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Chapter 743 Crushed

Kali's cold smile was brilliant. She instantly pressed on her advantage. Her body soared as a beautiful trail of icy blue light. 

Waving her saint sword, the Dragon Sword Mist suddenly flowed straight back into the blade. 

A deep, draconic hum rippled at every inch of the marital arena. 

Different manipulation of divine laws shocked the souls of everyone watching. Performing two attacks so smoothly and instantaneously as if Kali has been a cultivation master for hundreds of years already. 

The saint sword glisten and a booming icy cyclone exuding sword law principles blasted straight towards the flying King Liang. 

The sword icy cyclone permeated the entire atmosphere. Twisting all world laws, transforming the region of space, causing King Liang's flying momentum to suddenly stop!

"What?!" King Liang was once again thrown into a greater horror.

An irresistible suction force was violently pulling upon his body. There was no stopping the sword icy cyclone. Everything would be pulled in and twisted apart. 

Once again, Kali's prowess is simply extreme without even using a proper martial skill. 

All of this unfathomable power just seems to come from an incompressible source of power far beyond King Liang's mind. 

But this was no time to be in awe of his foe. King Liang forcefully overexerted his bloodline, divine laws, and his special inner essence to a complete extreme! 


His battle roar, mixed with anguish, exploded as sizzling rays of radiant white flames blasted out. 

This peak power only managed to stop the suction force of the sword icy cyclone. But it was still impossible to escape from this trap space.

Thus, continuing to exert himself, King Liang surged one of his most powerful martial skills. 

Dao runes blossomed across his blade and face. Streams of beautiful, radiant, white flaming principles continually gushed out of each Dao rune. 

Every single one of these radiant white flame principles unleashed a devastating effect on the soul. Simply looking in would pull on the principles of the soul, throwing weaker cultivators into an inescapable illusion. 

'Radiant Soul Flames!' 

King Liang poured his entire divine will into these radiant white flames. The chants rippling out would be enough to completely daze near peak early stage grandmasters.

He had at least hoped the sealed space would loosen so he could escape. 

But a faint True Dragon roar crushed all of King Liang's hope. 

The saint sword slashed through everything. Every single Radiant Soul Flame was torn apart into tiny particles by the overwhelming of Kali's saint sword! 

Her momentum wasn't lost at all. Within the sword icy cyclone, Kali's striking power continually increased. 

She was a simple blur to King Liang's eyes and even the peak early stage grandmasters' senses! 


The saint sword pierced straight through King Liang's shoulder! 

Blood wildly gushed out. Waves of chaotic invading law principles both froze and lacerated through King Liang's body. 

"Ahh!" King Liang miserably shouted, blood splashing out of his mouth like the sea. 

The continuous invasion of ice-sword law principles would cripple King Liang in mere moments. 

Not even three moves, Kali was close to her victory in only two moves! 

In that moment, a completely frenzied glint burst from King Liang's eyes. He threw all hesitation and caution into the wind.

"I will kill you!!" King Liang's roars reached the high heavens! 

He instantly combusted a tremendous amount of his blood essence! 

With an overwhelming impact worse than a planet shattering apart, King Liang's divine laws tremendously rose far past his original peak limits. 

The overflowing force of his blood essence allowed King Liang to suppress the invading law essence and break off the space shackles from Kali's saint sword. 

In this mere fraction of a second, nobody could see it, but Kali faintly smiled. 

She could've stopped this right now. However, she wanted an overwhelming victory that'll frighten not just the God Galaxy, but all other Heavens throughout this dimension! 

King Liang had no idea of Kali's insidious thoughts. He forcefully flew off from the saint sword, blasting straight up into the sky. 

High in the sky, rippling across the heaven, an unfathomable change began to explode out of King Liang. 

True mystical chants of divine laws filled the entire martial arena. These divine law chants evolved in a single moment. 

Space and time were being twisted apart by these law chants. Numerous Dao runes instantly covered every inch of King Liang's body. 

Radiant, white flaming principles gushed out as an unending flow. The power of his divine laws turned utterly terrifying.

Before everyone's eyes, witness a sight rarely seen before, a faint Dao Phantom began to condense! 

All Radiant white flaming principles seemingly fused together, converging in mere moments. 


With a divine explosion that can illumine the very heavens, King Liang perfectly condensed his faint Radiant Dao Phantom! 

The Radiant Dao Phantom sizzled with horrifying white solar flames, further enhancing its already terrifying striking power to another dimension. 

Bathed within the Radiant Dao Phantom, overlooking the entire world with a domineering gaze, there was no other person but King Liang at the center stage. 

This was the aura of a true royal king! 

An existence meant to stand overall! 

"Dao Phantom! It really is a Dao Phantom!" 

"This feels far more terrifying than even Everlasting Faith Moon's spiritual god phantom!"

"No wonder he's so arrogant...even a faint Dao Phantom is superior to all spiritual god phantoms..."

Everyone knew it. The chasm between Holy King and Primal Soverigen grandmasters. 

A grandmaster Dao principles represent a far deeper power of the surrounding universe. Thus allowing them to take on forms and use arts beyond all holy comprehension. 

The fact that King Liang already comprehended a Dao Phantom without even reaching perfection Holy King showcased his horrifying potential. 

Many began to worry for Kali. But the young divine princess causally smiled. 

Her imperial robes and long, flowing hair didn't even rustle beneath the wild whirlwind of law pressure. 

"Is that it? Here's the third strike." Her words seemingly suppressed everything. 

In that moment, a different True Dragon roar was unleashed by Kali. 

Everything froze beneath this True Dragon roar. All of its divine law principles quite literally froze anything daring to oppose the True Dragon. 

King Liang couldn't move a single inch. His peak power that faintly surpassed that of peak early-stage grandmasters could not resist. 

He looked down in utter horror. King Liang and everyone else bore witness to an unforgettable sight. 

A clear, icy Dragon Phantom with a divine sword as its horn slowly hovered over Kali's head. 

Faint rays of god lightning essence was flickering within its eyes. This wasn't even Kali's full power or the true extent of her abilities. 

She was only stimulating her bloodline power to a full 70%. And yet, amplified by her Inner World foundation, amplified by the power of her soul, and tremendously amplified by the mysterious god lightning essence, Kali's divine laws were completely incomprehensible. 

The ice sword Dragon phantom barely regarded King Liang. Blinding divine lights glisten out of its beautiful sword horn. 

Divine explosions rattled the martial arena as a divine dragon sword light gushed out with a momentum to shatter stars into dust! 

Quite literally, the sword light was mixed with the image of a dragon, with the hilt of the sword light being from the terrifying jaws of a dragon's head. 

The dragon sword light had no equal. All Radiant white flaming principles surrounding, all beats of divine law chants, everything was frozen over before completely shattering into tiny particles. 

The dragon sword light became larger and larger, practically becoming an entire world within King Liang's eyes. 

All he could do was desperately resist. Burning a small part of his divine soul for added power to move and smash down his Radiant white flaming sword! 


But there were no overwhelming explosions to shake the heavens. Only clear, crisp sounds of glass shattering. 

The Dao Phantom had completely shattered apart beneath the dragon sword light! 


Bathed in an icy divine light, King Liang was smashed straight out of the sky from a causal tap from the dragon sword light. A tap that held the power to shatter planets into dust. 

King Liang soared faster than the comet. He brutally smashed into the martial stage, bursting away thousands of immortal tiles and creating a tremendous crater beneath him. 

Blood continually leaks from every part of his body. His eyes were utterly dead. It was impossible for him to even twitch a finger, similar to the state that Prime Crimson Star had ended up in. 

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