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Chapter 1170 - 1170 Ready to Replace

1170 Ready to Replace

“Huh? Am I wrong?” Leila asked in puzzlement.

But when she saw the relaxed look on Lucas’s face and Kenneth’s calm expression, she was finally sure that things were probably not as she had imagined.

Lucas might really not take the Waltons seriously.

“Don’t worry. The Waltons can’t do anything to me. But if you stay here, you might become a burden to me, so you should go home first. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” Lucas said softly.

Hearing this, Leila also knew that staying here would only make Lucas worried about her.

She nodded. “Okay, I’ll go home now. You must take care of your safety!”

“Yeah, don’t worry.” Lucas nodded.

Soon, Kenneth arranged for a driver and two bodyguards to send Leila home.

At the same time, he also arranged for someone to send his girlfriend, Kayla, home.

Lucas, Jordan, and Kenneth were the only ones remaining in the private room.

Lucas and Jordan were naturally very relaxed. They didn’t take the Waltons seriously at all, but Kenneth was extremely uneasy and worried.

“Mr. Gray, I just killed Jacky Walton, and the Parkers have formed a death feud with the Waltons, so you must help me deal with them. Otherwise, the Parkers will definitely be in trouble! After all, the current Parkers are no match for the Waltons!” Kenneth said worriedly while rubbing his fingers.

“Are you regretting it now?” Lucas said indifferently.

Kenneth hurriedly shook his head. “No, I don’t regret it. I’m just… just worried that the Waltons will take revenge on us. Given our power alone, we can’t withstand it. So…”

Lucas glanced at him. “What are you afraid of? I’m still sitting here. I naturally won’t leave the Parkers in the lurch.

“Just rest well here and call someone to come over.”

“Call someone to come over?” Kenneth was immediately stunned. “But there aren’t many people I can call over in DC…”

Lucas was speechless. He didn’t want Kenneth to call fighters over. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten those 2,000 people to leave.

Jordan chuckled. “Lucas means that he wants you to call the person in charge of the Parkers over. If nothing goes wrong later, you will officially be taking over the Waltons’ position and businesses. Can you take charge?”

Kenneth finally came back to his senses and hastily said, “My grandfather has already handed over the position of helmsman to my father last month. I will notify him right away! He’ll be here soon.”

Then he hurriedly took out his phone to call his father and inform him to come over to settle the matter.

But before Kenneth could make the call, someone suddenly knocked on the door of the private room. Kenneth opened the door, only to see that his father was already here.

Kenneth came to a sudden realization.

Indeed, after such a major ruckus in the restaurant, someone must have long informed his father about it, so he didn’t have to make the call.

“It’s good that you’re here, Dad. Mr. Gray is here,” Kenneth quickly said and let Ray Parker in.

Ray hurried over to Lucas and greeted respectfully, “Mr. Gray, how are you doing?!”

Lucas nodded without being too polite with him and said directly, “Just ask Kenneth about the details. Now, you need to prepare enough people and get them ready.”

Kenneth hurriedly explained everything that had happened today, as well as Lucas’s plan to let the Parkers take over the Waltons.

The more he heard, the more shocked Ray became. After hearing everything, he was even more excited. “Okay, I’ll get everyone ready! Thank you for giving us this opportunity, Mr. Gray!”

Then he stepped out of the room and quickly made arrangements.

Meanwhile, Clinton had already left the restaurant and brought his two sons, one crippled and the other dead, back to the Walton residence.

The first thing he did when he got home was to look for his father, Albert.

“Dad, bad news! We’re in trouble!” Clinton shouted.

Albert hurriedly asked, “Why? What happened?”

Albert was the current helmsman of the Waltons. Although he was in his seventies, he was still very energetic and full of vigor. He was the one who had built the Waltons’ business empire.

Clinton quickly recounted everything that had happened. Especially when he reached the part about his son dying in the Parkers’ restaurant, he was practically seething with anger.

“Dad, that’s what happened. They beat Jacky to death! The Waltons can’t take this lying down!

“Furthermore, that young man named Lucas Gray is really arrogant. He wants you to go and talk to him in person. Otherwise, he’ll come to the Waltons’ himself and make us bear the consequences!”

Clinton was furious.

Albert looked incredibly gloomy too. He didn’t expect to lose a grandson so abruptly.

But he was older than Clinton and had experienced more, so he didn’t lose himself in grief and anger and bring people to take revenge on Lucas immediately.

“You said that young man managed to gather two thousand people in fifteen minutes with just one phone call, right? In that case, he’s definitely not an ordinary person, and it won’t be wise to go against him head-on. Since he wants to see me, I’ll go and meet him.”

Clinton hurriedly said, “Dad, since he insisted on you going, he might have evil intentions. What if he harms you?

“I think we should take this opportunity to gather all the Waltons’ experts and kill that punk! He’s too confident. He actually dispersed all the people he called over. If we bring a large number of experts over now, he won’t have time to react!

“This is a great opportunity for us!”

Albert glanced at his son and shook his head. “You’re thinking about this too simply. That young man dismissed the two thousand people he called over right in front of you. Do you really think he’s a fool? It just means that he’s not worried and isn’t afraid of you bringing people over!

“Besides, if he isn’t confident, how could he have allowed you to leave in one piece? Wouldn’t it have been safer for him if he held you hostage there and got me to go over?”

Clinton felt that his father made sense too, but if he succumbed to Lucas just like that, he would be really indignant.

He clenched his fists and asked, “Dad, are you really going to go see Lucas Gray?”

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