CH 5.2

Chu Feng scrolled and roughly understood the situation. The posts were all full of insults aimed at one another, though the main idea was that they wanted to return the 10 thousand to him. 

He honestly didn’t care about that much money. Xie Shiyu had left him billions and billions after he passed, and even if he wanted to spend it all, he couldn’t. 

As for God whatever X, he didn’t know who the hell they were talking about. 

But X’s fans were incredibly tenacious and soon, Chu Feng received a few private messages from the user, Yao Yao loves playing with string. 

[Sorry to disturb you, boss, but could you pass me your card number? Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be returning the 10 thousand to you!] 

It didn’t take much longer before Chu Feng received the money. He turned to Lin Lan and asked again, “Did you find a way to unfreeze them yet?” 

“Give me a second, ge. Ten more minutes! I may not be crazy about X, I’m still his fan. I’ll screw them over first!” 

Chu Feng: …

“It’s fine, ge. You don’t know this but the second X’s fans start calling people out, the post will end up exposing something insane.” Lin Lan continued, “Trust me, this is what I’ve learned after years of watching the drama unfold. You should come watch it too. Interacting in the community will help you in the long run.” 


Chu Feng lowered his head and refreshed his page. After Yao Yao loves playing with string refunded the money, they brought a new wave of A’s fans to counterattack. 

[I’m Yao Yao’s close friend. Her phone got taken by her parents so she can’t go online now. I never would’ve imagined that an agreed-upon reward would be bashed by you fan of X like this. She has depression. She can’t handle it if all of you attack her like this, please stop!] 

[We’ve already returned the money, so will you X fans apologize?] 

And then… 

Floor 520:

Player ID: Angel AA’s Global Support

[X’s fans are all so disgusting, they’re even accusing someone of selling their face. I’m sorry our AA is good-looking? What about your X? “To maintain secrecy” my ass, he’s just ugly.]

[Stanning an ugly bastard and causing trouble everywhere. He was asking to get his account deleted!] 

“What the—Okay, that’s the last straw!” 

Before he even finished typing, there were already 578 Floors. 

Reply to Floor 520: 

Player ID: X is forever my God

[I didn’t want to get involved in a fight like this but you’ve taken it too far.] 

[Back when he wasn’t popular, I invited him to my Dream City. He’s a really good person and even helped me redesign the roads. He thought it was pretty in fashion so he took a picture.] 

[God X.jpg] 

“Holy shit!!!” Lin Lan was in disbelief. “They actually posted a picture! I told you there’s going to be shit going down when X’s fans are involved!” 

He immediately opened the picture. The picture wasn’t compressed so it was a whole 6.8MB. Lin Lan waited excitedly. 

When the progress bar reached 100%, Lin Lan completely froze. 

There stood a man under the tree’s shade, a Dream City’s pavement under his feet. 

A silver coat flying in the wind, a face wrapped tight in bandages, and one eye exposed, shining like ambers. 

“Holy! Shit! Ge! Ge!” 

Lin Lan’s hand trembled as he passed the phone to Chu Feng. 

“Do you see this?! Isn’t that the Guardian from just now? Wait a second! Holy shit, does this mean X actually got hired by the company and became a high-ranked Guardian??? Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! I actually met God X in the flesh! I…” 

“Can you calm down?” 

Chu Feng calmly took the phone from Lin Lan. 

“Yeah, this is him.” 

He heard that Guardians were referred to by alphabets, so the Guardian from just now must have been Guardian X. 

“Holy shit, no wonder he was so good at defusing the bomb just now! As expected for God X! He’s forever our God!” Lin Lan flapped his hand around excitedly. 

After that picture was exposed, the entire community exploded in discussions. Chu Feng scrolled below for the replies. 

Floor 580: 

[Oh my god! Oh my god! What did I just see?!] 

Floor 581: 

[X’s style is so cool! I can now pass away happy.] 

Floor 582: 

[I zoomed in on X’s eyes in the picture. Wuwuwuwu, he’s clearly a guy, but his lower lashes are so long. I’m dying…]


Floor 583: 

[It’s so pretty! His eyes are so pretty! This is so worth it! X’s fans always reveal something big, there’s no doubt! I can’t believe someone straight-up sent his picture.] 

Floor 584: 

[Did no one cross-reference him to the tree next to him? How is he so tall? He’s at least 190cm. As a dwarf, I’m fucking envious!] 


Chu Feng quietly saved the picture of X’s eyes and turned his phone off. 

“Is there any way of contacting X?” He asks Lin Lan. 

“Uh…” Lin Lan was in a tough spot. “X is really lowkey. He used to go online just to post guides so now that his account is deleted, there’s basically no way of finding anything about him anymore. …Wait! That A!” 

Guardian A was the publicity ambassador of the Guardian Center. His main job was to interact with players. Because he didn’t look too bad and his smile was sweet, he was constantly asked to do marketing, thus his high popularity.

“I remember he followed 25 people on his Weibo!”1

According to the 26 letters of the alphabet, one of them has to be Guardian X! 

“Find it.” 

Two hours later… 

Lin Lan pinpointed three suspects in the end. 

All high-ranked Guardians were referred to by alphabets. A, B, and Z have exposed their faces to the public. C, D, and E have a yellow verification tick on Weibo. The rest of the Guardians have kept their information secret. They didn’t even use their letters as their IDs so it was hard to distinguish. Lin Lan could only open each one and check through them manually, cross-referencing them with the tone that X would use when he posted guides and finally narrowed it down to three people. 

“Ge, you check too. I’m going to search more in-depth.” 

Lin Lan searched all three of the Weibo IDs and checked if any of his friends had tagged him before. He managed to get rough information on all three of them through his information circle and IP. 

“I found it!! Ge!” 

Last year, Guardian D tagged @Unsolvable Equation. 

[Take a look at this, how do I defuse the bomb if the wires are like this?] 

[@Unsolvable Equation replied: I’ll tell you on WeChat.]2

[@Guardian D: You blocked me there!!] 

[@Unsolvable Equation replied: Sorry, I changed my number. Add me again.] 


Lin Lan waved his phone around proudly. “I found it!” 

The QR Code had long since stopped working, but the WeChat code on it can still be found. Chu Feng opened WeChat and clicked “Add Friend”. 

“Wait a second, are you actually planning on adding him?” 

“What else would I be doing?” 

“No, it’s just that—you just blasted him into the air just now and yet you’re adding him on WeChat right afterward, begging him to sign a form for you…” 

Chu Feng pat Lin Lan on the shoulder. 

“You’ve already graduated. Once you get into society, you’ll have to learn to put down your pride.” 

On the WeChat search for “Add Friends”, Guardian X’s profile picture was clear for all to see. A white background and the black letter, X. 

Chu Feng’s verification message was this: 

[Good to see you!3 I’m the player you just saved in the game, thank you so much for that! I don’t know how I would’ve survived that without you (crying emoji)] 

Lin Lan: …I’m in awe. Is this what the people of society are like? 


X’s phone vibrated. 

On his WeChat Contacts, there was suddenly a red ① where there hadn’t been before. 

Clicking it open, he found that someone had added him. 

WeChatt ID: CF4088

His profile picture was a huge black cat plushie. 

Verification message: 

[…I don’t know how I would’ve survived that without you.]  

X’s brows raised. 

He didn’t immediately accept the friend request, instead choosing to search for the memorized number of the little beauty. 

He found that the profile picture of the one he searched was the same as the one who had added him—a black cat plushie. 

X clicked [Accept]. 

“Holy shit! He instantly responded! He was really online?!” 

“Do you have any cute stickers? Send some to me.” 

“…” Lin Lan sent a few stickers of little kittens meowing to his ge and asked, “What are you going to do?” 

“There’s an old saying called, “You don’t hit kittens.” 

Chu Feng picked the cutest kitten out of everything and sent it to Guardian X. 

“Holy shit! You’re literally the bravest person I’ve ever met. If I were X and I saved someone out of the goodness of my heart only to be sent flying without any goodwill being reciprocated and then sent a friend request on WeChat and pretended like nothing happened by sending a kitten acting coy… I wouldn’t even hesitate before twisting their neck off!” 

Chu Feng turned his gaze onto Lin Lan, cold and unfeeling. 

Lin Lan quickly snapped his mouth shut, making a zipping gesture across his lips. 

In the chat, Chu Feng sent a kitten with its head hung low, leaning on the table with their ears flat. 

[I’m sorry] 

Lin Lan sighed disappointingly and said, “Ge, you really think an apology will do anything when you sent them flying? If I were him, I’d send you a three thousand-word essay just cursing you and then block your ass! Look… Look! He’s typing!” 

Chu Feng also had a feeling that he was going to send him a few curse words. The things he did were honestly pretty infuriating. So he turned off his phone and decided to wait a bit. He prepared a few more stickers of kittens, apologizing so he could send them later. That way he wouldn’t be able to curse him out. 

Five minutes later… 

Chu Feng turned on his phone again and found one unread message in his notifications. 

He opened it. 

[Little liar.] 


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