Chapter 816 - Gift

Chapter 816 Gift

Everyone present heard Lucas’s words clearly.

They finally understood why Lucas slapped Oscar on the face in front of everyone.

The Smiths of DC cared a lot about their reputation because their previous successor had been forced by Lucas to kneel down and apologize for his mistakes, which caused him to lose his position in the family and be replaced by Oscar.

But now that Oscar had offended Lucas and had been slapped more than twenty times, these slaps hit not only Oscar but also theSmiths!

Standing in front of Oscar and looking at him from above, Lucas stepped on his chest and said coldly, “You clearly said that the Smiths wouldn’t let me off if I dared to hit you. Now, I’d like to hear how you’re not going to let me


At this moment, Oscar looked extremely disheveled. Not only had his fair and chubby face become red and swollen like a pig’s, but he had lost several teeth, and blood was flowing out of his mouth. He looked utterly miserable.

He was no longer the arrogant and unreasonable successor of the Smiths.

Invincible Phantom Hands had a look of despair. He had just watched Lucas slap Oscar, making him anxious. Unfortunately, he had struggled to get up and stop him several times, but he couldn’t move due to his injuries from Lucas’s kicks.

He knew that he had completely failed in protecting Oscar this time!

This time, the Smiths had really suffered. Next, they would probably have to fight to the death with Lucas.

Lucas’s strength was so terrifying that even if the Smiths’ top expert came personally, he probably wouldn’t be able to deal with Lucas.

On the floor, Oscar spat out his teeth and blood with great difficulty while panting heavily with horror all over his face.

He was struggling to get up, but Lucas was stepping on his chest, making it impossible for him to break free.

“Mm… You… I…” Oscar said with difficulty. But due to the swelling of his face and most of his teeth having been knocked out, he couldn’t speak coherently, and no one could understand what he was trying to say.

But according to speculation, Oscar should be begging Lucas to let him off.

“What are you trying to say? I can’t hear you clearly.” Lucas bent forward slightly, seemingly ready to listen to him.

“I… Mmph….”

“You want me to let you off, and the price you’re willing to pay is to give me the land by the Sierra River?”

“I… I…”

“You’re saying that the Smiths will also pay for everything in full?’

“Mmph! I… Mmph…”

“Fine. On the account of your sincerity, I’ll spare your life for now.”

With that, Lucas smiled and removed his foot from Oscar’s body.

The crowd could only hear Oscar grunting and whimpering incoherently, but Lucas actually managed to ‘hear’ what he said.

Regardless of whether Oscar really said this or not, everyone was clear that the plot of land that Oscar had bought at a staggering price of 350 million dollars would be given to Lucas for free now.

Even if Oscar couldn’t afford to pay for it, the Smiths definitely had enough money.

But they had no qualifications to pay attention to whether or not the Smiths would fork out the money obediently or settle scores with Lucas.

Besides, Oscar had already disgraced himself in front of Lucas today. The Smiths would probably want to replace him as successor.

While everyone was watching with complicated gazes, Lucas turned around to leave.

Only after Lucas vanished did Invincible Phantom Hands finally get up and walk toward Oscar, whose body was limp on the floor. He picked Oscar up with great difficulty before leaving the auction hall.

He had a solemn expression on his face, and he was determined to report what had happened to the helmsman of the Smiths as soon as possible so that he could decide what to do next.

Oscar would probably be the next person to be abandoned by the Smith family.

“Lucas… Mr. Gray, wait for me!”

As soon as Lucas stepped out of Emerald International, the sound of panting suddenly came from behind him.

Pamela caught up to him from behind in her stilettos.

Lucas stopped and looked at Pamela with bewilderment.

Since the matter had already been settled, why did she chase after him?

Pamela took two breaths gently before asking, “Mr. Gray, didn’t you mention that you would help me solve the trouble if I agreed to one of your requests? I’d like to ask you… wh-what your request is?

“I-I’ve already told you before that I’d agree to all your requests…”

Perhaps because she had been running too fast or because of some other reason, Pamela had a red glow on her face.

She was a beautiful person to begin with, and now that she was panting shyly, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Moreover, her words really left a lot to the imagination.

Lucas was stunned for a moment before finally recalling that he had indeed made this casual remark earlier.

But the woman in front of him had probably misunderstood.

“I have only one request. I don’t want to see any of the Howards appearing in California and Oregon again from now on. Go back and tell this to your grandfather,” Lucas said his request in an indifferent voice.

Pamela suddenly raised her head and looked at Lucas in disbelief. The redness of her face faded immediately and turned pale.

She thought that… Lucas would be interested in her, so he said that he would save her. Besides, she had the mentality of a young girl and even wondered what kind of request Lucas would make.

But she never expected that Lucas didn’t seem to have that intention for her. He even wanted the Howards to stop appearing in California and Oregon in the future.


Pamela seemed to hear the sound of her heart shattering She had been thinking of the man in front of her for more than a year. But now that she finally got to meet him, their interaction had actually ended up like this.

“I’ve said my piece. Goodbye!” Lucas left without looking back.

Pamela stood frozen in place, watching Lucas’s figure walking farther and farther away. Her nose crinkled up as tears flowed from her eyes.

But no one knew that she was crying.

Meanwhile, after taking Oscar back to their accommodations, Invincible Phantom Hands immediately called the helmsman of the Smiths, reported everything that had just happened in Orange County, and waited for further instructions.

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