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Chapter 636 - : Husband or Father?

“Miss Reed!”

“Miss Reed, are you alright?”

Seeing this, the salespeople watching from the side immediately gathered around Kylie and showed her concern.

It wasn’t that they were actually concerned about her or were trying to be affectionate on purpose. But rather, Kylie was the type who would think that anyone who didn’t come up to show her concern had something against her. She would then torment those people.

They understood Kylie’s temper and character like the back of their hand. Moreover, there was a person behind Kylie whom they couldn’t afford to mess with…

After the crowd helped Kylie up, she didn’t even care about the attentiveness and concern the people around her were showing. Instead, she glowered at Lucas viciously and said with a menacing expression, “Lucas Gray, how dare you lay a hand on me? In that case, I won’t be polite to you either!”

Then she took out her phone and called someone. In a disgustingly coquettish voice, she complained, “Hubby, it’s me! I’m on the fourth floor of the Heavenly Pavilion, and I got bullied! Hurry up and come here to seek justice for me~”

Seeing Kylie calling her husband, Jane immediately panicked because she knew who her husband was.

Although she and Lucas had met each other for the first time today, she no longer treated him as merely an insignificant customer, perhaps because both of them were yelled at and bullied by the same person. Besides, Lucas had even stopped Kylie from slapping her just now.

“Mr. Gray, you’d better hurry up and leave while you can! Kylie’s husband is the general manager of Heavenly Pavilion. He’s hot-tempered and extremely protective of his wife. He also has the power to command all the security guards in the Heavenly Pavilion. If he comes here to stand up for Kylie, you’ll be in hot soup. Even if you don’t die, you’ll definitely suffer! Hurry up and leave before he arrives, or else you won’t be able to leave later!” Jane urged softly and anxiously beside Lucas.

Seeing the genuinely worried look on her face, Lucas had a good impression of her, the only salesperson who had decided to serve him.

Generally, the other salespeople of the Heavenly Pavilion, as well as Kylie, a supervisor, had made him rather displeased. But he felt that Jane’s character wasn’t too bad.

However, Lucas was destined to let Jane’s kind reminder go to waste.

He didn’t even care about the Kingstons in San Francisco or the eight giants of DC. What could the mere general manager of an antique store do to him?

Leave? That definitely wasn’t something Lucas would do.

Seeing Lucas not moving, Jane thought that he still didn’t realize how serious things were at this moment. She persuaded anxiously, “I’m telling the truth. Hurry up and leave, or else you will really suffer!”

Kylie, who had just hung up the phone, happened to hear this.

With a smug smile, she threw her head back and laughed. “Haha, you want to leave? Impossible!”

She turned around and instructed two salesmen beside her, “Go to the elevator and wait. Don’t let him leave! Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

When the two young salesmen obediently went to the elevator door and stood there, Kylie turned to stare at Lucas triumphantly and sneered. “Let’s see how you can leave! You just grabbed my arm and caused me to fall. I will never let you off easily!”

Jane retorted furiously, “Kylie, you know clearly what really happened just now. Why are you accusing him now? He didn’t do anything to you at all. If you just want to vent your anger, take it out on me. Why do you have to act like this?”

Kylie snorted coldly. “Hmph, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I still remember what you said to rebut me just now! You’re just a small trainee who I can kick out at any time. What right do you have to be so proud in front of me?

“Moreover, isn’t this the first time you’re meeting Lucas Gray today? Why are you speaking up for him? Do you think he can really afford to spend four million on the items of the Heavenly Pavilion? Is that why you’re eagerly sucking up to him? Haha, what a joke!

“I’m telling you, this man is just a good-for-nothing live-in husband mooching off his wife! Ah~ Could it be that you’ve also taken a liking to his face, so you want to make him your boy toy? I’m afraid you’re a step too late. He already has a wife. Unless you can replace his wife, you’ll forever be his mistress!”

Kylie’s words were getting more and more unbearable, making Jane, a fresh college graduate who had never even been in love, blush in humiliation.

“You… How can you say that? Mr. Gray and I just met for the first time today, and he is my customer. We’re innocent, and there’s nothing between us, unlike the nasty things you said! You… you are the…”

Jane didn’t know how to curse, and the few sentences Kylie said had already made her blush. Even though it was true that Kylie was once the mistress of a married man, Jane couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.

Lucas narrowed his eyes.

Kylie was indeed going overboard by smearing a fresh college graduate who was only in her early twenties with such vicious words.

At this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened, and a balding middle-aged man in his forties or fifties with a beer belly walked over. He questioned boorishly, “You said someone bullied you. Who is it? Is he still here?”

Kylie immediately leaped into the arms of this middle-aged man with a beer belly aggrievedly and feebly and complained sobbingly, “Honey, it’s him. He just grabbed my arm and pushed me to the floor. I’m in so much pain!”

While pouting, she pointed the long fingernail of her index finger at Lucas.

The few salespeople at the side seemed to be used to the scene before them as they remained silent. Only one of them had twitching lips and was vaguely expressing some emotion.

Lucas looked at the scene in front of him and found it unsightly. He snorted and burst into laughter.

“Kylie Reed, is this your husband or your father? Are you sure you didn’t address him with the wrong term?” Lucas asked, pretending to be puzzled.

As soon as he said this, the surroundings fell silent. Kylie, who was complaining coquettishly, froze right on the spot.

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