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Chapter 1104 - Sending to the Hotel

Lucas pointed to the large ‘96%’ logo on the bottle and said with a smile, “This isn’t ordinary alcohol. It’s highly distilled vodka from Poland, the strongest alcohol in the world. Of course you can’t take it.”

Lena was flabbergasted. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? You caused me to be so embarrassed.”

After pausing for a moment, she frowned again and said, “Wait, you actually drank an entire glass at once like it was water. That’s why I didn’t notice how high its alcohol content was and thought that it was just a bottle of liquor with average alcohol content. This is all your fault!”

Lucas didn’t argue with her. He simply smiled and poured himself another glass of the vodka that appeared extremely terrifying in the eyes of others.

“Forget it. Please give me a Blue Jazz cocktail,” Lena said to the bartender in front of her.

“Okay, just a moment. please!”

With a light smile, the bartender immediately took out several types of raw liquor and displayed his spectacular bartending skills in front of the two people.

Unfortunately, the two of them didn’t seem to be in the mood to appreciate the showcase.

“Why did you come to DC?” Lucas asked.

Lena said, “My dad said he wants to develop the Sawyers’ business in DC, so he sent me over to survey the market.”

Lucas was a little surprised. “Are the Sawyers planning to expand to DC too?”

The Sawyers were one of the four top families in Orange County, and Ethan Sawyer was the wealthiest man there. But after all, they were only a powerful family in a place like Orange County and couldn’t compare to the various powerful forces in California at all. In the prosperous DC, they were just a small fry.

Thus, Lucas was surprised.

Lena crinkled her nose and said, “I said the same thing to my dad, but he told me to go and take a look. If there’s a good opportunity in DC, we can’t miss it. So, I’m here!”

“I see.” Lucas didn’t say anything else and downed another large glass of liquor.

Seeing Lucas down the strongest alcohol in the world, Lena found him to be really suave. But at the same time, she felt that drinking so much strong alcohol was detrimental to his health.

After all, an alcohol content of 96% was almost the same as pure alcohol, and people would easily get drunk or suffer severe health issues from drinking it.

“Lucas, the alcohol content of this liquor is too high. You’d better not drink it!” Lena said worriedly. Then she picked up her phone and said deliberately, “It seems like I have to call Cheyenne and get her to persuade you.”

“Don’t!” Lucas immediately reached out to stop Lena from making the call.

He didn’t want Cheyenne to see how miserable he was, which was why he wanted to drink alone to sort out his emotions. He had just lied to Cheyenne that he was handling some matters outside. If Lena told her that he was drinking alone in the bar, she would definitely rush over worriedly.

Lena didn’t really intend to call Cheyenne in the first place. Seeing Lucas stopping her, she put her phone away and asked with a smile, “And you say you didn’t have a fight with Cheyenne. Given the way you’re behaving, there’s obviously a conflict between you two. That’s why you’re out here drinking alone, right? What really happened?”

After Lena appeared, Lucas was no longer in the mood to continue drinking, so he stood up and said, “I’m done. You should head back early! It’s getting late.”

With that, Lucas settled the bill, paying for the cocktail Lena had ordered but hadn’t drunk yet, and turned around to leave.

His pace was extremely fast, and he reached the entrance of the bar in just a few seconds.

“Hey, wait for me!” Lena immediately trotted after him, but she only managed to catch up with him at the entrance and grabbed his clothes.

“Is there anything else?” Lucas frowned as he looked at the cuff of his shirt that she was grabbing before pulling it back with some force.

Lucas had honestly never liked getting too close to other women, especially since Lena had behaved a little too chummy with him on several occasions.

If any other woman did this, Lucas would have already snapped at her and walked away. But Lena was Cheyenne’s best friend, so he couldn’t humiliate her like that.

But he still found it inappropriate of her to chase after him and grab his cuff blatantly. So he looked more stern and aloof.

“My friends have already left, and it’s so late. Aren’t you worried about letting me go back alone? What if I meet a bad guy on the way? Please send me back to the hotel, okay?” Lena looked at Lucas pleadingly.

Lucas instinctively intended to turn her down. But at this moment, a sudden gust of cool wind, and he suddenly felt light-headed.

He had just drunk a bottle and a half of the strongest Polish distilled vodka, and the effects of the alcohol were now kicking in, thus making him feel dizzy and sleepy.

Lucas knew that after drinking so much, he would definitely reek of alcohol. If he went home in this state, it would be difficult to hide it from Cheyenne. So he could only check into a hotel for the night.

Since Lena wanted him to send her back to her hotel, it happened to be on the way.

“Okay, which hotel are you staying at?” Lucas asked.

On cloud nine, Lena quickly said, “It’s not too far from here. It’s just a few minutes away by taxi.”

Thus, the two of them stood by the road and took a taxi to Crown International Hotel.

It was indeed very close. In just seven or so minutes, they had already arrived at the hotel.

But Lucas had already passed out in the back seat within this short period of time.

“Lucas? Lucas?” Lena called out to him again and again, but he didn’t wake up.

When she thought that he was really drunk, many unspeakable thoughts surged in her heart, which began pounding rapidly. If he’s drunk, then… maybe… I can… 

With the taxi driver’s help, Lena helped Lucas out of the car, let him lean on her, and walked toward the hotel.

With the cold wind blowing outside and the movements as they walked, Lucas became a little awake and could walk a little, though he was still dizzy.

“Have we arrived at the hotel?” Lucas asked in a daze.

“Yeah, we’re going in soon. I’ll hold you!” Lena said gleefully as she tried her best to support his body.

Although it wasn’t easy to walk with a drunk person, she was overjoyed, and she even wished that the walk would last longer.

To be able to have such intimate contact with the man she adored, Lena was already blissful enough.

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