Chapter 467 - Really Good Luck

Edmund didn’t bother to look at the expressions of others and merely stared at Matthew sternly as he drawled, “If it weren’t for this young man you called a punk, I’d be dead now! How dare you point a gun at him? You must be tired of living!

“From now on, the Coles will no longer have anything to do with the Bensons. All the cooperations between us will cease!” Edmund ordered in a cold voice.

The expression on Matthew’s face immediately froze, and immediately afterward, a strong sense of fear surged from the bottom of her heart.

Edmund was undoubtedly expressing that the Coles were abandoning the Bensons and would no longer be their backer from now on. The Bensons would no longer receive any help from the Coles!

In the past few years, the Bensons had relied on their connections with the Coles to develop their struggling business and become a second-tier family in San Francisco now.

If the news of the Coles severing ties with the Bensons got out, the rivals the Bensons had provoked in the past would definitely encroach on everything they had within a short period of time!

At the thought, Matthew was so terrified that he got on his knees and begged Edmund, “Mr. Cole, it’s indeed my fault today! I didn’t know this person was your savior. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have dared to touch him! I really know my mistakes. Please withdraw your orders and give me another chance! I promise I won’t dare to do it again!”

Edmund didn’t waver and merely glanced at Matthew coldly. “You have to pay the price for your mistakes! If you aren’t satisfied with my punishment, I won’t mind letting the Bensons vanish from San Francisco immediately!”

As soon as he heard this, Matthew looked as though he had been dealt a huge blow, and he didn’t dare to plead any further.

He knew that Edmund had always been a man of his word, especially because he used to be from the military. It would be very difficult to change his mind. If he continued to plead with Edmund, the Bensons might perish today before their competitors and rivals even tried to do anything to them.

Matthew seemed devastated and aghast as he started trembling while kneeling on the ground.

The other powerful helmsmen around them also seemed rather horrified as they had all turned terribly pale.

They were naturally thrilled when they had ganged up against Lucas, Flynn, and Ethan just now. But now, Edmund, who was several social classes above them, was standing on Lucas’s side!

Even the Bensons, who had just been high up in the sky and arrogant, had been abandoned by the Coles like a dog. Since Matthew didn’t even dare to say a word in front of Edmund, what would happen to them?

How did Lucas Gray coincidentally turn out to be Edmund Cole’s savior?

Ethan had previously mentioned that he was willing to stand on Lucas’s side at all costs because Lucas was his life savior.

Now, Edmund was also standing on Lucas’s side for the same reason.

Why is Lucas Gray so lucky?

Why am I not the one who saved Edmund Cole?

All of a sudden, an uncontrollable sense of envy toward Lucas rose in the hearts of all the people present.

If Lucas could read their minds, he would probably burst into laughter.

These helmsmen, who had been living in the lap of luxury for years and were only interested in climbing the ladder of power and gaining more benefits, would probably just think that Edmund was an old man blocking their way if they saw him on the streets. They definitely wouldn’t save him.

After all, when Edmund had a heart attack and collapsed on the street, there had been a large group of people around him, but none of them had been willing to give him a helping hand out of fear that he might be a conman out to swindle their money.

Even ordinary people refused to help, let alone these ruthless and unfeeling helmsmen who cared only about profits.

At this moment, Damon stood at the side nervously, his heart pounding rapidly.

If Edmund really stood on Lucas’s side, he would definitely lash out at him and question him after finding out about what had happened in the ballroom.

The reason being, Damon was the one who had brought his men with him to confront Lucas to avenge his grandson. Later on, he had also called over the helmsmen of the top LA families to join forces against Lucas and Flynn. Even Matthew had come here to go against Lucas after obtaining information from Damon and getting instigated by him.

Regardless of the perspective from which the matter was perceived, Damon was still the culprit. Even if Edmund let him off, Matthew wouldn’t spare him!

The moment he thought of the storm he might have to face next, Damon’s body began to shake while his heart hammered rapidly. He almost lost his balance too.

At this moment, the young girl who had been following Edmund suddenly smiled at Lucas playfully. “Hey, Lucas! We’ve really met again!”

Lucas had felt a hint of surprise from the moment he saw Edmund.

He didn’t expect that the old man who had suffered a heart attack and was rescued by him on the road yesterday would be the helmsman of the Coles, a top family in San Francisco.

The appearance of this young woman also caught him by surprise.

It turned out that the young woman of the Cole family he had met at the antique exhibition in the LA Arts Center yesterday afternoon was the granddaughter of the Cole family helmsman.

Her attitude toward him at the exhibition yesterday had been rather bizarre. She was infuriated to hear him questioning the authenticity of the Coles’ antiques at first. But after she got a clear look at his face, her attitude changed drastically.

In particular, she repeatedly rebuked Nikki and Kenneth, who had been hostile to Lucas, and even threw them out of the exhibition.

In hindsight, Lucas reckoned that she must have recognized him to be the one who had saved Edmund.

Lucas smiled faintly without saying anything.

Beside him, Cheyenne immediately recognized the young woman too and couldn’t help being surprised.

Standing nearby, Nikki naturally also recognized her to be the one who had driven her and Kenneth out of the exhibition hall yesterday, which caused her to end up in a wretched state and even suffer a slap from Kenneth. She was naturally displeased, but she knew that the young woman was from the Cole family and thus definitely had a superior status. Since Nikki couldn’t afford to provoke her, she had no choice but to bear with the disgruntlement.

But Lucas now turned out to be the savior of Edmund, which meant that the entire Cole family, including the young woman, would be on Lucas’s side!

Lucas would thus have several powerful people to help and protect him, making it even harder to kill him!

Nikki’s heart was brimming with resentment, and she was clenching her fist so tightly that her nails dug into her palms while she glowered at Lucas.

Why… just why is this good-for-nothing so lucky?

He was already about to be shot dead by Matthew Benson, yet such a powerful person popped up out of nowhere to help him. Why?!

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