Chapter 807 - I Choose Death

Chapter 807 I Choose Death

Lucas raised his eyebrows with a tinge of amusement.

It wasn’t his first time hearing such a threat. But whenever he saw these people threatening him seriously and forcing him to make a decision, he still found it amusing.

Oscar looked at Lucas’s expression and continued, “I know you’re great at martial arts, and I heard that you even defeated Julian York, one of the top ten in the Peerless Martial Association. But so what?

“The expert next to me is nicknamed Invincible Phantom Hands, and he’s one of the top three powerhouses of the Smiths. Even in all of DC, very few people are his match, and even Julian York is far from being his match!

“Invincible Phantom Hands was protecting the helmsman previously. He’s far superior to those small fries you’ve dealt with before. I can have you killed with a single word!

“If you’re smart enough, you should know what choice to make.”

Oscar was full of confidence and arrogance, as if he was now the helmsman of the Smiths and could control Lucas’s life at will.

Lucas looked at him with amusement. “Since you’re here to see me, you should know why I made Vince Smith kneel down and apologize.

“You’re actually repeating the same mistake. You’re even more stupid than I imagined!

“I really wonder if the Smiths are out of competent family members. Is that why they sent someone like you?”

Oscar flew into a rage. “Don’t compare me with that idiot Vince Smith! He’s now been abandoned by the Smiths. I, on the other hand, am now the most valued person in the family!

“Besides, you don’t have any top experts like the one I brought! Invincible Phantom Hands is famous in DC, and there’s no way you’re a match for him!”

Lucas ignored what Oscar said and instead narrowed his eyes and looked carefully at the old man named Invincible Phantom Hands.

The fact that this person could become one of the top three top powerhouses of the Smiths and was the personal guard of the Smiths’ helmsman before, which was an extraordinary identity, was enough to show that he was indeed very powerful.

Although this person was absolutely no match for him, Lucas believed that Invincible Phantom Hands should be a top martial artist even in DC.

Yet this powerful expert was sent to protect someone like Oscar.

Could Oscar Smith not be as incompetent as he appears on the surface but actually has other talents?

But whether or not Oscar was a wastrel had nothing to do with Lucas because he didn’t care about such things.

Lucas couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath with Oscar any longer and directly turned around to leave.

Seeing Lucas ignore him and want to leave, Oscar roared angrily, “You… Hey, stop right there!”

“You haven’t made a choice between the two paths I just mentioned. You want to leave just like that?”

Lucas turned around to look at him and sneered. “In that case, you can assume that I chose the second option. I choose to die… if you have the ability to kill me!”

Lucas turned around once again and left.

Lucas’s choice had exceeded Oscar’s expectations.

“Hey! Hold it right there! If you take one more step forward, I’ll immediately have you killed!” Oscar shouted.

Unfortunately, Lucas simply ignored him and quickly walked away without a trace.

“Invincible Phantom Hands, didn’t you hear what I just said? Why didn’t you stop him?” Oscar, who felt greatly humiliated, had nowhere to vent his anger and could only yell at the elderly expert beside him.

“My mission is only to protect your safety. Other matters are not within the scope my responsibilities,” Invincible Phantom Hands said coldly with his arms crossed.

His words immediately made Oscar even more irritated.

But Invincible Phantom Hands was indeed stating facts. He was the personal bodyguard of the Smiths’ helmsman, and he had come to California this time with Oscar only to protect him. Given his current status, Oscar couldn’t order him.

“Damn it! So damn annoying!” Oscar was so angry that he smashed his fist in the air and looked in the direction Lucas had disappeared. He swore furiously, “Brat, since you chose to die, I won’t give you an easy death!”

On the other hand, Lucas ignored Oscar and Invincible Phantom Hands and walked straight home.

As soon as he entered the house, Cheyenne, who had been waiting in the living room, immediately greeted him, sized Lucas up, and asked with concern, “Honey, are you okay?”

Cheyenne hadn’t even changed her clothes and shoes. Instead, she was worried about Lucas and waiting for his return.

Her waiting for him filled Lucas’s heart with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Lucas held Cheyenne’s hand and smiled. “It’s okay. It’s just a trivial matter. Your husband is very competent!”

Then he wrapped his arms around Cheyenne’s waist and picked her up.

“Ah!” Cheyenne exclaimed and immediately wrapped her arms around Lucas’s neck to maintain her balance, her pretty face red.

“What are you doing? Quickly put me down. What if they see us?” Cheyenne said shyly. Lucas smiled and kissed Cheyenne’s forehead. Then he carried her straight to the bathroom. “It’s getting late. Let’s wash up together!”

The night passed quickly.

The next morning, Lucas sent Cheyenne to the office and Amelia to the kindergarten as usual before driving to the Stardust Corporation and going to the chairman’s office.

Because the news that Lucas had won the martial arts competition two days ago and had become the overlord of California and Oregon had spread, there were numerous companies and families coming to the office to cooperate with the Stardust Corporation.

As the general manager of the company, Charlotte was as busy as a bee.

Although the company had already assigned a few assistants and secretaries to Charlotte, and she also had the help of various departments, there were many things that needed to be handed over to the general manager to decide on.

Seeing that Charlotte was about to lose her mind, Lucas naturally wouldn’t leave her alone. He took the opportunity to help her handle some cooperation offers while in the office.

After Charlotte presented some verified contracts to Lucas, she slapped her forehead as she suddenly recalled something. “Lucas, there’s something really important I almost forgot to tell you!

“There’s going to be a land auction at Emerald International at ten this morning. One of the plots of land is near the Haven Manor, which belongs to Stardust Corporation. Would you like to acquire it?”

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