Chapter 641 - Refusing To Admit

Seeing that he couldn’t deny it at all, Frey was frightened, especially after noticing the murderous gaze in Kenneth’s eyes.

He hurriedly pulled Kylie over from the side and pointed at her. “Mr. Parker, this bitch is to blame for everything! She told me that the stock market is booming now and that the stocks are all following a bullish trend. She told me that I’d be able to make a big profit immediately as long as I invested my money in some stocks. She also fooled me into secretly transferring money from the company’s account to my own account to invest in the stock market. Once I made some money, I’d transfer the ten million back into the company’s account, and there wouldn’t be any problems anymore!

“But I was unlucky, and all my stocks plunged. On the first day I invested, I lost about a million! I… I wanted to recoup my losses and get my capital back so that I could return the money to the company. But I didn’t expect to keep losing money for the next few days. I-I-I really had no choice!”

When Kenneth heard that this bastard had actually used the company’s money to buy stocks, his face became even gloomier.

Everyone knew that investing in stocks was risky.

But this fool in front of him actually had the guts to buy stocks with the Heavenly Pavilion’s funds and even ended up suffering a huge loss. He really felt a strong urge to skin Frey alive!

“Don’t tell me that you’ve lost all ten million dollars on the stock market!” Kenneth gnashed his teeth.

Frey hurriedly said, “No, I didn’t lose it all in stocks. After a few days of losing, my losses totaled more than four million dollars. I didn’t dare to continue speculating anymore, so I withdrew all the money. But only about five million is left…”

Toward the end, his voice gradually became softer, and he seemed really ashamed of this result.

Kenneth was so enraged that he was about to explode.

Within just a few days, he had lost more than four million dollars. Frey was an absolute dimwit!

Even the most idiotic people invested blindly, they wouldn’t suffer such huge losses.

Moreover, the money Frey lost was all funds belonging to the Heavenly Pavilion!

“… What about the rest of the money?” Kenneth desperately tried to control his urge to rip the man in front of him to pieces.

Frey immediately pointed at Kylie beside him. “This woman has the rest of the money! She told me that she has good channels and could help me recoup the five million dollars in the shortest possible time, so I transferred all the money to her!”

Everyone was staring at Frey’s finger and watching him shift it to Kylie’s body.

Seeing that things were going awry, Kylie hurriedly shirked all responsibility, “What nonsense are you saying? I didn’t know about this at all, and I never took five million dollars from you. Why are you putting the blame on me when you’re the one who made the mistakes? Let me tell you. I’m not a vulnerable woman that will put up with taking the rap!”

Frey flew into a rage. “How dare you deny it now that things have come to this? You’re the one who instigated me to embezzle the company’s money and told me that you had a way to make quick money. That’s why I transferred the remaining five million dollars to your account. Yet you’re trying to shirk responsibility now?!”

Kylie craned her neck, raised her head, and exclaimed, “I said, I don’t know about these things at all. Don’t try putting the blame on me!”

She took off the nameplate on her chest, threw it onto the floor, and said resentfully, “None of you try to accuse me! I’m quitting this job! None of you have the right to stop me!”

With that, she got up from the floor and wanted to walk toward the elevator.

“Hold it!”

With the loud shout, one of the bodyguards following Kenneth immediately stepped forward to stop Kylie.

Kenneth suppressed the anger within him and threatened through gritted teeth, “No one is going to leave until this matter has been clarified! If you dare to continue acting like a shrew or feign ignorance, I’ll have someone amputate both of your legs right here! If you don’t believe me, you can try it!”

If Lucas wasn’t still watching, he wouldn’t have only threatened Kylie.

As the scion of the Parker family, whom Damon had taken under his wing and nurtured for years, Kenneth wasn’t a fool.

If it was only a one-sided account by Frey, Kenneth would have wondered if he was deliberately framing a woman in order to draw attention away from himself and confuse the public.

But Kylie’s anxiousness to leave clearly showed that she had a guilty conscience and revealed what she intended to hide.

Frey’s embezzlement of $10 million of the company’s funds was definitely related to her!

When Kylie heard Kenneth’s warning, her heart trembled, and she didn’t dare to act rashly anymore.

Kylie, who had been a supervisor of the Heavenly Pavilion for a few years, was naturally well aware of Kenneth’s identity.

Even in the early years, Kylie had once thought of seducing Kenneth and marrying him in order to climb her way up to fulfill her dreams of becoming rich.

But after hearing about some of the things he had done, she immediately swept away this delusion and felt genuine fear toward a powerful scion like Kenneth.

She was now very certain that if she didn’t do what Kenneth wanted her to, she would definitely suffer a miserable fate worse than death!

But if she admitted to the things Frey accused her of, her outcome wouldn’t be any better. Now, her only option was to deny it outrightly, as she was sure that Frey would never be able to produce any evidence!

“M-Mr. Parker, I’ve really been wronged! Sean Frey embezzled the funds out of his own accord. And now that he’s been exposed, he wants to drag me down with him and take the blame for him. This is a false accusation! Mr. Parker, you must believe me. I really had no idea what he did, and these things have nothing to do with me at all! I… If I had the five million dollars, I’d have absconded a long time ago. Why would I continue working in the Heavenly Pavilion?” Kylie denied firmly.

Staring at Kylie’s familiar yet unfamiliar face, Frey said sneeringly, “Kylie Reed, do you actually think that you can deny it because I don’t have any evidence? Haha, fortunately, I’ve always kept my guard against you, and I have never trusted you completely. Otherwise, I would have been stabbed in the back by you today!”

Frey suddenly took out his phone from his pocket and tapped on an audio file to play it.

When Kylie heard the recording of the familiar conversation, her face turned deathly pale!

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