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Chapter 640 - Misappropriation of Large Funds

Lucas looked down at the panicked Kylie with a look of contempt and mockery on his face.

“Have you suddenly remembered that we’re former college classmates now that things have come to this? You shouldn’t have forgotten how you deliberately picked a fight with me previously and insulted me, your ‘former classmate’, huh? If you hadn’t looked for trouble with me, this incident wouldn’t have happened at all. Who are you to ask me to beg for mercy on your behalf?

“Moreover, even now, you’re still acting arrogant. Is this the attitude you should have when asking for help? You and I have nothing to do with each other in the first place, and there’s no reason for me to help someone hostile toward me for no reason. Get lost!”

Lucas immediately stopped Kylie from reaching over to grab his calf.

Only at this moment did Kylie realize that Lucas was no longer the taciturn person who would allow anyone to bully him whom she remembered.

But… but why?!

This bastard Lucas is obviously just a good-for-nothing!

Even if he married Cheyenne Carter as a live-in husband, he’ll forever be a good-for-nothing!

“Mr. Parker, do you know that Lucas Gray is really just a loser who has nothing to his name? Why do you have to protect him so much and even go so far as to kick veteran employees like me and Mr. Frey out of the Heavenly Pavilion? I’m really indignant!”

The more Kylie thought about it, the angrier she got. She was overwhelmed by envy and anger, so much so that she actually began questioning Kenneth.

Kenneth narrowed his eyes slightly as a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He was the only scion of the great Parker family, and most people were respectful toward him. Since when had he ever been questioned by such a lowly woman?

In particular, her comments targeting Lucas were ridiculous, absurd, and silly.

If Lucas was really a useless and penniless man, would he have to be so cautious and on tenterhooks in front of him? Kenneth wasn’t a fool.

This woman is an idiot. She doesn’t even know to observe!

Kenneth naturally wouldn’t reveal Lucas’s true identity in front of Kylie and just sneered. “If you still want your tongue, you’d better shut up. If you dare to disrespect Mr. Gray and make me angry again, I can’t guarantee what I will do!”

Kenneth had always been the most arrogant one among his circle. If not for Lucas’s presence today, he would have long gotten rid of this stupid woman who dared to question him and lose her temper at him. But he didn’t want Lucas to think that he was ruthless, and he wanted to cut her some slack because she was Lucas’s former college classmate.

After hearing the cruel warning from Kenneth, Kylie shuddered and suddenly snapped back to her senses. I-I must have been muddled to have dared to question the scion of the Parker family loudly. I let my anger get the better of me!

After receiving Kenneth’s warning, Kylie started to behave herself, not daring to say anything else.

Suddenly, Kenneth’s phone rang. It was a call from his assistant.

“Mr. Parker, regarding the investigation about the general manager of the Heavenly Pavilion, we haven’t done a thorough one yet, but we’ve discovered something extremely important that I need to report to you!” his assistant said solemnly over the phone.

“Speak!” Kenneth commanded tersely and pressed the speaker button to transmit the assistant’s voice clearly to the ears of everyone present.

“We found out that just half a month ago, a sum of ten million dollars was suddenly transferred from the Heavenly Pavilion’s account to a personal bank account belonging to Sean Frey. But the usage of this sum was not reflected in the financial statements!”

“Therefore, we have reasonable grounds to suspect that Sean Frey embezzled this large sum!”

As soon as the assistant said this, Frey’s fat face turned pale. He collapsed helplessly on the floor, and large sweat droplets emerged from his forehead.

The other people around them were just as astonished.

Ten million dollars was by no means a small sum. In fact, it was a massive amount!

Most people struggled to save even a hundred thousand dollars after working hard all their lives, let alone ten million dollars. It was absolutely outrageous!

Even Kenneth was shocked, and his face immediately turned as dark as ink.

He had indeed guessed that Frey wouldn’t abide by the rules, and he also knew that people in high positions would inevitably be greedy for some benefits. But Kenneth had never expected Frey to be so greedy as to have the guts to do a one-time transfer of 10 million dollars from the company account to his personal account!

The net annual profit reported by the Heavenly Pavilion in recent years was only about 15 million dollars at most, and this was on the basis that the store’s top antiques were sold with the Parkers’ prestige.

Frey had pocketed most of the Heavenly Pavilion’s revenue in one bite. It was simply intolerable in Kenneth’s opinion!

“Bastard, what else do you have to say now? How do you plan to explain to me about the ten million dollars?” Kenneth roared furiously.

Frey was trembling incessantly as he stammered an explanation, “Mr… Mr. Parker, the money, I-I just borrowed it for an… an emergency. I never planned to em-embezzle it!”

After hearing his argument, Kenneth laughed in anger. “You pocketed so much money without the permission of the company’s senior management. Yet you’re telling me that you borrowed it temporarily? Regardless of your reason or what you used it for, you were clearly misappropriating company funds!”

“If I hadn’t sent my people to check it out, would you have hidden it from me and made up a reason on the report when the time came so that you could just pocket the money without anyone finding out? You bastard, you really came up with a great plan, huh?

“Tell me, where is the ten million dollars now?”

Kenneth was really livid.

Frey’s actions had not only damaged the Parkers’ interests but also revealed their management issues.

Moreover, this matter was exposed in front of Lucas!

Now that the Parkers had already become Lucas’s subordinates and were helping him manage the Solar Corporation in LA, as well as other businesses, the revelation of management flaws in a company under his management might arouse Lucas’s displeasure. If his grandfather heard about his mismanagement, Kenneth might be abandoned for being incompetent!

The thought of this possibility made Kenneth feel a strong urge to kill this audacious dimwit, Sean Frey!

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