Chapter 1059 - Determined To Win

Hearing what Lucas said, Cheyenne said with some self-reproach, “I was too impulsive. If I had bid a little more than 160 million dollars, he would have likely given up. We could have saved over ten million dollars! It’s all my fault for wasting so much money…

“When the Brilliance Corporation’s profits increase in the future, I will return the money to you as soon as possible!”

Lucas said with a helpless smile, “Since you’re my wife, my money is your money. Why do we have to divide it so clearly?”

Cheyenne was stunned for a moment, but she soon smiled shyly. “I’m so silly. I’ve always felt that I have to rely on myself when it comes to work. But sometimes, I forget that we’ve already become one a long time ago.”

The two of them held hands, and warmth flowed through their fingers.

In a short while, several more plots of land were successfully auctioned.

The largest plot of land in the eastern suburbs that Lucas and Flynn had set their sights on was Land No. 23, the finale item.

The land had an area of 120 acres and flat terrain, which made it suitable for building a recreational city. So Lucas was determined to acquire this land.

But its starting price was a staggering amount of 400 million dollars, which wasn’t a price ordinary companies could afford.

However, there were many wealthy families qualified to join the auction, so they had plenty of competitors.

“Okay, next up, we reach the most exciting part of the auction today, the auction for the finale plot of land. It’s also the largest piece of land among all the land up for auction today!

“I believe everyone is already clear about the location and size of this land, so I shall not waste any time explaining. Let’s start the auction right away!

“Starting price, 400 million dollars! Each increase must not be less than one million. Let’s start bidding now!

“435 million dollars!”

“450 million dollars!”

“490 million dollars!”

“800 million dollars!”

In just a few minutes, the bid for the plot of land reached 800 million dollars, which was double the starting price.

Clearly, the land was extremely appealing to many wealthy families.

“850 million dollars!” At this moment, a familiar voice sounded again.

After everyone heard the voice, they couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

The voice belonged to Alexander, who had bid earlier.

“Uh… Since the Steeles have taken a liking to this land, I’d better withdraw!”

“Me too.”

“There’s no way I can beat the Steeles. I’ll withdraw too.”

Just like before, many wealthy families withdrew from the auction because Alexander had already expressed his desire to buy this plot of land.

Even though they might have a higher budget than Alexander, no one dared to snatch land from the Steeles or compete with them in terms of financial ability.

Alexander smiled at the few competitors who had withdrawn from the auction. “Thank you, everyone.”

“Don’t mention it.”

They replied politely. The atmosphere in the room was rather harmonious.

Almost all of the competitors had given up the auction, and Alexander had a triumphant smile on his face, confident that he would win. Although he had lost Land No. 15, he could still buy Land No. 23, the best piece of land up for auction.

“One billion dollars!” At this moment, a clear voice penetrated through the entire auction hall and reached everyone’s ears.

Everyone immediately stopped talking and turned their heads in unison to look at the person who bid.

The smile on Alexander’s face froze. He turned his head and saw an extremely young face.

It was another unfamiliar face in DC.

Moreover, this young man happened to be sitting next to the beautiful woman who had bought Land No. 15.

Is this a coincidence?

Or do they know each other?

“There’s actually someone who dares to compete with the Steeles for that plot of land!”

“He even raised the price by 150 hundred million dollars in one go. That’s so much money! Incredible!”

“It looks like another new face. Do any of you know which family he’s from?”

“I reckon he’s the scion of a large consortium abroad. Otherwise, he should have done the Steeles a favor instead of competing with them here!”

After the shock, the people in the auction hall began to speculate about Lucas’s identity. They were all curious about him.

Cheyenne whispered to Lucas worriedly, “Honey, the starting price of this land was only 400 million dollars. I’ve read an analysis before that if we can acquire this land for under 850 million dollars, we can still make profits. But 1 billion is too much!

“If someone bids against you, just give up on this plot of land, Honey!”

Cheyenne was worried that Lucas would suffer losses if he spent too much money on acquiring this land.

Lucas smiled and comforted, “Honey, rest assured. Since when have I ever made a loss when it comes to business?”

The analysis Cheyenne read couldn’t be considered unreliable. In fact, if this large plot of land was used for ordinary purposes, the price of 1 billion was indeed too much.

But this plot of land would be developed differently in Lucas’s hands.

Once Stardust City was really built, the value of this land would not only just skyrocket, but it would also become the most commercially valuable place in DC in the future. Its value would increase by dozens of times.

So let alone 1 billion, even if it cost 1.5 billion dollars, Lucas would buy it without batting an eyelid.

Because this plot of land was the key to the Stardust Corporation’s soar to success, Lucas was determined to acquire it!

At this moment, Alexander turned his head to the side again. “Buddy, you seem to be a new face too. You’re not from DC either, right?”

It was almost like a replay of the previous scene.

Lucas glanced at him and said indifferently, “Right.”

“With all due respect, if you buy this plot of land at one billion dollars, there won’t really be much profit margin. In fact, with the future development and operational costs, you might even suffer losses.

“However, this plot of land is of great use to my family. Why don’t you let me have it and consider it a favor to the Steeles? I’ll also befriend you on behalf of the Steeles. What do you think?”

Alexander did have the aura of a scion of a wealthy family, and he was extremely well-mannered when he spoke, not giving people the feeling of aggression or bullying whatsoever.

He hadn’t placed his earlier bids immediately and only did so after everyone had already bid and the price was nearing the true market price.

This avoided the situation of the prices being low because people were afraid of offending the Steeles.

So Lucas honestly didn’t have any bad feelings for Alexander.

It was just that Alexander wasn’t lucky today. The plots of land he had set his sights on happened to be the ones that Lucas and Cheyenne were eying. So he could only apologize to him.

Lucas smiled but still rejected Alexander, “I’m sorry, but I must obtain this plot of land. My next bid is 1.1 billion dollars!”

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