Chapter 691 - Meeting Again

Chapter 691: Meeting Again

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After leaving the Heavenly Pavilion, Charlotte still felt amused by the scene just now. “Lucas, did you see it? Vanessa’s face was so ugly. I’ve never seen her so upset in the years we were best friends. It’s incredible!”

“Uh… You don’t feel bad that your former best friend ended up in such a plight, do you?” Lucas asked hesitantly.

Charlotte gave it some serious thought before saying casually, “At the beginning, I did feel a little sad. But after everything that’s happened today, I’ve completely seen Vanessa’s true colors. Now that I think about the things that happened in high school, I realize she probably never genuinely treated me as her friend!

“So, she’s merely shown her true colors now. I was never really her best friend before, and now, we have nothing to do with each other. I didn’t really lose anything. After thinking about it like this, I feel more relaxed!”

Charlotte waved her hand, seemingly throwing away the unpleasant memories of the past, and then suddenly laughed. “But speaking of which, she has a terrible character, and she’ll probably be very miserable in the future! She was the one who broke the vase, but Brian’s uncle paid for it. I reckon she’ll have to slog her guts out to pay it back!

“I hope she’ll learn her lesson and not revolve her life around finding a rich man to marry!

“Okay, let’s not talk about her anymore! Lucas, I’m a little hungry now. Let’s go eat something!” Charlotte said gleefully. She was indeed in a pleasant mood.

Lucas naturally agreed.

In the next half a day or so, the two of them had lunch, then proceeded to a few other popular attractions in San Francisco and bought some souvenirs along the way.

Before they knew it, it was already 4 p.m.

Lucas sent Charlotte to the entrance of the stadium, where they met in the morning.

The ordinary business exchange that Charlotte was attending would soon begin in about an hour.

“Your exchange starts and ends earlier than mine, so you can just head home after it ends. You don’t have to wait for me. Be careful,” Lucas said to Charlotte.

The Elite Business Exchange would begin at 8:30 p.m., and there was bound to be something big happening at this exchange, which was definitely targeting Lucas. Who knew when it would finish. So he could only get Charlotte to return to Orange County first.

“I see… Okay then!” Charlotte said with a bit of disappointment.

She had enjoyed herself strolling around with Lucas this afternoon. She had behaved like a little girl again, and she felt that the time she spent with Lucas was really pleasant.

Seeing Charlotte pulling a long face, Lucas found it hard to part ways with her. “Okay. We have time in the future. I’ll accompany you out again!”

“Really? Lucas, I’ll hold you to your word! When I look for you again during a day off, you can’t make excuses or go back on your word!” Charlotte immediately beamed with joy.

Then she waved her hand and ran off into the stadium.

She really still acts like a child! Lucas shook his head helplessly and turned around to walk toward the Walton Hotel across the street.

Although there were still nearly four hours before the Elite Business Exchange began, Lucas had to make some preparations since he knew that some people had ill intentions and were plotting against him at the exchange.

There were also a few people he had to meet in advance.

As soon as Lucas walked to the entrance of the Walton Hotel, two security guards walked over and stopped him politely. “Excuse me, Sir. Please show your invitation!”

Since the people coming to the Elite Business Exchange today were all distinguished guests with high statuses, the security check at the entrance was extremely strict.

Lucas casually took out his invitation card and handed it over.

After carefully checking and verifying the invitation card, the two security officers respectfully handed it back to Lucas with both hands. “Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Gray. Please enter!”

Lucas nodded. As soon as he took a few steps into the Walton Hotel, a cold and solemn voice full of hostility came from the side. “Are you Lucas Gray?”

Lucas turned his head and saw a middle-aged man in his fifties with a squarish face staring at him interrogatively.

Standing beside him was a woman in her forties. Despite her age, she was quite attractive, and it was possible to tell that she must have been a great beauty during her younger days.

Lucas didn’t know either of them.

But there was someone that Lucas knew standing behind the two of them. It was Lance, the helmsman of the Kingstons.

The moment he saw Lance, he instantly guessed the identities of the middle-aged man and woman.

The middle-aged man with a squarish face should be one of the Smiths’ heirs and Roy’s father, Vince.

The middle-aged woman should be Marc’s biological mother, Wendy Smith.

Lucas had expected them to show up here.

There wasn’t a single trace of surprise on his face, nor did he have any intention of exchanging pleasantries with them. He merely said indifferently, “Is there something wrong?”

Lucas’s composure immediately made Vince frown slightly. An overwhelming aura emerged from his body, and his eyes had a terrifying murderous intent. “You killed my son, Roy. Why do you think I’m looking for you?”

Vince was indeed worthy of being a man who had been in a superior position in the Smith family for a long time. His aura was indeed terrifying.

If ordinary people were facing Vince, they would probably be too frightened to speak.

But the expression on Lucas’s face remained unchanged, seemingly not sensing his aura at all. Vince narrowed his eyes and took this young man in front of him even more seriously.

Behind Vince was a martial arts expert with slightly bulging temples, exuding a domineering aura unique to martial art experts.

Lucas took a quick glance at him before looking away. A rare expert, indeed.

Lucas looked at Vince and said calmly, “I heard that you are the Smiths’ most promising successor-to-be, so you shouldn’t be a fool. You should be able to find out who killed your son.

“I don’t know who told you that your son died at my hands, but that person must have ulterior motives. As for whether you’re really foolish enough to have been deceived or if it’s because of some other reason, that’s all your own business. I don’t want to entertain you.”

Lucas glanced at Wendy with an ambiguous gaze and laughed with contempt before turning around to leave.

“Hold it!” Wendy shouted angrily.. The way Lucas looked at her as if he knew everything sent a chill down her spine.

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