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Chapter 507 - Becoming A Vegetable

Seeing how cute and well-behaved Amelia was, Lucas became softhearted. “We know that you’re obedient, Amelia, but you’re still young and need to grow up. You have to rest well at night. Be good and go stay with Aunt Grace tonight!”

Cheyenne’s eyes were red as she said to Amelia, “Amelia, listen to Daddy. Mommy and Daddy can’t leave the hospital today, so stay with Aunt Grace so that we can feel at ease.”

Amelia considered it for a long time before saying reluctantly, “Okay then. I’ll go to Aunt Grace’s place tonight. But you guys have to come and pick me up early tomorrow! But where is Aunt Grace now?”

Lucas caressed her hair again before going to Grace’s mother’s ward and calling out to Grace.

“Hey, Lucas, what are you doing here?” Grace looked at Lucas in surprise.

Generally, people would show up at the hospital either to visit their sick relatives and friends or to have their illnesses treated.

Lucas briefly told her about William getting into a car accident and undergoing surgery in the emergency room, as well as how they couldn’t leave. “We don’t feel comfortable leaving Amelia to other people, so I hope you can help us take care of her tonight.”

Grace smiled. “No problem. I like Amelia a lot, and I’d be more than happy to keep her company!”

Thus, the matter was settled.

Amelia left with Grace. Of course, Lucas didn’t completely leave Amelia in Grace’s care and sent Jordan to keep an eye on Amelia and protect her.

After all, Amelia was his only daughter, and he couldn’t let anything happen to her.

Time seemed to be crawling by while they waited anxiously. At daybreak, William was finally pushed out of the emergency room.

“Dad!” Cheyenne and Charlotte rushed forward. When they saw William being connected by tubes to some machines instead of covered by a layer of white cloth, they seemed to come back to life again.


Dad’s still alive! Thank god!

The two burst into tears of joy.

The moment the door to the emergency room opened, Karen was jolted awake from her nap. But a trace of disappointment quickly appeared in her eyes when she saw that William was still alive.

How can William Carter still be alive?

This jerk is too lucky!

Did I waste my money in vain?

While Karen was thinking evil thoughts, Cheyenne anxiously asked the doctor, “Doctor, how is my father’s condition? Is it serious? How long will it take for him to recover?”

The main surgeon pushed his glasses up his nose wearily and said in an apologetic tone, “I’m very sorry. Although your father’s life is temporarily out of danger, the injuries he sustained are too serious, and he suffered a large impact to his brain. He’s very likely…”

“Very likely what?” Charlotte asked agitatedly.

“The patient’s injuries are too serious. We’ve already done our best, but it’s still very likely that he will remain bedridden forever, which is known as being in a vegetative state. Of course, if the situation turns for the better, he might still be able to regain consciousness.”

The doctor comforted them helplessly and then dragged his exhausted body away.

Cheyenne and Charlotte stood rooted to the ground for a long time before realizing what the doctor meant, after which they immediately burst into tears of misery.

Looking at the sisters crying miserably and then at William lying lifelessly on the hospital bed with the ventilator and lots of tubes attached to him, Lucas felt rather sorrowful too.

William was just his father-in-law, and they didn’t share a very close relationship in the past. In fact, it could be said that William had been extremely hostile to Lucas.

But he was still the biological father of Cheyenne and Charlotte after all. After William decided to turn over a new leaf, his attitude toward Lucas changed drastically too. He was almost about to become a real family member of Lucas.

But William was now in a vegetative state after the sudden car accident, and it was almost impossible for him to regain consciousness ever again.

Lucas had a heavy heart, but he suddenly heard an exclamation from the side. “Cheyenne!”

Lucas abruptly looked up, only to see that Cheyenne had gone limp and fallen to the floor.

He immediately reached out and caught Cheyenne’s slumping body. Holding her in his arms, he saw that her eyes were tightly shut and her face was pale. She had passed out from all the crying.

The few of them sent the seriously injured William and the unconscious Cheyenne to the ward.

There were no major issues with Cheyenne, and she had merely passed out because she was too sad. She woke up after ten minutes.

But after waking up, she immediately looked to the side at William, who was lying lifelessly on the hospital bed. She teared up uncontrollably.

Charlotte’s face was also covered in tears. She was incredibly grief-stricken.

Karen, who had been sitting at the side, wiped her eyes and lamented tearfully, “William, you must wake up! What is going to happen to me if you die?!”

But no one noticed the absence of a single trace of grief in her eyes, as well as the smug smirk that flashed across her face.

A vegetable… He didn’t die, but this is a good outcome too.

Since he can’t regain consciousness, he won’t be able to get in my way.

Moreover, these two unfilial girls can’t possibly leave William Carter to fend for himself, can they? They’ll definitely take us back to the luxurious villa.

Lucas’s heart ached when he saw how devastated they were, especially Cheyenne, who was crying so badly that she was about to lose her balance.

He walked out of the ward and went to a secluded area to make a call.

Soon, a woman on the other end asked in surprise, “Huh? I didn’t think that you’d take the initiative to contact me, Lucas. That’s so rare of you! But you’ve never liked catching up with old friends and reminiscing about the past. Are you calling me this time to ask for help?”

Lucas didn’t beat around the bush. “Maddy, I’m indeed calling you because I need your help with something. My father-in-law got into a car accident last night and just came out of the emergency room. There’s a very slim chance that he’ll wake up again. I’d like to ask if there’s any way to treat his condition?”

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