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Chapter 1269 - 1269 Help Me With a Livestream

1269 Help Me With a Livestream

“Get lost. Don’t get in the way!” Lucas shoved Chace aside and walked toward the restaurant.

He couldn’t be bothered with these two.

“Damn it! How dare you push me? Hold it right there!” Chace immediately flew into a rage and grabbed Lucas’s sleeve.

With a cold gaze in his eyes, Lucas narrowed his eyes. “What else do you want?”

Those who were familiar with Lucas would know that he was really annoyed and angry at the moment.

Chace shouted, “Did I say you could go? Do you know what I do now? I’m famous now!”

Lucas was rather amused.

It was really rare for someone to call themselves famous.

Although Chace’s attire was from designer brands, they were only worth tens of thousands of dollars. This was expensive for ordinary people, but for those from genuinely wealthy families, a few tens of thousands of dollars in clothes and accessories was too shabby.

Thus, Chace definitely wasn’t a famous person who suddenly became rich.

Furthermore, Chace’s looks were average. He even had a pointed mouth, a gaunt face, and a lecherous vibe. It was unlikely that he was a top celebrity.

It was possible that he was a comedian. But given his intelligence and character of ignorantly offending people at every turn, Lucas didn’t think he would get far in this line of work.

All of a sudden, Lucas was really curious about what Chace did to call himself famous.

“Oh? Famous? What do you do now?” Lucas asked curiously.

Chace puffed his chest up proudly. “Hah, I’m now a famous mukbang1 streamer with millions of fans. I get tens of thousands of dollars in gifts in every stream, which is practically enough to cover your annual salary! How about it? Are you envious?”

Lucas burst into laughter. He was wondering what Chace did to call himself famous, but it turned out that he was just a streamer.

However, it wasn’t that Lucas looked down on streamers. They truly earn a lot of money compared to ordinary white-collar workers.

Or rather, streaming was an industry that arose because of Twitch, TikTok, and other social media platforms. But there was usually very little unique technical knowledge and skills involved.

It was no wonder that Chace had a following of millions and even proudly called himself famous in front of Lucas.

“Is that so? Congratulations then,” Lucas said insincerely.

Chace kept his head held high like he was superior. “Hah, now you know the massive gap between you and me. But I don’t want to make things hard for you. It’s rare for us to bump into each other in DC, so I can’t be too miserly, right? I’ll treat you to a big meal here later. Just wait at the side for me!”

After speaking in a commanding tone, he winked at the young woman next to him.

She naturally understood what he meant. She immediately took out her phone, opened an app, and pointed the camera at Chace.

“Hello, my dearest viewers and friends! I am your old friend, Chace, the streamer who aspires to eat all the delicacies in the world! As you have seen on this signboard, we’re here today to try the gourmet food of the Parkers’ Hampton Restaurant!

“We’ve already been here twice, and we’ve had twenty signature dishes, but there are still dozens of delicacies on the menu waiting for us. So, we have to continue eating here!”

Facing the camera, Chace spoke eloquently, but then he said, “But today’s stream is slightly different! When I arrived at the Hampton Restaurant, I unexpectedly bumped into a former classmate from over ten years ago!

“Unfortunately, my classmate isn’t doing too well now. He’s actually become homeless, and he’s waiting to collect leftovers at the entrance of the Hampton Restaurant!

“As a man of integrity, kindness, and loyalty, how can I watch my former classmate be in such a miserable plight?

“That’s right! Our theme today has changed a little. I’m going to treat my down-and-out classmate to a meal at the Hampton Restaurant! They’re not going to be leftovers! Of course, if any viewers would like to sponsor my classmate and give him some money, you can click the donate link below. I will definitely give him everything!”

On the camera, Chace mocked Lucas and then said to him, “Come on, my former classmate. Greet everyone watching the stream and let them know who you are!”

Lucas watched coldly as Chace performed and tried to make him look like a down-and-out homeless man, using him as a gimmick on his stream and a tool for his viewers to donate to him.

His behavior was really vicious.

Chace would be reaping all the benefits. Not only would he gain a good reputation for helping a former classmate, but he would also fool his unaware audience into donating to him.

Meanwhile, Lucas would become the bad example of Chace’s stream—an able-bodied young man reduced to picking up leftovers and food scraps from restaurants and even in need of the help of a former classmate from over a decade ago. Once Lucas showed up on camera, everyone would definitely slam him.

Indeed, when Chace was speaking, many viewers praised him to no end and even gave him numerous tips and donations.

After Chace finished speaking, the young woman immediately aimed the camera at Lucas.

Lucas sneered and turned around without hesitation, not wanting to bother with them at all.

“Hey! Lucas, wait!”

Seeing that Lucas was refusing to cooperate, Chace panicked. He quickly stepped forward to block Lucas while saying to the camera, “I’m sorry, everyone. My former classmate is feeling a little shy. Please wait a moment. I’ll speak with him!”

Then he signaled the young woman to pan the camera elsewhere.

Currently, Lucas was boiling with fury.

If it wasn’t because he didn’t want to create a commotion outside the restaurant, he would have long thrown Chace out.

“What else do you want?” Lucas was extremely annoyed.

“Lucas Gray, I’m sure you’ve heard me just now. I need you to help me with the stream. You just have to play along with me! Then I’ll treat you to a meal at the Hampton Restaurant and give you a hundred bucks. How does that sound?”

Chace approached Lucas and proposed this offer with his head held high, as if he was doing Lucas a huge favor.

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