Chapter 918 - Reveal

Lucas was dumbfounded and helpless, as he couldn’t communicate with Samuel at all.

The other people in the hall looked like they were watching a good show as they sized up the people involved.

Many women looked at Lucas with contempt in their eyes, feeling that he was a coward.

Of course, there were also many men looking at Lucas with jealousy and hatred. Is there something wrong with you?

Pamela was a Howard. In terms of identity and looks, she was one of the best in DC. Many young men from wealthy families had tried all sorts of methods to make Pamela like them.

But this young man who popped up out of nowhere actually obtained her!

The most atrocious thing was that he refused to admit it even after sleeping with Pamela and getting her pregnant!

Not only was he going to push the beauty Pamela away, but he even threw away the status of being the Howards’ son-in-law. Countless men dreamed of this.

Damn it. This man is an absolute fool!

Standing at the side, Ezra suddenly said, “Uncle Samuel, this punk is already married and has a child, yet he still messed with Pamela. What a scumbag!

“He even abandoned her after everything he’s with her. He’s the worst of all scumbags!

“Uncle Samuel, if you let such a person become your son-in-law, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to you and the family?

“I think we should just kill him and use his death to atone for his crimes to Pamela and our family!”

Ezra’s eyes were full of vicious killing intent as he sowed discord.

He wanted Lucas and Samuel to get into a fight now. No matter what happened, he definitely couldn’t let Lucas become Samuel’s son-in-law!

Otherwise, what else could he do to fight for the position of helmsman of the family?

“Shut up! This is our family’s business. We don’t need you to worry for us!”

Samuel was already feeling embarrassed. But now that Ezra was rubbing it in by bringing it up again, he felt terribly disgraced. So he lost his temper and snapped at Ezra.

Ezra wasn’t upset and instead continued, “Uncle Samuel, don’t mind me for being nosy. I’m doing this for your own good! This man is obviously a scumbag. Are you really going to let him marry one of us?

“Also, don’t forget that he just killed Tiffany, the chairman of Mystique Entertainment, in front of so many people. He even severely injured Travis from the Gilded Association!

“The chief of the Gilded Association is friends with the top few powerhouses of the Peerless Martial Association. If they find out about this, they definitely won’t take it lying down!

“Do you want to offend the powerful Peerless Martial Association for the sake of this scumbag?

“If Grandpa finds out about this, he will definitely be upset!”

Ezra continued to stimulate him. He was rattling on and on about how much of a scumbag Lucas was and the terrible consequences that would ensue if Samuel let Lucas off. In particular, when he mentioned his grandfather, Samuel’s heart ricocheted hard against his chest.

It was the critical period when Samuel was about to take over as helmsman. Although this matter had basically been finalized and would likely be announced to the public at the banquet tonight, it wasn’t set in stone yet. The final decision still lay with the current helmsman.

If there was one thing Samuel didn’t want the most right now, it was definitely making his father unhappy. Doing so would affect his succession as the family’s helmsman.

But Ezra blatantly provoking and instigating Samuel to harm Lucas made Samuel feel a strange hunch.

Lucas glanced at Ezra, and a sudden sharpness flashed in his eyes, “Since you’re determined to sow discord and have a death wish, I’ll give you what you want!”

Ezra sneered. “How am I sowing discord? You’re the one who has gone too far. I bet you came here today with the intention of causing trouble. Now that I’ve exposed you, you’re revealing your true colors?


“Hmph, don’t forget that you’re now on the Howards’ turf! You want to kill me? What do you take the Howard residence as? You should consider the power of the Howards and whether or not the elders will let you off!”

Then Ezra looked at Samuel. He was obviously referring to Samuel when he mentioned ‘elder’.

Since he already said this, Samuel would be deemed as not acknowledging his identity as a Howard if he let Lucas off.

Suddenly, Pamela, who had been weeping silently, sensed that there was something amiss with what Ezra said. She immediately raised her head and glared at Ezra. “What are you talking about? You admitted it yourself at the entrance earlier that Lucas is an honored guest you personally invited. Why are you saying that he barged in without permission?

“What? Lucas Gray… is an honored guest Ezra personally invited?”

“That can’t be right. Didn’t Ezra say that he doesn’t know Lucas and his subordinate at all and that he has nothing to do with him?”

“Uh… what exactly is going on here? The two of them seem to have asked Ezra to say something, but he kept denying that he knew these two. Umm…?”

“Ezra and Pamela are both heirs of the Howards. Which one of them is lying?”

Many of the guests looked extremely shocked.

In fact, there were some reasons why things had developed to this point. One of which was because Samuel didn’t know that Lucas was an invited guest and was rude to him from the beginning.

But at the time, Ezra had clearly said that he didn’t know Lucas and Jordan at all.

“Uh, actually, Ezra did say that he invited these two people at the entrance just now. I also saw with my own eyes that he personally led them in here…”

“Oh… I saw it just now too. The two of them arrived without an invitation and were stopped by the guards at the door, which led to an argument. I happened to be there when it happened. Ezra indeed brought the both of them in…”

At this point, there were two guests who happened to witness the conflict at the entrance of the residence.

With what Pamela said and the confirmation of these two guests, the truth couldn’t be clearer!

Ezra had indeed personally invited Lucas and Jordan to the Howard residence, yet he denied it and deliberately said that he didn’t know them.

But why?

Everyone suddenly turned to look at Ezra.

Samuel also turned around to look at Ezra, his eyes full of anger. “Ezra! What exactly is going on? Explain it to me immediately!”

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