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Chapter 516 - Trust Between A Married Couple

Karen was pleased, but she still took a mile after being given an inch. “That’s more like it! But just scolding him a few times is too easy for him! I’ve been painstakingly taking care of your father here, but I can’t even get a thank you from him. Why do I have to endure this infuriation? I don’t want to see him at all. Tell him to stay away from the hospital for a while. I get really fed up when I see him. If I collapse from being provoked by him, there won’t be anyone to take care of your father!”

Karen deliberately made such a request and used the threat of falling sick from anger to keep Lucas away from the hospital.

She already hated Lucas enough, and now that he seemed to know something and became suspicious of her, she didn’t want to see him anymore.

In particular, she was now planning to find an opportunity to make a move on William. She could find a way to convince Cheyenne and Charlotte to go back to work, thus easily grasping their work and commuting timings.

But in her opinion, Lucas was a loafer who idled around all day. She wasn’t certain when he would suddenly appear in the hospital again, so she had no choice but to drive him far away and not let him come back to ruin things for her!

Cheyenne nodded and dialed Lucas’s number directly in front of Karen.

Lucas smiled and picked up Cheyenne’s call, only to hear a slew of angry accusations. “Lucas, what’s wrong with you? My mom is taking care of my dad in the hospital day and night. Why did you have to go so far and say such callous things to her? She’s my mom! I’m telling you, I don’t want to hear any more from you. Anyway, from today onward, you’re not allowed to come to the hospital and provoke my mom!”

With that, Cheyenne hung up abruptly.

Lucas held the phone with a bewildered look on his face, his heart full of bitterness.

Looking at this situation, he reckoned that Karen must have made up a lot of bad things about him and accused him in front of Cheyenne again.

He could ignore the fact that Karen had slandered him, but Cheyenne’s attitude toward him made him feel extremely dejected.

He had thought that he had already established a tacit understanding with Cheyenne and that she would always believe him. But why…

But before Lucas could continue to think any further, his phone screen lit up again because of a text from Cheyenne.

“Hubby, I’m sorry!”

When Lucas saw these few words, the bitterness and dejection surging in her heart instantly vanished.

He understood that Cheyenne didn’t mean to say those words just now.

Cheyenne was obviously helpless and had only called him because of Karen’s request, which explained why she sent him an apology message immediately after berating him on the phone.

When he thought of what Karen had done and how she had just tried to use Cheyenne to forbid him from going to the hospital, he immediately guessed that Karen wanted to make a move against William again and was afraid that he would foil her plans.

A murderous intent shot out from Lucas’s eyes.

He had arranged for some people in the hospital to keep an eye on Karen at all times. As long as she dared to lay her hands on William, she would immediately be caught red-handed.

She totally deserved to face this.

But if Karen’s evil deeds came to light, it might be a tremendous blow to Cheyenne and Charlotte!

Their mother trying to kill their father twice was a difficult fact for anyone to accept.

But Karen’s behavior was like a bomb. Even if Lucas didn’t want Cheyenne to be sad and chose to cover it up, Karen wouldn’t show the slightest tinge of remorse and would instead commit even more crazy and terrifying acts in the future.

In that case, it would be better to reveal Karen’s viciousness early on while it was still possible!

At this moment, a knock on the door interrupted his contemplation.

“Come in!”

The door of the chairman’s office opened, and Charlotte entered with a stack of documents.

As the general manager of the company, Charlotte was in charge of all affairs. But she still had to report some important matters to Lucas for him to make a decision.

But today, she seemed to be out of sorts and suppressing her anger.

“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked in puzzlement.

Charlotte placed the stack of documents in front of Lucas. “Lucas, the secondary partners suddenly all want to terminate their recently signed contracts with our company. It’s as if they agreed beforehand.”

Lucas frowned.

Their secondary partners were medium-sized enterprises.

The Stardust Corporation had been developing smoothly recently and had expanded to the LA market because of their ties with the Sawyers and Hales, two of the four major families in Orange County. Thus, the overall situation was going well.

In this situation, several secondary partners suddenly wanted to terminate their contracts and even on the same day. It was simply bizarre no matter how he looked at it.

After some thought, Lucas said, “What are the contract amounts? Has the compensation for termination been agreed upon?”

Charlotte flipped open the documents on the table and let Lucas skim through them before saying, “Because it’s the first time we’re cooperating with them, the amount is not particularly large. They have also promised to follow the normal termination compensation procedures and pay us the full compensation for the breach of contract.

“However, we have already started these projects and invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the preliminary stages. Their sudden termination has resulted in heavy losses for us. Although their compensation for the breach of contract can probably offset our losses, the arrangements we’ve made in San Francisco will be almost all paralyzed. In general, the impact will be great.”

This was exactly what Charlotte was upset about. The contract terminations of the other parties had made all the efforts of many people on their side go down the drain.

Lucas frowned. “Are all of these secondary partners enterprises in San Francisco?”

Charlotte nodded and said indignantly, “Yes, we spent a lot of money on expanding to San Francisco. But now, all our efforts and money will be going down the drain. Moreover, I suspect that there must be someone behind this matter. Otherwise, it’s impossible for so many partners to terminate their contracts with us at the same time.”

Lucas thought so too, but he really didn’t have time to deal with it now. “Let’s put this matter aside for now and put off the expansion to San Francisco for the time being too. When we resolve the matter about William, I will personally deal with this matter.”

Refusing to give up, Charlotte said with some indignation, “But we’ve already invested a lot of money and resources into these projects. If we put them on hold, a lot of our efforts will be wasted! I…”

“It’s alright. Even if we put this plan on hold temporarily, it won’t have a huge impact on the company. It will just affect our profits. But the matter regarding William is far more important than making money,” Lucas said calmly.

The Stardust Corporation was naturally very important to Lucas.

However, the development of the company could be done slowly. But William’s life was at stake, and his safety was Lucas’s main concern at the moment.

Gratitude appeared on Charlotte’s face, but at the same time, she was also a little puzzled.

“Is there anything else… wrong with my dad?” she asked, blinking her eyes.

Although the fact that her father had been seriously injured and ended up in a vegetative state due to the car accident also made Charlotte extremely miserable, she felt that there seemed to be more to Lucas’s words.

Lucas looked at her and hesitated for a moment, but he nevertheless asked, “If… and I mean if. If you find out one day that your mother is the mastermind of the accident that caused your father to end up like this, how would you feel?”

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