Chapter 405 - : He’s A Liar

Harry had just seen a photo of the Heart of Romance in the news article a few moments ago, and now that he suddenly saw that valuable ring on the finger of someone right in front of him, he was really astonished.

If not for the fact that he was now surrounded by a group of close friends, Harry would have suspected that he was dreaming.

The rest were just as flabbergasted as Harry. Even though they had never seen the famous pink diamond named the Heart of Romance, the eye-catching diamond ring on Cheyenne’s finger was self-explanatory.

Apart from being shocked, these people were bewildered too.

Just now, Harry had said that the person who proposed with the Heart of Romance was a scion from DC. So they couldn’t help wondering why the famous diamond ring appeared on Cheyenne’s finger.

Could this woman be the one that wealthy scion proposed to?

This was simply unbelievable to them!

But they took another look at Cheyenne’s stunning beauty and thought it wasn’t that surprising that a wealthy scion would take a liking to her.

Everyone subconsciously chose to ignore the fact that Cheyenne was already married.

So what if she’s married? As long as that wealthy scion likes her, nothing is an issue! they thought.

Nikki’s eyes were so wide open that they seemed about to fall out. Staring at the diamond ring on Cheyenne’s finger, she asked expectantly, “Cheyenne, is… is that ring on your finger the Heart of Romance? I mean, the Heart of Romance that’s worth thirty-five million dollars.”

She was full of envy and jealousy. Why would that wealthy scion fall for a woman like Cheyenne Carter, who’s already married and has a child? He even gave her such an expensive ring. I’m so jealous!

Kenneth’s expression also changed drastically. If that wealthy scion from DC had really taken a liking to Cheyenne and had given her such an expensive diamond, he wouldn’t dare to harbor designs on Cheyenne anymore.

The others were also keeping their eyes glued to Cheyenne. They thought that if that scion from DC really fancied Cheyenne, they might be able to take the opportunity tonight to befriend her and then use their friendship with her to get close to that scion!

While everyone was watching, Cheyenne suddenly smiled faintly and said, “This ring is a gift from my husband!”

Then she looked at Lucas beside her. Everyone could see clearly the tenderness and pride in her eyes.

She wanted to let these people know that the exorbitantly expensive precious diamond ring was a gift from Lucas, whom they looked down on!

“Psht, so at the end of the day, it’s from this good-for-nothing!” Nikki looked away with disappointment before mocking gloatingly in a relaxed manner, “Since it’s from this good-for-nothing, it must be a counterfeit! You gave me a huge shock!”

The others also returned to their seats with disappointment in their eyes.

“Damn it. I thought that it was really the Heart of Romance! Turns out it’s counterfeit!”

“What a waste of my feelings! I knew it. It’s a pink diamond worth thirty-five million dollars. I’ve never seen such an expensive thing all my life. I thought I could have a feast for the eyes! This is such bad luck!”

“This good-for-nothing probably can’t even afford a diamond worth a couple thousand dollars! Do you have any brains? You could have just pretended that it’s an ordinary diamond ring. Why did you have to pretend that it’s a diamond worth thirty-five million dollars? Only a fool would believe you!”

After being disappointed, the crowd started mocking Lucas again.

Cheyenne couldn’t stand hearing others insult Lucas, so she frowned and said seriously, “This diamond is real!”

Nikki immediately said hostilely, “Cheyenne, are you stupid? Harry just said that the real Heart of Romance is worth thirty-five million dollars. Thirty-five million dollars! Do you think your good-for-nothing husband can afford it? I’m afraid he can’t even afford thirty-five hundred dollars! You actually still believe what he said is true. You really… I really don’t know what to say about you!”

“Cheyenne, you’d better hurry up and divorce this liar Lucas Gray! Otherwise, I think you’re going to be affected by him sooner or later!”

The people at the side agreed one after another.

“Exactly. This liar is really brazen. How dare he say that this is a pink diamond worth thirty-five million dollars? Miss Carter, you’d better stay further away from a braggart like him!”

“Exactly! Who knows how many more times he’s going to lie to you? You don’t even know when he’s lying and when he’s not. That’s so tiring!”

“I think you should really get married to someone of a compatible background! Miss Carter, you’re beautiful and magnanimous. You became the general manager of a large corporation at such a young age, while this husband of yours is a good-for-nothing who does nothing but freeload. It’s not that I’m looking down on him, but he’s such a liar and a complete piece of garbage! You’d better divorce him sooner!”

“That’s right! Miss Carter, you’d better divorce him. There are plenty of good men in this world. Look at Kenneth. He’s so handsome, and he’s the future successor of the Parkers. He’s got such a good character and family background. You can’t find someone like him again! Miss Carter, why don’t you consider giving Kenneth a chance?”

Everyone was making derogatory comments about Lucas and singing praises about Kenneth to make Cheyenne fall for Kenneth.

Cheyenne was exasperated. She finally knew that they were prejudiced against Lucas, and even if she revealed his true identity, they would probably just think that she was bragging and lying.

“Honey, this beef stew tastes great. Try it.” Lucas pushed a bowl of beef stew toward Cheyenne.

His expression was calm, and he was acting as if the person they were scolding wasn’t him.

In fact, this was really the case. Since Lucas wasn’t like what they said, there was no need for him to bother about their scoldings.

Anyway, to him, they were just strangers he probably wouldn’t ever see again after this meal.

Lucas helped Cheyenne to some more food before starting to eat again as if no one was watching.

The reason Cheyenne was furious was that she didn’t want them to continue to misunderstand and insult Lucas. But after seeing how unconcerned he was about their opinions, she suddenly figured it out and calmed down. She then picked up her cutlery again to eat the food.

Both Cheyenne and Lucas began eating calmly, completely ignoring them.

These few people who had been bad-mouthing Lucas and trying to set up Cheyenne and Kenneth suddenly couldn’t bring themselves to go on anymore. They simply looked at the two of them with their eyes and mouths wide open, dumbfounded.

However, Kenneth’s eyes were full of anger.

Although he had indeed invited Cheyenne and Lucas to dinner, he couldn’t believe that they would really just focus on eating while turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to everything else. How infuriating!

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