Chapter 1193 - 1193 Toasting You

1193 Toasting You

Even Ashley was stunned.

It was Ashley and Vanessa’s first meeting today. Why would she thank her?

Vanessa elegantly filled half her glass with red wine, walked over to Ashley, and poured her some wine too. She acted very affectionately.

Her behavior left Carrie and Zoey green with envy.

With Vanessa’s noble status, they would be over the moon if they could speak with her. They had never enjoyed the treatment of Vanessa pouring wine for them, so why did Ashley get to enjoy it?

For a moment, several people had intense jealousy in their eyes.

Although Ashley’s feelings for Peter were extremely complicated, it was her first time meeting Vanessa, and there was no feud between them. Moreover, Vanessa had amicably served her wine, so Ashley naturally wouldn’t attack her. She raised the crystal wine glass in front of her and stood up.

“Ms. William, this is our first meeting. You shouldn’t have to thank me for anything, right?” Ashley asked with puzzlement.

Vanessa smiled while standing gracefully yet arrogantly in front of Ashley. “Of course I have to thank you. If you hadn’t broken up with Peter, I wouldn’t have found such an outstanding and perfect husband!”

These words were like a heavy hammer striking Ashley’s heart.

She didn’t expect Vanessa to be referring to this!

The others also looked stunned.

Vanessa wasn’t actually thanking Ashley. She was clearly showing off to her and establishing dominance!

Her contemptuous attitude as the victor was really astonishing!

Ashley’s face turned ashen, and her body was trembling so hard that she almost lost her grip on the crystal glass in her hand.

“Hey, hold your glass properly. The wine in your glass is worth at least a few grand. Don’t spill it!”

“I heard that you’ve been kicked out by the Steeles without being able to take a single cent with you. That glass of wine is worth a few months of your salary, right?”

“Haha, this might be the last time you and your husband get to drink such expensive wine in your life. You have to treasure this opportunity!”

Looking at Ashley’s pale face, Vanessa smiled even more joyfully.

At this moment, Ashley really wanted to splash her glass of wine onto Vanessa’s smiling face.

She had grown up in the Steele family for years. Even after her father had passed away, she had never suffered such humiliation!

But now that she was down and out, regardless of how angry she was, she had no choice but to hold it in.

She wasn’t afraid of angering Vanessa and the Williams. After all, she and her family were going abroad tomorrow, and who knew when she would return.

However, she couldn’t create trouble for Lucas in a moment of impulsiveness.

Many people had seen Trevor bring people to wreak havoc at the Stardust Corporation and knew that Ashley, Alexander, and Elise had defected to Lucas. If Vanessa wanted to investigate, she would easily be able to find that the family of three was working for Lucas now.

They could go abroad to avoid the disaster, but it was impossible for Lucas and the Stardust Corporation to escape. She couldn’t possibly make Lucas pay for her impulsiveness and face the retaliation of the Williams.

So even though she was shaking all over, she didn’t lose her temper. She just placed her glass back onto the table with a loud thud.

Suddenly, Lucas stood up and poured himself a glass of wine.

Silas immediately shouted, “Hey! This precious wine is worth almost a hundred grand. Who are you to drink it? Hurry up and put it down!”

Lucas didn’t say anything and simply glanced at Silas indifferently.

Silas immediately felt as if he had been drenched in ice-cold water, making him freezing cold from head to toe. He shivered uncontrollably, unable to utter a word.

Seeing Lucas’s action, Ashley immediately became nervous.

She knew that Lucas wasn’t a pushover whom anyone could bully as they pleased. Back in the fighting hall of Club Illuma, Lucas had been completely fearless in the face of the Steeles. He had even killed Godfrey, a direct descendant of the Steeles, in front of everyone.

Apart from Vanessa, who had a high status, everyone else here was from ordinary families, so they obviously couldn’t make Lucas afraid.

Once Lucas lost his temper, even Ashley wouldn’t know what would happen!

Lucas stood up, held his wine glass, and looked at Vanessa indifferently. “Since you’re so grateful toward Ashley, it seems I should return the favor and thank your husband.”

Vanessa glanced at Lucas with contempt and said disdainfully, “You’re not qualified to toast my husband!”

Lucas glanced at her and ignored her before walking to Peter. “Peter, I have to thank you too. If you hadn’t left Ashley, I wouldn’t have been able to marry a great woman like her. Don’t you agree?”

The veins on Peter’s head were throbbing.

How dare this bastard say that shameless bitch Ashley is his woman in front of me?!


Even though I’ve dumped her, she will forever belong only to me!

She can never get married and has to live the rest of her life alone and miserable!

Peter had a maniacal hatred in his eyes, but he had always been good at hiding his emotions. Even though deep down, he wanted to kill Lucas immediately, he smiled and said hypocritically, “Haha, you’re welcome.”

“I’ll toast you then!” Lucas tilted the wine glass a little.

But he didn’t want to clink glasses or drink with him. Instead, he poured the wine onto the floor.


All of a sudden, everyone in the room was flabbergasted as they stood rooted to the ground, unsure of how to react.

Peter was furious that his face was twisted.

Lucas was obviously provoking him!

He’s courting death!

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