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Chapter 407: Little bamboo horse grows up

In this way, Yang Zekai has been learning to make desserts himself since he was in kindergarten. Although he was too young at the beginning, the desserts he made were often inedible. And, every day in the wind and rain will make some desserts to feed Xiayuan every day.

Xia Yuan is basically accustomed to the taste of the desserts made by Yang Zekai after feeding each day by Yang Zekai. He can't eat the desserts bought from outside. Of course, he can't think of buying sweets outside.

One is happy to be fed, the other is happy to be fed. The two graduated from kindergarten together and went to the same elementary school.

However, on this day, Yang Zekai found that Xia Yuan seemed to be very lacking in energy. The little face that was always grinning was sitting at the moment, a little bit headless, and his bright eyes were also dim.

"Yuanyuan, what's wrong with you?" Yang Zekai asked worriedly, keeping his sight on Xia Yuan's body, lest the other party was uncomfortable.

"I ..." Xia Yuan said in a small voice, but stopped after saying a word, seeming to be worried about what to say.

"What's the matter? What happened?" Yang Zekai was even more anxious by Xia Yuan's turbulent appearance.

"I'm fine." Xia Yuan answered quietly.

Yang Zekai's small brow furrowed. Suddenly thinking of the milk pudding made in the morning, he quickly took it out of his schoolbag and handed it to Xia Yuan, saying, "Yuanyuan, look, I made your favorite food today Little pudding, do you taste it delicious? "He knew that Xia Yuan would be very happy when he saw it.

Sure enough, Xia Yuan's eyes brightened when he saw the little pudding, but only at that moment, the light in his eyes dimmed again.

Not right, too abnormal, which made Yang Zekai even more anxious.

"This little pudding is delicious. I just learned it from Mommy. Yuanyuan you try it." Yang Zekai used his little pudding to attract Xia Yuan's attention, hoping that he could be happy, just as the light in the other party's eyes He didn't ignore it. The other party should be very happy to see the little pudding, but why did he become unhappy afterwards?

Xia Yuan looked quietly at the little pudding, then moved away again, and then couldn't help looking at the little pudding again, and then moved away as if remembering something, so back and forth several times, and swallowed quietly A few sips, obviously a look that I really want to eat but can't.

"Yuanyuan, can you tell me what happened? Why didn't you even eat the little pudding you like?" Yang Zekai coaxed Xia Yuan patiently.

Xia Yuan's eyes were almost attracted by the little pudding, and slowly said: "Mommy made me eat less sweet, not let me eat every day."

Yang Zekai heard the words and finally breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that this was the case. He thought what had happened, as long as nothing happened.

"Isn't it not eaten today? This little pudding is not too sweet. It's okay to eat it." Yang Zekai said with a smile.

"Really?" Xia Yuan heard, his eyes suddenly brighter, looking forward to Yang Zekai.

He was already tempted by the scent of the little pudding, and his saliva was swallowed much better, but when he thought of his mother, he couldn't hold it back.

He is a good boy, and Mummy wants to listen.

"Well, it's okay to eat a little bit, I won't tell my aunt." Yang Zekai said with a smile, and then handed the little pudding to Xia Yuan's hands, and helped him open the box carefully, and scooped it with a spoon. A sip and handed it to Xia Yuan's lips.

With Yang Zekai's assurance, Xia Yuan Ao swallowed the pudding on the spoon into his mouth and tasted it carefully. The sweet taste spread out on the tip of the tongue, and the delicate little face was filled with a satisfied smile.

When Yang Zekai saw such a Xia Yuan, a heart was almost melted.

The pudding that Yang Zekai brought was not big. Xia Yuan soon ate it. Looking at the empty box, he was rather reluctant. "I will bring you tomorrow." Yang Zekai reached out and rubbed Xia Yuan's soft hair, and said with a smile.

"Well, Brother Xiaokai is so nice." Xia Yuan smiled even brighter.

It's a pity that the good times don't last long. During class in the afternoon, Yang Zekai found that Xia Yuan was lying on the table again listlessly, his small brows slightly wrinkled, and it seemed a little uncomfortable.

"Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan, what's wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable?" Yang Zekai asked worriedly.

"Brother Kai, I have a toothache." Xia Yuan said with tears in her hands while covering her cheek with one hand.

"Toothache?" Yang Zekai was shocked and immediately removed Xia Yuan's hand on his face carefully, then said gently: "Open his mouth."

Xia Yuan opened his mouth obediently, Yang Zekai looked in hard, and didn't see anything, but Xia Yuan was still in tears, and suddenly Yang Zekai was a little flustered. Xia Yuan hurriedly ran out of the classroom.

"Brother Xiaokai, why are we going?" Xia Yuan asked in a low voice, covering her cheeks.

"I will take you to the school hospital." Yang Zekai returned anxiously.

The two went to aristocratic schools, school hospitals and other facilities are complete, so Yang Zekai took Xia Yuan directly to the school hospital.

"What's the matter with the two children?" The school doctor happened to be on duty and met Xia Yuan and Yang Zekai, asking gently.

"Aunt, school doctor, he has a toothache, please help him to see." Yang Zekai said anxiously.

The school doctor carefully inspected Xia Yuan and asked, "Do you usually like sweets? Have you eaten a lot?", Xia Yuan nodded, and the school doctor looked like this, and continued: "Then eat less Order sweets, otherwise the teeth will be burnt out and you wo n’t be able to eat. "

Xia Yuan couldn't eat as soon as she heard that her teeth were going to burn out. She was suddenly scared and hurriedly covered her mouth with her small hands. There was a trace of terror in her eyes. The school doctor couldn't help smiling.

When Yang Zekai heard this, he felt very guilty because he remembered the little pudding that Xia Yuan ate in the morning. If he didn't give Yuan Yuan that pudding, wouldn't Yuan Yuan have a toothache? Aunt Ming Ming had told Yuanyuan to eat less sweets, but he even fed Yuanyuan sweets, so **** it!

Yang Zekai looked guilty, and secretly decided in his heart that he would never give Yuan Yuan less sweets.

Yuanyuan likes to eat so much, if he does n’t give him sweets, then he can only learn more about other foods. If Yuanyuan has other delicious foods, should n’t he always think of eating sweets?

So, after returning home from school in the afternoon, Ms. Yang found that her son had to learn to cook. He was clearly under ten years old. How did he think of asking his son to cook?

The children of other people know nothing about mischief at this age, and they know that their son is good. As a result, his son is doing well. He started to learn dessert in kindergarten, and now he has to start cooking again. Does her son like this aspect?

But soon, Yang's doubts were answered.

"Mommy, Yuanyuan has tooth decay. The doctor said he can't eat more sweets, but he likes to eat so much. He will definitely be unhappy if he doesn't give him food, and the food sold outside is unhygienic, so I want to learn to make it myself. , So that he will not be unsafe to eat in the future. "Yang Zekai said seriously while holding the spatula in one hand.

Mother Yang: ...

So the son learns to cook for Yuanyuan? In the end, whose family is this child raised, how does it feel that he is raising children for Xia's family?

Mother Yang died, but although her son didn't learn to cook for her, she decided to support her son's decision and found a famous chef to guide her son.

The next day, as usual, Yang Zekai and Xia Yuan went to school together. In the classroom, Xia Yuan sat obediently in his seat, and then tweeted Yang Zekai at the same table, his eyes full of expectation, because he still had I remember Xiaokai said that he would continue to bring pudding to him yesterday morning.

When I thought of the delicious pudding I ate yesterday, Xia Yuan was full of aftertaste.

"Brother Xiaokai, pudding pudding." Xia Yuan could not wait to remind, apparently has forgotten the experience of toothache yesterday, now the brain is full of pudding pudding.

Yang Zekai took out a super-large lunch box from his school bag as he wished. Xia Yuan's eyes became brighter, and his eyes kept staring at the lunch box unwillingly to move away.

However, when the lunch box was opened, a confusion appeared in Xia Yuan's eyes.

"Brother Xiaokai, what about pudding?" Xia Yuan looked left and right, but he didn't see the pudding from any corner of the lunch box.

"You had a toothache yesterday, and the doctor said you can't eat more sweets." Yang Zekai said.

Xia Yuan's small face suddenly collapsed, and the brightness in his eyes dropped. Who looked so distressed at that little pitiful look?

"Although there is no pudding, this one is also delicious. You try it." Yang Zekai hurriedly handed the lunch box to Xia Yuan, and then took out a golden egg roll from it and handed it to Xia Yuan's mouth to lure him. Holding each other.

Xia Yuan is a snack goods, smelling the smell of fragrant, immediately tossed the pudding behind his head, and then wailed half of the egg roll.

"Good time." Xia Yuan said vaguely, his eyes almost squinting into a line.

After swallowing the egg roll in his mouth, Xia Yuan opened his mouth subconsciously again, waiting for Yang Zekai to feed, and Yang Zekai also naturally fed him the remaining egg roll, neither of them mentioned pudding. thing.

This egg roll was made by the chef of Mama Yang ’s house, and the taste is naturally very good, but Yang Zekai looked at Xia Yuan ’s relish, and still felt a bit unhappy in his heart. He decided that he must follow the chef to learn cooking skills in the future. The things made are more delicious than those of the chef, and Yuanyuan likes them more.

It is this kind of thinking and decision that has led to the emergence of a new chef in the future, a chef who belongs only to Xia Yuan!

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