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Chapter 745 Pierced Through

In the very moment King Jue was injured, her Dao runes suddenly glisten all on their own. 

Sealed space magically lost all effect on King Jue. Her Dao runes were briefly fused into space. 

Before Cain's eyes, King Jue had vanished. She relied on the powerful effect of her bloodline Dao runes to fuse into space, teleporting over fifty meters away from Cain. 

The escape was instantaneous, almost similar to Cain's Chaotic Teleportation. 

Although, unlike Chaotic Teleportation, King Jue's face was increasingly pale when appearing again.

Obviously, that move used a tremendous sum of her divine law essence. 

If another genius performed instantaneous attacks like Cain, they would need to take a brief moment to stimulate their souls again. Thus allowing King Jue some manner of rest.

But Cain coldly smiled, his essence energy always a continuous flow without any end. 

His Frost Slicer raised into the air. Divine explosions rattled from the blade, violent arcs of divine lightning swirled and the horrifying beats of True Dragon's roars suppressed the atmosphere once again. 

Principles of divine lightning and divine ice flowed out of the tip of the blade, converging, causing ear-shattering booms to fiercely rattle up space. 

Blinding divine lights surged. The principles of divine lightning and ice condensed, manifesting into a Dragon Lightning Ice Tornado! 

Rippling arcs of Draconic lightning faintly coated with Phoenix Ice essence split across the void. Everything was getting intensely swallowed into the overwhelming Dragon Lightning Ice Tornado. 

The air, tracts of broken space, the immortal tiles of the martial arena, the worldly laws, everything could not resist this godly suction force! 

"Ah!" King Jue was horrified. The suction force nearly flung her body forward without any resistance. 

She instantly detected that getting swallowed in that terrifying tornado will spell the end of the battle. Even ordinary middle stage Primal Soverigens would be tear to complete shreds within that tornado. Their souls be turned into ashes!

It was an especially pressing situation when considering that her bloodline had already surged a peak martial skill to escape Cain's first attack. 

But there was no time to be considerate of his essence energy now. 

With a violent roar to shatter the heavens apart, King Jue went so far to overexert the power of her divine soul! 

Her golden fiery Dao runes shined brighter than nine thousand golden suns! 

Divine golden flames that can bury the gods bathed King Jue's body. The Saint sword within her palm emitted a mind-shattering chant, causing streams of dazzling Fey golden flames to soar out of her body. 

The Fey golden flame principles rapidly condensed, stretching across space like an unending fiery ocean. 

This move seemed familiar to the one Grandmaster Bao had used. But with far greater divine laws superior to even Great Dao laws. 

The Fey golden flame principles had surged, booming into a brilliant golden lava ocean! 

The golden lava ocean was more insidious than the deepest pits of hell. White solar flames would even be incinerated by the slightest of touch from the golden lava ocean. 

Standing within the golden lava ocean, King Jue became a true demoness. A death goddess ready to turn the entire heaven and earth into ash. 

But, despite this imposing appearance, the Dragon Lightning Ice Tornado still cracked apart the fragile space as it soared straight to the golden lava ocean. 


A beautiful hum of a legendary Ice Phoenix blossomed from the overwhelming Dragon Lightning Ice Tornado.

The mystical cries of the Ice Phoenix exerted divine ice law principles that completely drenched the golden lava ocean. 

'Hm?!' King Jue froze, quite literally feeling a piercing cold despite being bathed in her highest Fey golden flames! 

She couldn't do anything in this state, nor perform any brilliant tactics. All she could do was thrust her saint sword up, sending her harrowing golden lava ocean straight toward the Dragon Lightning Ice Tornado. 


Deafening divine explosions and blinding divine lights filled the martial arena. 

The wild whirlwind essence energy shockwaves nearly shattered the entire martial arena! 

"Ahh!!" King Jue's miserable shouts were mixed within the chaotic explosions. 

Her golden lava ocean had completely shattered into tiny particles. The resulting explosion did considerably weakened the Dragon Ice Tornado. But the remnants of its power still brutally slashed through King Jue's body. 

The weakened Dragon Lightning Ice Tornado completely engulfed everything around her.

Harrowing wounds, both large and small, began bursting all across her skin. She would soon be swallowed up without a chance to resist. 

At that moment, a frenzied light exploded from King Jue's eyes.

'Bloodline combustion!'

A small portion of Fey golden flame bloodline completely combusted! 

Pillars of godly golden flames burst from underneath King Jue, soaring high into the sky and reaching the high heavens. 

All shockwaves were incinerated by the heaven-shaking golden flame pillars. 

Soon enough, the golden flame pillar transformed, converging into a majestic sight for the God Galaxy. 

Deep, powerful hums of perfect divine law chants reverberated. Every chant leaving an uncomfortable ringing in many souls. 

Condensing before the high heavens, similar to King Liang, King Jue had transformed into a golden flaming Dao Phantom form! 

This golden flaming Dao Phantom appeared far more supreme than King Liang's. As if it could already control the heaven and earth with a sway of its palm. 

A blink of its eye could turn all fires within the know universe to ashes. Any middle stage grandmaster, even peak ones, would need to completely kneel in the face of this golden flaming Dao Phantom!

However, at the very moment the golden flaming Dao Phantom appeared, booming Dragon roars, the cries of an Ice Phoenix and godly thunder oppressed the entire divine world! 

A deep, black dragon claw that was shrouded by a black lightning chain soared out of Cain.

Within the black lightning chain were the mystical principles of Chaos energy. 

The Dragon Chaos Chains could not be compared to the simple Chaos Chains. His fusion of bloodline and Chaos energy evolved far beyond Cain's battle with the three Prime Lords.

There was no attack, no divine laws, no Great Dao laws that can put up any resistance. 

The suppression of this Dragon Chaos Chain sealed everything. 

King Jue nearly lost her mind. She was once again put in such desperate straits nearly instantly. 

All she could do was slash down her golden flaming Dao Phantom sword with the most amount strength she could possibly muster! 


And there wasn't any heaven-shattering explosion. Only the crisp sound of glass shattering. 

The Dragon Chaos Chain shattered all perfect divine laws and disperse all mystical divine chants. 

The unstoppable golden flaming Dao Phantom burst apart into complete and utter pieces! 


The backlash of her shattered Dao Phantom and the violent whirlwind from the Dragon Chaos Chain broke apart all bones, meridians, and organs within King Jue. 

She brutally smashed deep into the martial stage, exploding a tremendously larger crater deep within it. 

King Jue was still alive. Albeit, her life was hanging on by a thread. And her eyes once filled with a superior light were now completely dead. 

"Mn." Cain quietly hums. He recalled his powers, taking away the oppressive momentum. 

But his presence still remained supreme. A true young overload that can look down on the nine heavens! 

His voice pierced into the heavens as he said, "You all came down with such an overbearing momentum, and yet, you all can only amount to this? So much for your so-called superiority. Your Heavenly God sect really isn't much at all." 

Those words slithered straight into King Jue's soul. Smashed into the minds of the Heavenly God sect's juniors. And made the three Heavenly Venerates coldly glare at Cain's tall and straight back. 

In direct contrast, the God Galaxy couldn't contain themselves! 

"Ahh! The young divine prince is amazing! Completely amazing!" 

"That's a true young overload of our heaven!"

"He's so sexy! Ah! The young divine prince is a man among man!!"

The noble princes were cheering to the high heavens. The divine maidens held star struck gazes as their shouts amplified on top of everyone else.

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