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Chapter 878 - Regaining Confidence

Alexis was stunned for a long time, but the security guards had already left. It was a good thing because she finally didn’t have to worry about them harming Lucas.

“Alright, come with me,” Flynn said to Lucas and Jordan. He knew that Lucas must have a lot to say to him.

Lucas nodded at Alexis and cast her a reassuring look. Then he followed behind Flynn and walked toward the employee elevator at the side.

Flynn’s office was on the top floor of the Stardust Corporation office building. Although he was only a general manager in name, and everyone in the company looked down on him, the people at the office didn’t go out of their way to make things hard for him.


As soon as they entered the general manager’s office, Flynn immediately knelt down in front of Lucas and said shamefully, “I’m sorry, Lucas! I’ve embarrassed you, and I didn’t complete the task you gave me either. Please punish me!”

Lucas looked at him quietly and said calmly, “Get up and talk to me.”

“No, Lucas, I feel like I’ve let you down… I-I’ve betrayed your trust!” Flynn’s eyes were red as he remained kneeling on the floor and refused to get up.

“Since you don’t want to get up, you can continue kneeling. Jordan, let’s go.” Lucas’s tone was slightly unfriendly.

Hearing this, Flynn could tell that Lucas was a little angry, so he quickly stood up, “Lucas, I’ll obey you. Please don’t leave!”

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Lucas finally sat down. Looking at the petrified Flynn, Lucas remembered the scene when Flynn asked for orders to come to DC.

In just one short month, Flynn’s energy and enthusiasm had undergone great changes. If this continued, it wouldn’t be good.

Of course, Lucas also knew that it was reasonable for such changes to occur to Flynn since he was in a stressful environment with enemies full of animosity toward him.

“Sit down!” Lucas pointed to the couch at the side.

Flynn immediately sat down on the spot Lucas pointed at with an uneasy and restrained expression.

“Flynn, do you know your mistake now?” Lucas went straight to the point.

Flynn was stunned for a moment, but he immediately said with shame, “I… I was useless and failed to complete the task you gave me. I’ve wasted more than a month here, and there’s almost no effect. I… I’ve let you down!”

He knew that his performance over this period of time must be very disappointing to Lucas.

In particular, Lucas had even seen how little respect he commanded in the company, which made him feel even more embarrassed.

“No, that’s not what I mean.

“You encountered such a big problem and so many obstacles at the Stardust Corporation headquarters, but why didn’t you tell me?

“Every time you call me to report the situation, you always only tell me the good things. If I hadn’t come to the headquarters today and witnessed these things with my own eyes, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know that things have developed to such a serious extent.

“These are the mistakes I’m referring to. Are you convinced?”

Lucas spoke calmly as he looked into Flynn’s eyes.

Flynn raised his head in shock and looked at Lucas blankly.

He originally thought that Lucas would severely rebuke him for his incompetence. But he didn’t expect Lucas not to blame him for his inability but for not telling him about the difficulties he encountered in a timely manner.

At this moment, Flynn suddenly felt very aggrieved and had a strong urge to cry.

It was the feeling people got when they received the concern and care of their family and friends after being subjected to all kinds of mistreatment.

“Lucas… I…” Just as Flynn said a few words, he began sobbing.

Two streams of tears rolled down his cheeks.

At this moment, he, a man in his forties, was actually crying aggrievedly in front of Lucas.

It was imaginable how many grievances Flynn had suffered in the Stardust Corporation headquarters during this period of time to cause him to cry so miserably.

Lucas didn’t say anything and waited until Flynn finished crying and his emotion stabilized before he said, “What happened previously is all in the past. From today onward, we will clean up the Stardust Corporation completely! You have to remember that the Stardust Corporation belongs to me, not the Huttons!

“And you are the general manager of the Stardust Corporation that I personally appointed. Apart from me, you hold the most power in the company!

“Those matters in the past won’t ever happen again!”


Lucas’s words were like a thunderbolt resounding in Flynn’s mind, causing a burst of joy in his heart.

Yes, the Stardust Corporation belonged to this young man in front of him!

So what if the Huttons temporarily controlled all the middle and high-level positions in the company?

As long as Lucas was here, he’d definitely be able to deal with it!

The entire Stardust Corporation had to be cleaned. To others, it might be boasting, but Lucas would definitely be able to do it!

What he had been looking forward to for a long time could finally be realized!

“Okay, Lucas, you call the shots!” Flynn said confidently.

At this moment, he finally became the high-spirited man full of vigor again. He had finally regained the confidence he had lost due to the repeated blows and belittling.


Suddenly, the door of the general manager’s office slammed open from outside.

Immediately afterward, several figures rushed in directly with hostile expressions.

The person in the lead was a middle-aged man with a big belly. Lucas had met him before. He was the deputy general manager, who apparently held great power.

The security captain whom Flynn had just fired was standing behind Richard.

At this moment, the security captain was full of joy after succeeding in complaining to Richard.

Richard walked over to Flynn’s desk angrily and slammed his hands on the desk, looking like he was denouncing him. “Flynn Davis, who gave you the courage to fire my people? What qualifies you to do so?”

From his attitude, he looked like he was the general manager of the company, while Flynn was his subordinate whom he could scold as he wished.

Flynn’s mental state was completely different after he heard Lucas’s advice and encouragement.

Previously, he had to put up with Richard and endure the humiliation, but now, there is no need to do so!

Flynn looked at the furious Richard and sat in his seat calmly. “Richard Morris, let me ask you. What’s your position in the company?”

Stunned by Flynn’s unusual behavior, Richard subconsciously said, “Don’t you know that I’m the deputy general manager?”

Flynn smacked the table, stood up, and bellowed at Richard furiously.

“Hah, deputy general manager!

“You finally know that you’re just the deputy. I am the actual general manager!

“Do I need the deputy general manager’s permission to fire a few dogs deliberately causing trouble?”

“Richard, after being the deputy general manager for the past few years and ordering others around, do you really think you’re a powerful figure?”

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