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Chapter 16 – The Voice

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The voice which seemed to be from afar was what she heard from a long time ago. It was the voice she heard when she first came here.

‘I haven’t heard it from since then, so why…’

“I was waiting.”

She couldn’t find the voice that seemed whispering into her ears from afar. Her face turned pale because of the presence of the voice. Vesena who was in front of her pursed her lips in embarrassment due to her change.

“Miss Alice?”

Alice couldn’t answer that question. It was because she was still engulfed with the cold voice that went through her head, unheard by others. Vesena then held her hand, who shook her body.

“Are you okay?”

“Do, don’t touch me.”

“If you’re not feeling well….”

“I’ll go first.”

Alice, who could barely say her answer hurriedly left the Banquet Hall, yet the voice didn’t fade away. It harbored poison, haunting her mind.

‘I have to leave the imperial palace.’

As she quickened her pace and said to that she will never coming here, there were nobles who tried to chat and approach her, but she neglected them and moved on her way. She was stomping her feet, nervously waiting for the carriage.

The voice now whispered was very close. Alice bit her lip as she heard the words of waiting over and over again. She thought she was fine, but she was not at all, by any chance, fine. She covered her ears with both of her hands, but it didn’t stop.

“Why are you here?”

Then Lawrence’s voice was heard. The surroundings became quiet. There was no sound, and Lawrence’s voice pierced her ears clearly. Tears flowed from Alice’s eyes, relieved by his voice.

The tears that ran down her cheeks glistened in the moonlight and her pitiful eyes turned to him. As he opened and closed her mouth, unable to utter a word, Alice let out a loud cry.

“Where have you gone— sob, sob?”

“I was talking to other nobles for a moment—”

The tears, once shed, could not stop. Lawrence panicked and reached out to her back, awkwardly patting it, but she continued to cry. He awkwardly patted her on the back and even hugged. She buried her face in his jacket and the carriage did not arrive until the jacked was already wet.


“What? No fun at all. That’s the end?”

Stella, who was watching Alice from afar, asked the voice. The identity of the voice that left a dreary echo on Alice was the god of the Erha Empire. Exactly the one who brought Alice into this world and Stella into this world.

“This can’t be the end.”

He was the god of this Erha Empire, but he had clear limits. That he could not go beyond the authority granted by Alice, who was the writer. The only place he could influence was the people mentioned in the original work, even in the Erha Empire.

Hence, God pushed the original soul of Stella away, then put another soul into it. She put her in this world so that she could avenge him who was abandoned. However, it was difficult because the HaMilton mansion was actually never mentioned in the novel.

The Marquess of Hamilton was a place where the power of God was difficult to reach because Alice had not made any special settings for that. Alice’s decision not to leave the house so as not to interfere with the original story made God even more anxious.

“Then what can I do now?”

“Anything you want.”

“The way you want?”

“But bring that, Alice Hamilton, to me.”

“Why? Do you like her?”

“No way.”

A terrifying voice penetrated her ears and Stella stroked her arm, which gave her goosebumps.

‘He’s going to harass her.’

She didn’t like the idea of God taking an interest in someone other than her, but she welcomed the attention because she was going to harass Alice, too. If they work together, they can do anything, Stella whispered to him.

“I have a good plan; would you like to hear it?”

She wasn’t sure if she heard her whispers, but Stella was sure. That God will move according to her word.


Benedict’s mood subsided after seeing Alice in Lawrence’s arms, wrapped around her, and climbed up to the carriage. He clenched his fists, but she had no special feelings.

It was Benedict who first noticed her crying. The marquise’s carriage was right nearby, and it would stop right in front of her when Benedict ordered it.

But he did not instruct the coachman. It was because he couldn’t move from the spot when he saw tears streaming down Alice’s face and couldn’t breathe properly.

The tears that flowed down her white face illuminated by the moonlight shone like jewels. The sadly drooping eyes stimulated his heart to the point that anyone will feel sorry for heer. The water drops that filled her red eyes changed from rubies to diamonds.

His heart pounding like crazy didn’t stop.

After seeing only, the mischievous and stubborn faces, Alice’s sorrowful face struck his heart mercilessly. It was the first time I had such feelings.

‘What do I do?’

Benedict always wore a mask; everything he had in the Marquis of Hamilton was not his. He didn’t hold on to the Marquis because he knew he’d have to leave it behind one day and go back to where he came from, but then there was something he wanted.

‘Alice Hamilton.’

He wanted her.

As he watched Lawrence’s carriage driving away, he climbed into the carriage and concluded that after seeing her, these feelings will be clearer.


Alice smacked her pillow with her fist.

“You must be crazy, really!”

After waking up and remembering what had occurred last night, she threw the pillow with wrath. It was Lawrence who soothed her loud crying, and in the end, took her to her house. She couldn’t even remember how she returned to her room. And the more importantly, the nobles who came in and out of the Banquet Hall witnessed that scene.


just as expected while Alice blamed herself inside her room, hitting the pillow, the aristocrats of the Erha Empire were infested with rumors of infidelity. There were rumors that Lawrence Littenverk had a deep relationship with Alice Hamilton. Alice’s reputation was ruined when people said that she went to the empty bedroom in the imperial palace and went to the garden together.

He was excited by the prospect of opening new trade routes with the Nakran Empire, the Marquis felt like he was being dragged down a rabbit hole. However, he came running after hearing such rumors.

The Marquis of Hamilton already had close ties to the Nakran Empire, handling intermediate trade, but the Marquis wanted greater wealth. That’s why he was so excited when Alice said she knew Lawrence, but this happened.

‘You can’t go to Nakran Empire.’

The Marquis still remembered it vividly. The words she blurted while holding her hands. By accepting her, he gained wealth and a beautiful daughter, but darkness still resided in the corner of his heart.

“This child must not leave Erha Empire, not even setting foot.”

There was nothing left to say so Alice left his office and stayed with him. He couldn’t tell her the facts, thus strongly objected when she wanted to go to Nakran empire.

‘No matter what happens, I will prevent her marriage with Duke Littenverk.’

The Marquis opened Alice’s door without knocking and shouted out loud.

“Are you insane!”

“If not crazy, then what?!”

With her pointed cry, the feathers from the burst pillow scattered, and the Marquis of Hamilton, alarmed at the sight, hastily closed the door.

“What is this?!”

“Don’t say anything. Because I am regretting it now.”

“Really, with the Duke of Littenverk…!”

“No, what are you talking about!”

Alice, who was hitting the pillow with her fist whether or not the Marquis came in, raised her head at those words. The marquis frowned at her sad blue eyes. It was Alice who had never revealed her personality to the servants in the house.

But the only exception she made was the Marquess of Hamilton, and sometimes even the Marquis could not handle her character.

‘It’s fortunate that she’s interested in business. Someone’s was taking that temper of hers.’

The Marquis, who had been anxious about what would happen if Alice married Lawrence and moved to the Nakran Empire a little while ago, saw her eyes and changed her mind.

‘Who said it was a good idea?’

People never know, but at least Lawrence didn’t seem to fall for Alice.


“Never, never ever!”

The Marquis returned a hearty smile to Alice who answered with gritted teeth.

“Uhm, of course, because you are my daughter!”

‘What kind of situation is this?’

He was different from what she thought. Contrary to what she thought that he would be angry with Lawrence due to the spreading rumors about infidelity, the marquis seemed to care about her relationship with Lawrence.

“Father. You’re hiding something.”

Throwing away the pillow she was holding, Alice jumped up from her bed. Walking as she was, she approached the Marquis of Hamilton and asked softly. The Marquis could not answer that question and rolled his eyes here and there.

“Hi, hiding something. N, never!”

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