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Chapter 9 – Reunion (1)

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“My lady, that’s too much to say!”

“What do you want me to do? If it feels unfair then try to be a noble, too!”

‘What is this traitor talking about unfair right now?

At Alice’s sharp words, Lesir shot off his momentum. Benedict stepped forward to protect her before Lesir’s energy could be changed to something dangerous.

“That’s not wrong.”

“What are you saying now…”

“I said that the Young Lady was not wrong. You have damaged the knight’s honor.”

‘Yes, that’s what I wanted to say.’

Alice nodded her head wondering why she didn’t say it out clearly. They said the same words, but Benedict’s words were little more luxurious and elegant. She could have used this kind of aristocratic speaking, but she didn’t want to as she didn’t have to be elegant towards a traitor.

The Marquess of Hamilton was not one to be ignored. He was the richest person in the Erha Empire. She was the one who had her father like that, so she heard a lot of words here and there. Even the servants in her household talked nonsense, and Alice would tolerate being ignored and neglected, but she would not let those who found fault with her father, the Marquess of Hamilton. She helped him in every way she could.

‘Even if one feels that way, I could only do that.’

She did not want to see anyone but herself swear at Marquis Hamilton. She knew how he suffered throughout the four years she had been living in his mansion, and gave him a little bit, just a bit of her heart. Thanks to her efforts, no one in the mansion could now ignore the Marquis.

Even though they’re actually strangers, Alice knew how he sacrificed sleep just to obtain that much money. And this traitor was ignoring him? It was uunbeliavable.

‘He’s a noble and Lesir’s drinking from his money, and if the Marquis don’t have money, it’s over.’

Money was the only thing that can buy one nobility and grace. She knew full well that without it, she would have to live a life of hardship before she could discuss nobility, and wanted to curse Lesir for going to the Duke of Shellington.

“Benedict! If you go with a woman like that, you’ll be told that you’re not good enough!”

“That’s something I know what to do. It’s none of your business as an outsider.”

Benedict openly ignored Lesir. His face flushed red, and Alice felt she needed to intercede at this point.

“Go and explain the situation accurately to my father and let the Duke leave. Otherwise, I will show you how much money the Marquis has.”

Lesir flinched at Alyssa’s threat. He’d been thinking, too. Despite what he had done, the Marquis of Hamilton’s wealth could not be ignored, and if the family used its money to block his path, there would be nothing he could do. Of course, the power of the Duke of Shellington could not be ignored, but he doubted how much power he would use for a mere knight like him.

“If you hurt my father, I won’t stay still.”

Only then did Lesir remember the rumors circulating inside the Hamilton family. Rumor has it that at some point, people cursing the Marquis disappeared one by one. I thought it was just nonsense, but the look in her eyes convinced him. It wasn’t gone, it was bound to be. Alice did just like that.

“Are you deceiving people all this time?”

“Deceiving, who?”

Alice shrugged her shoulders arrogantly, but she couldn’t help it. It was because of Benedict, who was looking at him with sad eyes. When Lesir, who had been frantic, disappeared toward the Hamilton Marquis, Benedict finally turned around and asked Alice.

“What are you going to do now?”

“What should I do? It’s been a long time since I’ve been out, but I can’t just return that fast.”

“Didn’t you buy a present?”

“I bought it, but I bought it by mistake. So I’m going to go and change it later.”


Alice, who did not respond to Benedict’s words, looked around. There was a three-story building right in front of the jewelry store. Serpentine Teahouse.

‘I have to go over there and wait.’

“I’ll have a cup of tea and go back to the jewelry store.”

“Go back?”

“I’ll go by myself since it’s this way anyway, and you Sir can wait in the teahouse.”

“I’d rather be with you…”

“I am okay.”

Alice shook her hand and entered the teahouse. Benedict shook his head helplessly and followed her.


Karus entered the jewelry store, leaving her sister in the care of his escort driver. He had already heard that there was a ‘Diamond of the Abyss’ in this jewelry store, and he came to know that Lawrence Littenverk, Duke of the Nakran Empire, which is on par with the Erha Empire, entrusted the work of the diamond.

‘I have to get my hands on that jewel.’

The diamond of the abyss was just a black gem on the surface. It didn’t matter if he steal.

‘It would be better if a conflict broke out between the empires.’

If that occurred, the Crown Prince’s status would be shaken and he would take that chance to become more famous as he was because he was a swords master. Whenever there was a war, it has always been Karis who had the advantage and not the crown prince so he had no doubt he will be successful. Since he moved early, he assumed he could get his hands on the Diamond of the Abyss.

Diamond of the abyss. The black diamond had a special legend. It was a legend that the jeweler would protect the health of the wearer and bring good luck.

Nobles who had money made every effort to get their hands on the jewel, but failed. The jewel was already in the possession of the neighboring country, the Nakran Empire, and Lawrence, the Duke of the Nakran Empire, who came to form an alliance, who got the work.This jewel was to be presented to Stella, the crown princess. And Karus was planning to intercept this from the middle and give it as a gift.

‘It would be nice for the crown prince to participate in a war with both sides.’

He was feeling a bit sorry using Stella, but Karus was a man who prioritized his success over women.

“A maid has already visited.”

“A maid?”

“Yes, she has.”

Karus knew Lawrence well. The two rivals have not been on good terms since they were studying at the academy. It was also the reason that Karus hated Lawrence one-sidedly for pretending to be nice. So, he couldn’t believe that Lawrence had sent his maid to look for the diamonds.

‘A man who trusts no one but himself sent a maid to retrieve that important object?’

Karus turned around, saying that he would rather believe the words that Lawrence collapsed while practicing his swordsmanship. He passed by Lawrence, who had just entered the jewelry store.

Lawrence belatedly asked the clerk for the whereabouts of the jewel, and he was told that it had also been passed on a maid. Remembering that Karus had gone out, Lawrence rushed out of the jewelry store and ran into Karus, who was getting into the carriage to leave.

“Karus Shellington!”

“Why are you calling me?”

“Was it you, again?”

“I hoped so too, but this time it was not me. You must have heard that she was a maid?”

“Wasn’t that the maid you sent?”

“Think for yourself.”

Karus climbed into the carriage and returned to the Shellington duchy. Lawrence couldn’t move from the spot in a broken mood.


Alice, who had spent a rough amount of time, hurriedly entered the jewelry store. Hearing the conversation between Karus and the clerk, who seemed to be asking about the whereabouts of the jewels, she stepped forward and tried to offer the jewel box, but she quickly hid herself in the self-talk that followed.

“If I find out who it was, I won’t let her go.”

Alice shuddered at Karus’s tenacious nature and find a way to deliver the jewel to him without alerting him to her presence. So, she left the jewelry store, and another man came in. He was an acquaintance of Lawrence Littenverk.


“Yes, Your Excellency.”

“Isn’t that the jewel I entrusted you with? Who the hell took it!”

“I’m sorry, but the maid…”

“A maid?! Why leave that important thing to the maid?”

“She said she will get the expensive item, she asked for it—”

“I said so, but you guys know my face. Of course, you should given it to me, but you passed it on to someone other than me who was entrusted with that work? The jewel that no money could buy?”

The talkative Lawrence was twice as scary as Karus.

‘So, did I get the jewel Karus was trying to snatch? The original owner of the jewel was Lawrence?’

As Alice slowly continued her thoughts, she remembered Lawrence’s desperate expression. This jewel seemed more important to him than she thought. No matter what he said, she needs to listen.

‘If I trade this with…’

It seemed that she could safely cross over to the neighboring empire. After paying the bill, Alice rushed to the coffee shop before Lawrence left the jewelry store. Ignoring Benedict, who had come up to the teahouse and took a seat, and looked down at Alice with strange eyes, she kept her eyes on the situation outside.


She saw Lawrence and Karus arguing. The jewels she had in her jewelry box were the cause. If so, wouldn’t it be possible to go to the Empire of Nakran by using this jewel as an excuse? A thought passed through Alice, who was using her head wisely. Lesir.

“Did I send him out for nothing?”

“Are you talking about Lesir?”

“Ah, right.”

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