Chapter 859 - Confrontation

Thomas thought about it but shook his head. “No, why should we save her?

“I hope that woman dies in Tyson’s hands!

“I heard that Lucas Gray is very loyal and cares a lot about this woman. If this woman dies in Tyson’s hands, what do you think he’ll do?”

Vince’s eyes instantly lit up, and he said in excitement, “If that happens, Lucas Gray will definitely kill that old fogy Tyson!

“Once he dies, you will definitely succeed as helmsman! When the time comes, the entire Smith family will belong to us!”

“Haha, yes!” Thomas began laughing triumphantly. The two of them looked at each other, already envisioning the scene of them taking control of the Smiths.

Meanwhile, in the Smiths’ manor…

Tyson, the Smiths’ helmsman, flew into a rage when he tried to summon Thomas to deal with the enemy but found that Thomas had no intention of answering his phone.

But even though he was furious, he had to resolve the crisis before him.

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Jordan was too strong, and the Smiths’ guards outside couldn’t stop him at all.

“Master, the situation is now critical. If we still don’t ask that man to take action, that young man will really make it here!” the butler said anxiously.

“Shut up!” Tyson was even more enraged and anxious after hearing what the incompetent butler said.

“Dispatch the gunmen squad! Hmph, that young man is indeed very powerful, but even if he’s good at fighting, he still has a human body. Can he possibly fight against bullets?” Tyson ordered grimly.

The butler’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Right! We have a gunmen squad!”

“No matter how strong he is, he won’t be a match for a squad of gunmen! He’ll definitely be shot! Why didn’t I think of that?”

He had just been stunned by Jordan’s shocking attacks, and he had been so frightened that he had forgotten about the gunman squad.

“Nonsense! Of course it’s because you’re an idiot! If Charlie was still here, he would have long thought of a solution, and I wouldn’t have to worry here!

“What are you waiting here for? Hurry up and make the arrangements!”

After lashing out at the butler, Tyson began missing Charlie, the chief butler who was practically his right-hand man in the past.

“Yes, Mr. Smith! I’ll get to it immediately!” the butler hurried out.

In the Smiths’ inner residence, Jordan had already dealt with the third wave of bodyguards. He would soon reach Smiths’ core residence.

He reckoned Tyson was definitely in there.

From beginning to end, Lucas stayed inside the Land Rover without showing his face.

It was an operation to save Maddy, so Lucas was more than willing to let Jordan act on his own. Clearly, Jordan thought so too.

Just as Jordan stepped forward again, a squad of more than 20 gunmen appeared again, each holding a black pistol in their hands. The dark muzzles were all aimed at Jordan.

Jordan immediately stopped.

Anyone facing the threat of so many pistols would probably stop acting rashly because any slight carelessness would result in them getting shot.

A top powerhouse like Lucas was an exception.

Jordan had yet to reach Lucas’s realm where he could ignore bullets. He couldn’t, so he could only stop.

But there was no fear on his face.

Recently, he had been surrounded by pistols more than once.

“Brat! Weren’t you very arrogant just now? You killed and wounded so many of us. Why don’t you dare to move now?”

“Haha. Are you scared from seeing so many guns? All it takes for your head to be shot is an order from me!”

“Hmph! How dare you come to the Smiths to cause trouble? Who do you think you are? You must be tired of living.”

There was a young man in his mid-thirties standing in front of the gunmen. He seemed to be the leader of the squad, and he spoke very hostilely to Jordan.

In his eyes, Jordan, who was being aimed at by so many pistols, could be killed at any time.

If the helmsman hadn’t ordered them not to shoot first, this young man would have already become a corpse.

Although there were so many guns being pointed at Jordan, there was no fear on his face. Instead, there seemed to be mockery and contempt.

The people in front of him thought that they were definitely going to win because of the guns in their hands.

But little did they know that Jordan had survived the battlefields. He had seen all sorts of scenes, so how could he be afraid of these gunmen?

Although he couldn’t dodge so many bullets unharmed like Lucas, it was a piece of cake for him to get rid of these 20-something people despite being injured.

“Bastard! Are you crazy? Do you really think we don’t dare to kill you?”

“You just know some martial arts, but you actually dared to wreak havoc in the Smith residence. How arrogant and stupid! What era are we living in now? It’s a world of thermal weapons we live in now. Long gone are the days of fighting the world with your bare fists!”

“If Master hadn’t ordered us to keep you alive, you would have long become a corpse now!”

The leader of the gunmen squad lashed out maniacally.

“Psht! Cut the crap! Get your master to come out immediately and speak to me!” Jordan spat on the ground with contempt.

Although more than 20 guns were pointing at him, his aura was even more domineering than these gunmen.

“Hah, very arrogant indeed!” A cold and indifferent voice suddenly came from the front.

An old man slowly walked out from behind the crowd.

He was wearing a suit, and his white hair was neatly combed back. There were wrinkles all over his face and a pair of oval-shaped gold-framed glasses. His eyes were extremely sinister.

When the crowd saw this old man, they immediately moved to the sides respectfully to make way for him.

When Jordan saw this old man, an icy cold light flashed in his eyes.

This old man was clearly Tyson, the helmsman of the Smiths!

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