomiao had.

Gold was valuable property, he didn’t like to wear it, so Grandma Tao kept it away.

If he secretly gave it to Su Miaomiao, Grandma Tao would think that the family property had been stolen. If he directly discussed it with Grandma Tao, even if she was willing to give it away, Su Mingan and his wife would never accept it and would ask Su Miaomiao to return it.

Xie Jingyuan explained the truth to the cat.

Su Miaomiao was very disappointed, being a human was so complicated.

Xie Jingyuan: “These are the ways of the world, you have to study hard.”

Su Miaomiao nodded in daze.

Xie Jingyuan looked at her disappointed look, thought for a while, walked away, and came back with an extra piece of chocolate in his hand.

He didn’t like sweet and greasy snacks, but he knew that Su Miaomiao liked to eat them. But her parents had strict control, so Su Miaomiao couldn’t eat enough every time.

Seeing the chocolate, Su Miaomiao’s eyes lit up, and she snatched it quickly.

She ate a piece of chocolate quickly, and licked her lips, including the finger that held the chocolate.

Xie Jingyuan frowned and said, “Don’t lick your fingers.”

Su Miaomiao paused.

He grabbed the small towel that was put aside and helped her wipe her dirty little hands.

The two were very close. Su Miaomiao looked at him, suddenly pouted her lips, and kissed Xie Jingyuan’s face.

Xie Jingyuan froze.

Su Miaomiao smiled, “Dad said, a girl’s kiss is very precious, so I can’t kiss others, and I can’t let others kiss me casually. So I kissed you. It can be considered as a birthday gift for you.”

Xie Jingyuan looked at the cat in front of him with complicated eyes.

He had seen with his own eyes that she wanted to pick up a brothel benefactor. The old demon had a vicious heart, and doing that kind of thing was full of evil meanings. She was different. Her eyes were pure and clean, but it was the benefactor with evil eyes, more like a profiteer.

In other words, that was a simple cat demon who was ignorant of the world, and had turned into a naive and ignorant child.

Xie Jingyuan wiped the place she kissed with his fingers, and there were some brown stains on his fingertips, which were the chocolate left on her lips.

Xie Jingyuan looked at her with great disgust, “It’s dirty, don’t treat kisses as gifts anymore, no one will like it.”

She was still young, so he explained it that way for then. After going to school, she would learn how to get along with men and women by herself.

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