Chapter 1289 - 1289 Call Them

1289 Call Them

Damon narrowed his eyes. “Okay, it seems that we don’t need to discuss any further. Since you’ve chosen death, I’ll get my men to make you die miserably later!”

The other helmsmen were shocked and frantically clamored in a panic. “No, we don’t want to die. We… we…”

After stammering and hesitating for a long time, they still couldn’t bring themselves to say that they chose to hand over half of their assets in exchange for their safety.

Norman sneered. “Why are you still hesitating? At most, we’ll fight to the death with the Parkers! With our families united, we can definitely destroy the Parkers!

“Damon Parker is just trying to scare us. If he really dares to harm us, he will immediately face the revenge of our alliance. I don’t believe he has the guts to lay a hand on us!”

Hearing this, the helmsmen seemed perplexed and uncertain. They looked at Damon to see if he was really making things up and trying to scare them.

But Damon merely sneered. “You can try and see if I’m just trying to scare you.”

The more confident he looked, the more nervous the helmsmen were.

Could they really give something like this a try?

The slightest mistake would end with them really losing their lives!

Damon’s actions were completely illogical and beyond their expectations. If he really ordered for them to be killed, they would have no chance to change their minds.

Seeing these helmsmen behaving cowardly and not even daring to say anything, Norman was furious.

If everyone reached a consensus to fight against the Parkers, they might be quite confident.

But these helmsmen didn’t dare to say anything. What was the use of Norman going forward alone?

Seeing that he couldn’t convince these helmsmen, Norman could only turn to look at Damon. “Mr. Parker, you’re the head of a dignified family after all. Aren’t you being too shameless by tricking us into coming here and then surrounding us and threatening us? If you’re still a man, let us go, and we can have a fair fight!

“Otherwise, even if we really hand over half of our assets to you, we’ll still be indignant about it and reluctant to pledge allegiance to the Parkers!”

Damon suddenly said, “You want a fair fight? Okay, I can fulfill your wishes.”

“Didn’t you say your alliance has already prepared your forces to deal with the Parkers? I’ll give you a chance then. You can call your people now and call them over. Deploy all your forces. The Parkers will fight you to the end!”

Damon’s words completely dumbfounded Norman and the other helmsmen.

The Parkers were really willing to give up their plans and allow them to call their people over for a fair fight?

“Mr. Parker, are you serious? Will you really allow us to call our people here?” one of the helmsmen asked in disbelief.

Damon said calmly, “Yes, of course. You can call them now.”

He extended his hand and gestured for them to go ahead.

Only then did they dare to confirm that Damon really allowed them to call their people over.

Logically speaking, they should be overjoyed that Damon was giving them such a godsend opportunity and immediately call their people over to eradicate the Parkers to take revenge for what happened today.

But for some reason, the helmsmen were hesitating and feeling anxious again after seeing the confident and fearless look on Damon.

Although their seven families were just second-tier families in DC, who were far inferior to the eight top families, they had a lot of people. And if they joined forces, even none of the eight top families would be able to withstand them!

But the Parkers actually dared to give them the chance to call their people over for a fair fight. Weren’t the Parkers afraid of their combined forces?

At this moment, Damon added, “I can give you half an hour to get your people here. But before doing so, you must think it through carefully. You still have two choices now. You can choose which of your family’s assets to hand over, and you can keep the remaining half.

“But once you have chosen to call your people here for a fight, it means that you’ve chosen to stand against the Parkers. When the time comes, even if you beg me on your knees after I wipe out your people, I won’t show you any mercy. Understood?

“Now, you should think about what you want to do!”

Damon smiled mysteriously and stood up to leave the living room with Bruce and the rest!

Of course, the experts of the Parkers didn’t leave and were still surrounding the living room. Likewise, no one moved away the clock in the middle of the living room either, leaving it to serve as a reminder to the helmsmen.

It had to be said that Damon and the others were behaving arrogantly by taking the initiative to leave.

Since these families wanted a chance for a fair fight, Damon allowed them to call their people over.

He even gave them sufficient time and space to discuss and call whomever they wanted without interfering.

His attitude of a superior figure giving small fries a chance made the seven helmsmen even more nervous.

If the Parkers didn’t have enough power and confidence, they wouldn’t have dared to do this!

“Everyone, why… why do I feel that something is amiss… The Parkers actually gave us a chance to call our people here, and they aren’t forcing us at all. Does this mean that the Parkers aren’t afraid of us calling our people here at all?”

“I think so too! The Parkers have already taken control of us. To put it bluntly, had they threatened us, it would have been much simpler to deal with us. Why would they let go of the upper hand when they’ve already obtained it? I keep feeling that the Parkers are really confident, and I think we might have underestimated the Parkers’ true strength!”

“Yes, that might really be the case! I think we’ve underestimated the Parkers! Think about it. The Waltons were so powerful back then, but didn’t the Parkers completely replace them overnight? I doubt any of the other eight top families can do that, right?”

“Is it possible that the Parkers are already stronger than the eight top families of DC? But if that’s the case, why have the Parkers… stayed silent all this time and only come out now?” someone said in shock.

Another helmsman continued, “The Parkers might really have that strength, but they’ve just never revealed it before. There’s always going to be someone better than you. No one can be sure about how much power the Parkers really have, but it has only been a few months since they moved to DC before replacing the Waltons. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Parkers join the ranks of the top eight families soon!”

All of a sudden, everyone felt that it really made sense, and deep down, they became fearful of the Parkers.

It wasn’t that the Parkers weren’t strong enough, but rather, they had been hiding their true power and abilities. Within a few months of arriving in DC, even though they had help, they had already taken down the Waltons, one of the former top eight families who had stood strong for decades. Given time, it wasn’t impossible for the Parkers to become one of the eight top families by their own merit!

The Parkers were actually so terrifying!

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